英文 中文
Ancient Citadel 古堡
A bad place 恶土
A remnant of an old chapter. 一处陈年遗迹。
Ancient Citadel Ruin 古堡废墟
Ancient Factory 古代工厂
A vast factory shell of some type from the old times. 一处古代大型工厂外壳。
A spooky old laboratory. 一所阴森诡异的老旧实验室。
Ancient Lab 古代实验室
Ancient Lab Ramp 古代实验室坡道
Ancient Lab Ramp Gate 古代实验室坡道大门
Ancient Safe 古代储具
A food storage that you can put outside for your animals to get their own food from. 一个可以放在外面供你的动物自己从中取食的食物储具。
Animal Feeder 动物饲料槽
Armour Stand 铠甲架
Storage for clothing and armour. 用于存放衣物和铠甲的储具。
Armour Storage 铠甲储具
Arrow Making Bench 箭矢制作工作台
A custom desk to make arrows on. 一个用于制作箭矢的定制台面。
An industrial leviathan from the old times. 一座古代的巨型工业建筑。
Ash Dome 灰烬穹顶
Ash Dome Ruin 灰烬穹顶废墟
Assassination Dummy 暗杀人形模型
Assassin Training 暗杀训练
Assassination Dummy II 2级暗杀人形模型
Learn how to knock out your victims from behind and murder people in their sleep. It's great. 学习如何从背后击倒你的杀害目标,以及如何杀害睡梦中的人。非常不错。
Assassination Dummy III 3级暗杀人形模型
Automatic Grain Silo 自动化谷粮仓
Grinds wheatstraw up into flour, for cooking with. This one's motorised. 可将麦秸研磨成面粉用作烹饪。该设备是机动的。
Awning 遮篷
Bandit Loot Store 土匪战利品商店
Barge Wreck A 驳船残骸 A
Barge Wreck B 驳船残骸 B
Barge Wreck C 驳船残骸 C
Barracks Door Fortification 营门防御工事
Furniture 家具
Barrel A 圆桶 A
Barrel B 圆桶 B
barrelTable 桶桌
barrelTable2 桶桌2
Barrier 壁垒
Barrier Destroyed 毁坏的壁垒
Basic Medical Workbench 初级医疗工作台
Basic Wall 初级墙体
Battery Bank 电力存储
Essential place to rest and recover faster from wounds. 800% heal rate when sleeping. 休息和快速愈伤的重要场所。在入睡时治愈率为800%。
Bench 长凳
A long bench for multiple people so that you end up having to share your seat with some weirdo 一条可以同时供多人落座的长凳,因此你不得不和一些怪人共用座位
Bench copy 长凳复制品
Big Ramp 大坡道
Big Temple 大神殿
A bin full of robot heads. 一个装满机器人头部的容器。
Bin of Screamer Heads 尖叫者头颅容器
Biofuel Distillery 生物燃料蒸馏间
Convert cheap biomatter into valuable fuel. 将廉价的生物物质转化成贵重的燃料。
Turns crops into fuel for generators. 把农作物转变成发电机燃料。
Biofuel Distillery (Greenfruit) 生物燃料蒸馏间(绿果)
Hemp is the most efficient fuel source and can be produced 2x faster than from other crop types. 大麻是最高效的燃料来源,其制造速度是其他作物的两倍。
Biofuel Distillery (Hemp) 生物燃料蒸馏间(大麻)
Biofuel Distillery (Wheatstraw) 生物燃料蒸馏间(麦秸)
Black Market 黑市
Blast Tube Streetlight 喷气管路灯
Makes your water nice and hot. 让你的水,水质好、水温热。
Boiler Tank 锅炉水箱
A metal box to store crossbow bolts 一个可以储存十字弩箭的金属盒
Boltbox 弩箭盒
Bolts 弩箭
Booze 酒饮
Storage for any kind of booze 所有酒类的储具
Booze Barrel 酒桶
Booze Barrel Table 酒桶桌
Booze Barrels 酒桶
Booze Items 酒类物品
Barrels for rum storage 存储朗姆酒的桶
Bravo Base Only 刺客专属基地
Bread Basket 面包篮
Storage container for bread 面包储存容器
An oven for baking bread 用来烤面包的烤炉
Bread Oven 面包烤炉
Brewing Booze Barrels 酿酒桶
Vessels for brewing booze. 用于酿酒的容器。
Bridgehead 桥头堡
Broken Barrel 破损的酒桶
Broken Basket 破损的篮子
Broken Bench 破损的工作台
Broken Drone 伤残的工蜂
Broken Storage Chest 破损的储物箱
Broken Watchtower 破损的瞭望塔
A watchtower that collapsed halfway up, but has since been salvaged. 一座坍塌一半的瞭望塔,不过后来被抢修再利用了。
A large rounded building, often used as a barracks. 一种大型圆形建筑,通常用作营房。
Bughouse 虫屋
Butchery Table A 屠宰桌 A
Butchery Table B 屠宰桌 B
Butchery Table C 屠宰桌 C
Cactus Farm L 仙人掌农场 L
Cactus Farm M 仙人掌农场 M
Cactus Farm S 仙人掌农场 S
Cactus Farm XL 仙人掌农场 XL
Cactus is the hardest crop to grow, and not very good to eat either. However it's one of the few crops that can grow in arid environments 仙人掌是最难种植的作物,也不太好吃。但它是为数不多的能在干旱环境中生长的作物之一
Cactus Indoor Farm 仙人掌室内农场
A bed that can be used out in the wilds. Gives a 400% heal rate when sleeping. 一张可以在野外使用的床。睡眠时提供400%的治愈率。
Camp Bed 露营床
A pile of fish stacked somewhat like a campfire. 一堆有点像篝火一样堆放起来的鱼。
Camp Fish Pile 营地鱼堆
A campfire can be built anywhere in the wilds. 可以被放置在野外任何地方的篝火。
Campfire 篝火
Cannibal Butcher Table 食人族屠宰桌
Cannibal Shack 食人族棚屋
Cannibal Storage 食人族储具
Cannibal Trophy 食人族战利品
Carpet 地毯
A fancy luxury that stops you from getting splinters in your feet. 一种可以防止你脚部划伤的精致的奢侈品。
Carpet: Rusty Rug 地毯:生锈的垫子
Crude floor covering that is prone to rust. Weirdly popular with skeletons. 易于生锈的未加工的地板覆盖物。在骨人中异常受欢迎。
Ceiling Fan 吊扇
Ceiling Fan (Broken) 吊扇(破损的)
A light with a fan that hangs from the ceiling. 一种挂在天花板上的,装有风扇的灯。
Ceiling Fan Lamp 吊扇灯
A light that hangs from the ceiling. 一种挂在天花板上的灯。
Ceiling Lamp 吊灯
Chain Armour Crafting Bench 锁链铠甲锻造台
A facility to craft chainmail based armour. 一种以铠甲为基础,制作链甲的设施。
A setup for the difficult and tedious task of creating chainmail. Many smiths prefer to just buy the stuff, or assign an apprentice to the job. 用于制作链甲这一费力乏味任务的装置。许多铁匠更倾向于直接购买,或者指派一个学徒来做这项工作。
Chainmail Sheet Fabrication Bench 链甲片制作台
Chimney 烟囱
City Lamp Post 城市灯柱
A bench for making various sorts of clothing. 用于制作各种衣物的工作台。
Clothing Bench 衣物工作台
Com Tower Ruin01 通信塔废墟01
Com Tower Ruin02 通信塔废墟02
Com Tower Ruin03 通信塔废墟03
Com Tower Ruin04 通信塔废墟04
Concrete Gate 混凝土大门
Concrete Wall 混凝土墙体
Cooking Pit 烹饪坑
Cooking Stove 烹饪炉
A station where you can prepare all kinds of food 一处你可以制作各种食物的地方
Copper Alloy Bench 铜合金工作台
Produces Copper Alloy Plates 制造铜合金板
Copper Resource 铜资源
A safe and efficient way to deal with corpses. Bodies attract predators, predators eat you. 一种安全有效的处理尸体的方法。尸体会吸引捕食者,捕食者会吃掉你。
Corpse Furnace 焚尸炉
Cotton Auto-Loom 棉花自动织机
Cotton Farm L 棉花农场 L
Cotton Farm M 棉花农场 M
Cotton Farm S 棉花农场 S
Cotton is used to manufacture cloth, and only grows in green environments. 棉花是用来制作衣物的,并且只能在绿色环境中种植。
Cotton Farm XL 棉花农场 XL
Cotton Indoor Farm 棉花室内农场
Crossbow Crafting Bench 十字弩锻造台
A facility to construct crossbows. 一种制造十字弩的设备。
A secure locker with a rack for hanging crossbows 带有架子的安全储物柜,可挂十字弩
Crossbow Locker 十字弩储物柜
Defensive Gate II 2级防御大门
Defensive Gate III 3级防御大门
Defensive Gate IV 4级防御大门
Defensive Gate level 2 防御大门 2级水平
Defensive Gate level 2 Door 防御大门 2级水平 门体
Defensive Gate level 3 Door 防御大门 3级水平 门体
Defensive Gate level 4 Door 防御大门 4级水平 门体
Defensive Gate level 5 Door 防御大门 5级水平 门体
Defensive Gate 防御大门
Defensive Gate V 5级防御大门
Defensive Wall Connector 防御墙连接件
Defensive Wall II 2级防御墙
Defensive Wall 防御墙
Defensive Wall III 3级防御墙
Defensive Wall III Connector 3级防御墙连接件
Defensive Wall III Short 3级防御墙短墙
Defensive Wall III Tower 3级防御墙墙塔
Defensive Wall III Wedge 3级防御墙墙楔
Defensive Wall IV 4级防御墙
Defensive Wall IV Connector 4级防御墙连接件
Defensive Wall IV Short 4级防御墙短墙
Defensive Wall IV Tower 4级防御墙墙塔
Defensive Wall IV Wedge 4级防御墙墙楔
Defensive Wall Ramp II 2级防御墙坡道
Defensive Wall Ramp III 3级防御墙坡道
Ramp 坡道
Defensive Wall Ramp IV 4级防御墙坡道
Ramp necessary to get up on top of defensive walls 爬上防御墙顶端必备的坡道
Defensive Wall Ramp V 5级防御墙坡道
Defensive Wall V 5级防御墙
Defensive Wall V Connector 5级防御墙连接件
Defensive Wall V Short 5级防御墙短墙
Defensive Wall V Tower 5级防御墙墙塔
Defensive Wall V Wedge 5级防御墙墙楔
Display Stand 陈列架
Some kind of annoying display for you to fall over when you are drunk. 某些恼人的陈列,让你在喝醉的时候摔倒。
Dome Ruin 穹顶废墟
An old-world science building of some sort. 一座旧世界的某种科学建筑。
Double House 联排房屋
Double-Barrel Harpoon AUTOTurret 双筒自动鱼叉炮塔
A double-barrel version of the MkII, a slight reduction in power and range in return for 2 shots. 一种双筒版Mk2,作为双筒射击的代价,在威力和射程上略有降低。
A double-barrel version of the MkII, a slight reduction in power and range in return for 2 shots. With added spotlight fitted. 一种双筒版Mk2,作为双筒射击的代价,在威力和射程上略有降低。装有射灯。
Double-Barrel Harpoon Turret [light] 双筒鱼叉炮塔【带灯】
doublebed 双人床
Electrical Torch Post 电灯柱
A small electrical lamp, suitable indoors or outside. 一种小型电灯,室内室外均适用。
Electrical Workbench 电子工作台
Here a scientist can work with copper and make electrical components 科学家可以在此用铜制造电子元件
Emperor Statue 皇帝雕像
Emperor Statue Broken 破碎的皇帝雕像
Engineering Bench 工程工作台
Exaust Pipe 排气管
Exhaust Fan 排气扇
Fabric Chest 布料储物箱
Storage for fabrics 储存布料
Fabric Loom (cotton) 布料织机(棉花)
Manufactures raw fabric from cotton 用棉花制造布料
Manufactures raw fabric from hemp and is about 33% faster than production with cotton. 用大麻生产布料,比用棉花生产快33%。
Fabric Loom (hemp) 布料织机(大麻)
Fish Bed 鱼床
A comfortable bed made of fish 一种用鱼制作的舒适的床
Fish Drying Rack 鱼类干燥架
Fish Drying Rack with Net 带网鱼类干燥架
A rack to dry fish upon 用来在上面晾干鱼类的架子
A net used by fishermen 一种渔民使用的网
Fishing Net 渔网
A rod and line to catch fish with. 一组用于捕鱼的鱼竿和鱼线。
Fishing Rod Set 鱼竿套组
Five Booze Barrels 5只酒桶
Flat Shelter 水平遮蔽装置
A flat shelter commonly used on rooftops of the United Cities. Protects from the rain. 联合城内通常用在屋顶的水平遮蔽装置。防止雨淋。
Flour Storage 面粉储具
A storage location for all your strawflour. Put it near your stove. 储存所有麦秸面粉的地方。将其放置在你的炉子附近。
labs 实验室
Flourescent Light 荧光灯
Food Items 食品
Food Store 食物存储
A general storage for all food items, characters can come here to get food when they need it. 通常用于储存所有食物,角色可以在他们需要食物的时候来这里取用。
General Storage Boxes 通用储物盒
General Storage Chest 通用储物箱
Generator II 2级发电机
Grain Silo 谷粮仓
Grinds wheatstraw up into flour, for cooking with. 把麦秸研磨成面粉,用于烹饪。
Grog Barrels 格洛格酒桶
Storage barrels for grog 格洛格酒的储酒桶
A contraption what is for making grog with. 一种用来的酿造格洛洛酒的精巧装置。
Grog Machine 格洛格酒酿造机
GunPlank 射击板
A platform that extends out over the side of a building, enabling turrets to get a better shooting angle. 一个能延伸出建筑外一侧的平台,能使炮台有更好的射击角度。
Harpoon Autoturret 鱼叉自动炮塔
Harpoon Autoturret MkII Mk2鱼叉自动炮塔
Just as powerful as an advanced crossbow, but easier to use and faster to reload. The downside is that it needs electricity to operate, leaving a potential vulnerability. 和高级十字弩一样强力,但是更容易使用、填充子弹更快。缺点在于它需要通电操作,使之有个潜在的弱点。
Harpoon Turret 鱼叉炮塔
A single shot turret with a lot of range, power and accuracy. It can also be handled well by amateurs. 射程大、力度强、精度高的单发炮塔。生手也能很好地使用它。
Harpoon Turret MkII Mk2鱼叉炮台
A single shot turret with a lot of range, power and accuracy. It can also be handled well by amateurs. With added spotlight fitted. 射程大、力度强、精度高的单发炮塔。生手也能很好地使用它,同时安装了适配射灯。
Harpoon Turret MkII [light] Mk2鱼叉炮塔【带灯】
A heavy duty forge for crafting heavy plate armour. It can be built outside too, although that will leave it vulnerable to damage in harsh weather. 一个打造重板铠甲的重型炼铁炉。可以建于外部,虽然可能会造成其在严酷天气易于受损。
Heavy Armour Smithy 重甲铁匠铺
Hemp Auto-Loom 大麻自动织机
Hemp Farm L 大麻农场L
Hemp is a versatile crop and can be used for medicine, narcotics, fuel, and is a more efficient source of cloth. However, it may be regarded as illegal by some of the less free societies. 大麻是一种多用途作物,也能被用作药品、麻醉药、燃料,是个布料制作的高效资源。然而,它被某些不那么自由的社会定为非法。
Hemp Farm M 大麻农场M
Hemp Farm S 大麻农场S
Hashish production uses a lot of power, and often poses danger from the authorities, but the profits are worth it. 制作大麻需要花费很多能量,而且经常会受到当局的威胁,但是所获利润值得你去这么做。
Hemp Processor 大麻加工器
High Walkway 高架通道
A raised walkway for connecting swamp houses 连接沼泽地房屋的高架走道
High Walkway Support 高架通道支承
Hive Commune Hut 蜂巢族公社小屋
HIVE Door A 蜂巢族门 A
HIVE Door B 蜂巢族门 B
A Communal Hive Dwelling. Leave quickly. 公共的蜂巢族住所。快离开这儿。
HIVE Door C 蜂巢族门 C
Hive Queen Hut 蜂巢族女王小屋
Hive Queen Throne 蜂巢族女王宝座
Holy Sinner Torch 神圣罪人火把
Dissenters make good fuel 反对者可以充当很好的燃料
Repent your sins. 忏悔你的罪行。
Holy Sinner Torch Broken 破损的神圣罪人火把
Holy Street Torch 圣城街火把
Glorious illumination provided by your benefactors. 由你的恩主提供的辉煌光源。
Holy Street Torch (out) 圣城街火把(熄灭)
Holy Street Torch Broken 损坏的圣城街火把
Holy Street Torch Snapped 断裂的圣城街火把
Unlawful destruction of Holy Nation property! 非法毁坏圣国的财产!
Hybrid Stone Mine 混合石矿
A hybrid mine that internally produces building materials from the stone it mines. 一种内部用开采石材生产建筑材料的混合矿。
Stone Mine 石矿
A fully-automated hybrid stone mine with state of the art machinery. 配备最先进机械的全自动混合矿山。
Hybrid Stone Mine II 2级混合石矿
Hydroponic Hemp 水培麻
Hydroponic Riceweed 水培水稻
Hydroponic Vegetables 水培蔬菜
Hydroponic Wheatstraw 水培小麦
Wheat is a sturdy staple crop that won't die off if it runs out of water. 小麦是一种坚强的主食作物,即使缺水也不会死。
Divides up a space and help burglars sneak through your house easier. 用于分隔空间,使得小偷更方便溜进你的房屋。
Interior Wall 内墙
Interior Wall: Metal 内墙:金属制
Invisible Campfire 隐形篝火
Iron Refinery II 2级炼铁机
This machine refines raw iron into higher grade iron plating that can then be used for construction. 该机器将生铁精炼为可用于建筑施工高级铁皮。
Iron Refinery 炼铁机
Iron Refinery III 3级炼铁机
Iron Refinery IV 4级炼铁机
Iron Resource 铁资源
Iron Rock 铁岩
The furnace melts down unwanted scrap- weapons, armour etc- back into raw iron. It's also a good way to dispose of any severed limbs you have lying around your base after a battle. 熔炉可以用来熔化所有不需要的废品——武器,铠甲等——将他们还原成原铁。这同样也是一种处置一场斗争后,在你驻地散落的任何断肢的好方法。
Item Furnace 物品熔炉
Junk Pile A 垃圾堆 A
A big pile of rusty junk 一大堆生锈的垃圾
Junk Pile B 垃圾堆 B
Junk Pile C 垃圾堆 C
Junk Pile D 垃圾堆 D
Lagoon Platform 泄湖平台
Lamp Indoor Gas 室内灯燃气
Large Barrels 大型桶
Storage area for rum. 朗姆酒存放区。
Drinks 饮品
Great for putting things in. 很适合往里面放东西。
Large Basket 大型篮子
Large Dock Wreck01 大型码头残骸01
Large Dock Wreck02 (whole) 大型码头残骸02(全部)
Large Dock WreckPiece01 大型码头残骸块01
Large Dock WreckPiece03 大型码头残骸块02
Large Dock WreckPiece04 - Big 大型码头残骸块04——大
Large house -old 大型房屋——旧
Large Torch Post 大型灯柱
Large Wall Light 大型壁灯
Leather Armour Crafting Bench 皮铠甲锻造台台
All the tools and stuff you need to craft light armour types. 手工制作轻型铠甲所需的所有的工具和材料。
The place where leather comes from 出产皮革的地方
Leather Tanning Bench 皮革鞣制工作台
L-House L型房屋
A decently spacious building shell. 一个相当宽敞的建筑外壳。
L-House Lagoon L型房屋泄湖
Light Post 照明灯柱
A standalone light source, commonly used for street lighting in fancy cities. 一种独立光源,通常用于高档城市的街道照明。
Light Post I 1级照明灯柱
Light Post II 2级照明灯柱
Light Post III 3级照明灯柱
A simple locked box used to practice the art of lockpicking. It has a transparent cutaway on the side, so beginners can see how a lock works internally. 一个简单的上锁的盒子,用来练习开锁的技巧。它的侧面有一个简单易懂的剖面图,所以初学者可以看到一个锁是如何在内部工作的。
Locksmith Training Box 锁匠训练盒
Locksmith Training Box II 2级锁匠训练盒
Locksmith Training Box III 3级锁匠训练盒
Longhouse 长型房屋
A long, narrow building shell. 一种狭长的建筑外壳。
Machine Block 机体
Makeshift Gate 临时大门
A crappy gate that won't keep the enemies at bay for long. 一个无法长时间牵制柱敌人的劣质大门。
Makeshift Wall 临时墙
Makeshift Wall Short 临时墙短墙
Manual Iron Refinery 手动铁精炼机
Manual Oil Drill 手工石油钻
This machine can process raw stone and turn it into useful building materials. It doesn't need any power, but you need a lot of people to operate it. 这台机器可以加工原石,把它变成有用的建筑材料。它不需要任何电力,但你需要很多人来操作它。
Manual Stone Processor 手工石材加工器
Market Stall A 市场摊位 A
misc 杂物
Market Stall B 市场摊位 B
Market Stall C 市场摊位 C
Market Tent 市场帐篷
Market Tent Big 大号市场帐篷
Market Tent Long 长型市场帐篷
Market Tent Small 小号市场帐篷
Meas Cave 弥亚斯洞穴
Medical Workbench 医疗工作台
A safe place to store all your medikits. 一个可以储存你所有医疗包的安全位置。
Medicrate 医疗板条箱
Medical Kits 医药包
Medium Tent 中型帐篷
Mercenary Tent 雇佣兵帐篷
A tent used by mercenaries to shelter from the rain. 雇佣兵用来避雨的帐篷。
Metal Box 金属盒
Metal Chest 金属箱
You can store anything in here. 你可以在这里储存任何东西。
Metal Table 金属桌
Metal Table Broken 破损的金属桌
Metal Wallhouse 金属墙屋
A makeshift house, built tall and flat to fit against steep slopes. 临时搭建的房屋,建得又高又平,以适应陡峭的斜坡。
Metal Warehouse 金属仓库
A huge metal shelter. 一个巨大的金属掩体。
Moor A 沼地 A
Moor B 沼地 B
Moor C 沼地 C
Moor Tower 沼地塔
A heavy duty crossbow mounted on a swivel. It has a 180 degree fire arc and is best mounted on walls. Not so great against heavy armour. 安装在转轴上的重型十字弩。它有180度的射击弧度,最好安装在墙上。对付重甲就没那么厉害了。
Mounted Crossbow 装载式十字弩
The Mark II has an advanced draw mechanism, which speeds up reload time, range and power. Mk2有一个先进的拉伸装置,可以加快重新装弹的时间、范围和功率。
Mounted Crossbow mkII Mk2装载式十字弩
The Mark II has an advanced draw mechanism, which speeds up reload time, range and power. With added spotlight fitted. Mk2有一个先进的拉伸装置,可以加快重新装弹的时间、范围和功率。安装了适配的射灯。
Mounted Crossbow mkII [light] Mk2装载式十字弩【带灯】
Multi-Barrel Harpoon AUTOTurret 多筒自动鱼叉炮塔
Multi-Barrel Harpoon Turret 多筒鱼叉炮塔
Man does this crazy beast chuck out some 'poons. Not as powerful as other turrets however, and accuracy and reload times are terrible unless used by a skillful gunner. 人类会让这头疯狂的野兽抛出一些鱼叉。然而它没有其他炮塔那么强劲,除非由熟练的炮手使用,否则精度和装弹时间都很糟糕。
No Entry Sign 禁止入内标志
Oil Drill 石油钻
Oil Refinery 石油精炼机
Old Bed 旧床
Old House 旧房屋
Old Small Shack 旧小棚屋
Old Stool 旧凳子
Old Storm House 旧风暴房屋
Ore Drill II 2级石油钻
A semi-automated mining system for hauling raw metals out of the ground. 一种半自动化的采矿系统,用于从地下开采原始金属。
Ore Mine 矿山
Ore Drill III (Automated) 3级石油钻(自动化)
A fully-automated, cutting edge mining system. 一个全自动、尖端的采矿系统。
A basic source of metal ores. 金属矿石的基本来源。
Ore Mine II 2级矿山
Processes ore to make steel bars 将矿石加工成钢条
Ore Processor 矿石加工器
(Decorative) Everyone's gotta go. (装饰)每个人都得用。
Outhouse 厕所
Outpost Gate 村庄大门
Outpost Heavy Gate 村庄重型大门
A very large, self-containable citadel 一座非常大型的,自成体系的城堡
Outpost Prison 村庄监狱
A spiral ramp up to the citadel entrance. 通往城堡入口的螺旋坡道。
Outpost Prison Ramp 村庄监狱坡道
Outpost s-I 村庄 s-1级
Outpost s-II 村庄 s-2级
Outpost s-III 村庄 s-3级
The \"s-III\" version is a tough outpost that builds well on awkward terrain. “s-II3级”版本是一个坚固的村庄,可以很好地建造于危险的地形上。
Outpost s-IV 村庄s-4级
The ultimate building. Large, spacious, and tough. 终极建筑。大型,宽敞而坚固。
Outpost Stairs 村庄楼梯
Outpost s-V 村庄 s-5级
Partition 隔墙
Peeler Machine 剥皮机
A machine designed to slowly and carefully remove the outer layers of whatever is put inside. 一种机器,为缓慢而小心地除去放置其中的东西的外层而设计。
Plate Beating Station 制板台
A simple bench for the task of hammering out metal into basic armour plates. 一种简单的工作台,用于把金属锤打成基础的装甲板。
Pontoon Bridge 浮桥
Straddles gaps and rivers. 横跨峡谷和河流。
A basic cage for holding prisoners. 一个关押囚犯的基础笼子。
Prisoner Cage 囚犯笼
Prisoner Pole 囚犯杆
Quad Streetlamp 四方街灯
Quarry Crane 采石场起重机
Quarry Mine01 采石场01
Quarry Mine A 采石场 A
Quarry Mine B 采石场 B
Quarry Mine02 采石场02
Quarry Post 采石场哨岗
Quarry Scaffold 采石场脚手架
Rain Collector 雨水收集器
Raised House 高架房屋
moor 沼地
Research Bench II 2级研究工作台
A research bench is vital to enabling new weapons and technologies. 研究工作台对于启用新武器和新技术至关重要。
Research Bench III 3级研究工作台
Research Bench IV 4级研究工作台
Research Bench V 5级研究工作台
Research Bench VI 6级研究工作台
Riceweed needs wet environments, like the swamps. 水稻需要潮湿的环境,例如沼泽。
Riceweed Farm L 水稻农场 L
Riceweed Farm M 水稻农场 M
Riceweed Farm S 水稻农场 S
Robotics Bench 机器人科技工作台
Assemble robot parts. 装配机器人的组件。
A round wooden table 圆形木桌
Round Bar Table 圆形酒吧桌
Round table 圆桌
Rum Barrels 朗姆酒桶
Storage barrels for rum 朗姆酒储存桶
A still that can make you precious rum! Rum! 可以为你制作珍贵朗姆酒的蒸馏器!朗姆酒!
Rum Still 朗姆酒蒸馏器
Rusty Sink 锈水槽
A rusty sink. 一个生锈的水槽。
Safe 储物室
The ultimate high-security storage 最好的高安全性储具
Sake Barrels 清酒桶
Storage barrels for sake 清酒贮存桶
A contraption for the distillation of sake, made from fermented riceweed. 一种蒸馏清酒的精妙装置,使用发酵的水稻来制作。
Sake Still 清酒蒸馏器
Saloon 酒馆
Makes a good bar or shop. 可以是一间不错的酒吧或商店。
An ragged tent that can be crafted in the field out of animal skins. It offers some protection from the rain. 用兽皮在野外搭建的破旧帐篷。能在一定程度上防雨。
Scrap Tent 破旧帐篷
A powerful searchlight, for external use only. 一个强大的探照灯,只用于外部使用。
Searchlight 探照灯
Secure Weapon Cabinet 安全的武器储存柜
Secure storage for all your weapons. 一个可以用来存放你所有武器的安全储具。
Secure Wooden Chest 安全木箱
Shade Cover 遮阳罩
Shelf 架子
Shelves 架子
Shield Bridge 盾桥
Shop Counter 商店柜台
Place items you want to sell in a shop counter. If the building and town is open to public visitors then customers will come to buy things. 把你想出售东西放在商店的柜台上。如果此建筑和城镇对公众开放,那么顾客就会来买东西。
Shop Counter Large old 大型老旧的商店柜台
Shop Counter Old 老旧的商店柜台
Sitting Box 坐箱
An old box used as a seat. Efficient. Clever. 用作座位的旧箱子。高效。巧妙。
Sitting Pillow 坐枕
A luxurious cushion like that what the nobles have. 就像贵族拥有的那种豪华坐垫。
Sitting spot (invisible) 就坐地点(隐形)
Assemble replacement limbs. 装配和更换四肢。
Skeleton Limb Bench 骨人四肢工作台
Skeleton Repair Bed 骨人修理床
As skeletons get constantly damaged and repaired their bodies start to wear down. When this wear becomes too much it can be repaired at a repair bed. 因为骨人不断受到损伤和修复,它们的身体开始磨损。当磨损太严重时,可以在修理床上进行修理。
Skeleton Shredder 骨人粉碎机
Small Barrel 小桶
Small Broken Barrel 破损的小桶
smashed 打碎的
Small Broken Crate 破损的小板条箱
Small Copper Resource 小型铜资源
Small Crate 小板条箱
A small crate 一个小板条箱
An electrical generator that runs on biofuel. 燃烧生物燃料的发电机。
Small Generator 小型发电机
Generator 发电机
Small Iron Resource 小型铁资源
A research bench is vital to enabling new weapons and technologies. This little one will fit in a small shack, and is good for getting started out. 研究工作台对于研究新武器和新技术至关重要。这个很小,能装进一个小棚屋,很适合带着外出。
Small Research Bench 小型研究工作台
A small building shell, barely enough room to breathe, but it makes a good starter because its so cheap and easy to build. 一间小破建筑外壳,空间也就够呼吸了,但至少是个好的开始,因为建起来容易,价格也很便宜。
Small Shack 小棚屋
Small Table 小桌子
A small table that will quickly get full of useless junk. 一张很快就会堆满各种没用的垃圾的小桌子。
Small Tent 小帐篷
Small Wall Light 小型墙灯
Small Water Tank 小型水箱
Small wind generators are better at generating a more consistent output in all winds, but have less power overall. 小型风力发电机在所有环境中都能较稳定地输出电力,但发电量较小。
Small Wind Generator 小型风力发电机
Smallbox 小盒子
Smashed Chest 被打碎的储物箱
Snailhouse 蜗牛房
A wide open two-story building that often serves as a bar. 一个宽敞的两层建筑,通常用做酒吧。
Snailhouse Lagoon 蜗牛房泄湖
Spiked Cage 尖顶笼子
Split-Rail Fence A 篱栏A
Split-Rail Fence B 篱栏B
Split-Rail Fence C 篱栏C
Spotlight 射灯
Stairs 阶梯
Stationhouse 驻地营房
A vast, well defended building shell 一个建筑外壳,宽大,且防御良好
This machine refines iron to make high quality steel bars 该机器熔炼铁来制造高质量钢条
Steel Refinery II 2级炼钢炉
Steel Refinery 炼钢炉
This automated machine refines iron to make high quality steel bars 该自动机器熔炼铁来制造高质量钢条
Steel Refinery III 3级炼钢炉
Stephouse 阶梯房
Stobe 斯托伯
Stone Mine II 2级石矿
Stone Mine III 3级石矿
A basic stone mine with some minor efficiency improvements. They're hard work, and the amount of resources you get out is mostly dependent on how many workers you can throw at it. 效率提升极小的基础石矿。工人们工作非常努力,你能从这里获取的资源数量取决于你投入的劳工数量。
A stone mine with some minor efficiency improvements. They're hard work, and the amount of resources you get out is mostly dependent on how many workers you can throw at it. 一个石矿,效率略有提高。这里的工作很辛苦,你能从这里获取的资源数量取决于你投入的劳工数量。
Stone Mine IV 4级石矿
Stone Mine V 5级石矿
A stone mine with some efficiency improvements. 效率略有提高的石矿。
A semi-automated stone mine with state of the art machinery. 一个半自动的石矿,有先进的机械。
Stone Mine VI 6级石矿
Stone Mine VII 7级石矿
Stone Processor II 2级石材加工器
This machine can process raw stone and turn it into useful building materials. 这台机器可以加工原石,产出有用的建筑材料。
Stone Processor III 3级石材加工器
Stone Processor IV 4级石材加工器
Stone Processor 石材加工器
This machine can process raw stone and turn it into useful building materials. Only needs one worker, and has an excellent output speed. 这台机器可以加工原石,产出有用的建筑材料。只需一名工人即可运作,产出速度很快。
Stone Processor V 5级石材加工器
A basic stone mine. They're hard work, and the amount of resources you get out is mostly dependent on how many workers you can throw at it. 基础石矿。工人们工作非常努力,你能从这里获取的资源数量取决于你投入的劳工数量。
Stone Resource 石材资源
Stool 凳子
What did the ancient ones store in these things? 古人在这些里藏了什么?
Storage Crate [Lost Race] 板条箱储具【失落的种族】
Storage: Armour Plate 储具:铠甲原板
A storage box for steel plates, used to craft heavy armour 板条箱
A handy storage point for Building Materials 一个方便的储藏地点,可储藏建筑材料
Storage: Building Materials 储具:建筑材料
Storage: Building Materials (old) 储具:建筑材料(旧)
Storage: Cactus 储具:仙人掌
Storage: Chainmail 储具:链甲
A storage box for raw chainmail sheets 一个用来储藏链甲薄片原料的盒子
Storage: Copper 储具:铜
A storage point for raw copper 储存铜原料的储藏点
Storage: Copper Alloys 储具:铜合金
A storage box for copper alloy plates 储存铜合金板的盒子
Storage: Cotton 储具:棉花
Storage dumpster for raw cotton 储藏棉花原料的储具
Storage box for crossbow parts 一个用来存放电子部件的方便的储具
Storage: Crossbow Parts 储具:弩的部件
Storage: Electricals 储具:电子元件
A handy storage box for eletrical components 一个用来存放电子部件的方便的储具
Storage: Fuel 储具:燃料
Storage: Greenfruit 储具:绿色水果
Storage for your lovely drugs 用来存放你的药的储具
Storage: Hashish 储具:大麻制剂
Storage: Hemp 储具:大麻
Storage dumpster for raw hemp 用来储存大麻原料的储具
Storage: Hemp SMASHED 储具:碾碎的大麻
Storage: Iron Plates 储具:铁板
Storage box for Iron Plates 用来储存铁板盒子
Storage: Leather 储具:皮革
A storage box for raw leather 一个用啦储存皮革原料的储具
Storage: Meat 储具:肉
Storage: Meat SMASHED 储具:打碎的肉
Air-tight storage for raw meat 储存肉原料的密封储具
Storage: Ore 储具:铁矿石
Storage: Ore (old) 储具:铁矿石(旧)
Storage: Riceweed 储具:稻米
Storage: Robotics 储具:机骨人科技
A container for storing robotics and skeleton parts 一个用来储存机器人和骨人部件的容器
Storage: Skins 储具:毛皮
Storage: Skins SMASHED 储具:打碎的毛皮
Storage for animal skins that can be used to make leather 用来储藏可以制成皮革的动物毛皮的储具
Storage: Steel Bars 储具:钢条
A handy storage point for steel bars 一个方便的钢条储存地点
Storage: Steel Bars (old) 储具:钢条(旧)
A handy storage point for Iron Ore 一个方便的铁矿石储存地点
Storage dumpster for raw stone 用来储藏原石的储具
Storage: Stones 储具:石
Storage: Stones (old) 储具:石(旧)
Storage for all your Raw Stone 可以储藏你所有原石的储具
Storage dumpster for wheatstraw 用来储存麦秸的储具
Storage: Wheatstraw 储具:小麦
Storm House 风暴屋
Gives you a fair bit more space than that tiny shack you've been living in. 相比起你一直住的小破屋来说,这个的空间更大一些。
Storm House Lagoon Version 泻湖风暴屋
Stove 炉子
Street Lantern 街道灯笼
Strongbox 保险箱
Support Beam 1 承梁 1
Support Beam 2 承梁 2
(Decorative) (装饰用)
Support Beam 3 承梁 3
Swamp Dome 沼泽穹顶
A very spacious building shell. 一个空间很大的建筑外壳。
Swamp Fence 沼泽篱笆
Wire and metal to demarcate one area of swamp from another. 用来在沼泽里划分界线的线和金属。
Swamp Fence Short 短款沼泽篱笆
Swamp High Walkway 沼泽高架走道
A shorter raised walkway for connecting swamp houses 一个较短的连接沼泽地房屋的高架走道
Swamp House 沼泽屋
A more spacious building shell. 一个更加宽敞的建筑外壳。
A look-out tower for vigilance and protection! 一座瞭望塔,用于保持警戒和护卫!
Swamp Lookout Tower 沼泽瞭望塔
Swamp Platform 沼泽平台
A platform for sundry functions. 一个用来做杂事的平台。
A raised platform 一个高架平台
Swamp Platform Large 大型沼泽平台
A very large platform 一个很大型的平台
Swamp Platform Round 圆形沼泽平台
Swamp Platform Small 小型沼泽平台
Swamp Shack 沼泽棚屋
Swamp Store 沼泽商店
A store run by rebels, for rebels. 叛军经营着这家商店,为叛军服务。
Swamp Walkboard 沼泽踏板
A simple table 一张简单的桌子
Table 桌子
Tallhouse 高屋
Tank unused 没用过的水箱
Tarsand Capsule 沥青容器
Tarsand Distiller 沥青蒸馏器
Tarsand Pipe A 沥青管A
Tarsand Pipe B 沥青管B
Tarsand Pipe C 沥青管C
Tarsand Pipe D 沥青管D
Tarsand Pipe E 沥青管E
Tarsand Pipe Long 长款沥青管
Tarsand Pipe Set 沥青管设施
Tarsand Towerframe A 沥青塔架A
Tarsand Towerframe B 沥青塔架B
Tarsand Vent A 沥青出口A
Tarsand Vent B 沥青出口B
Thief Training Boxes 偷窃训练箱
A big unstable pile of boxes filled with noisy metal parts and junk. The idea is to try and remove different items from the boxes without making any noise. 一堆又大又不稳定的盒子,装满了吵闹的金属部件和垃圾。目的是从盒子里取出不同部件的同时不发出声音。
Thief Training Boxes II 2级偷窃训练箱
Thief Training Boxes III 3级偷窃训练箱
Throne 宝座
Throne Platform 宝座平台
A crude light source 一个未加工的光源
Torch Post 火把柱
Training Dummy MkI 训练模型Mk1
A simple training dummy for beginners to train their melee attack skill. This will take you to a max of level 5. 一个简单的训练模型,能让初学者锻炼其近战攻击机巧。最高能练到5级。
Training Dummy MkII 训练模型Mk2
Good for rookies to train their melee attack skill. This will take you to a max of level 10. 一个很好的训练模型,能让新手锻炼其近战攻击机巧。最高能练到10级。
A cleverly made training dummy that will take a rookie as far as level 15 in melee attack. 一个设计得很巧妙的训练模型,能让新手的近战攻击达到15级。
Training Dummy 训练模型
Training Dummy MkIII 训练模型Mk3
A dummy turret used to familiarise beginners with the mechanisms and firing actions. Can train turret skill up to level 5. 一个炮塔模型,能让初学者熟悉机械和开火动作,能将炮塔技能升至5级。
Training Turret 训练炮塔
A dummy turret used to familiarise beginners with the mechanisms and firing actions. Can train turret skill up to level 10. 一个炮塔模型,能让初学者熟悉机械和开火动作,能将炮台技能升至10级。
Training Turret MkII 训练炮塔Mk2
A dummy turret used to familiarise beginners with the mechanisms and firing actions. Can train turret skill up to level 15. 一个炮塔模型,能让初学者熟悉机械和开火动作,能将炮台技能升至15级。
Training Turret MkIII 训练炮塔Mk3
Trophy 战利品
Vegetable Farm L 蔬菜农场 L
One of the easiest crops to grow and the most efficient food source, if the land will allow it. 如果土地能种的话,这是最容易生长的一种庄稼,也是最方便的食物来源。
Vegetable Farm M 蔬菜农场 M
Vegetable Farm S 蔬菜农场 S
Wall 墙体
Wall A 墙体 A
Wall B 墙体 B
Wall B Flip 墙体 B 翻转
Wall B Gate 墙体 B 门
Wall B Solo 墙体 B 单体
Wall B Solo Gate 墙体 B 单体门
Wall Ramp 墙坡道
Wall Ramp (old) 墙坡道(旧)
Wall Shelf 1 墙架 1
Wall Shelf 2 墙架 2
Wall Short 短墙
Wall Spotlight 墙体射灯
A wall-mounted spotlight 装在墙上的射灯
Warehouse Roof 仓库屋顶
Watchtower 瞭望塔
A multi-story tower ideal for lookout stations. 一个多层的塔,可以用作瞭望塔。
Water Tank 水箱
Mass capacity water storage that can also be built indoors 能储存大量的水的储具,可以在室外建造
Mass capacity water storage. 能储存大量的水的储具。
Water Tower 水塔
Watertank 水箱
Weapon Cabinet 武器箱
Weapon Display 武器展示架
High security weapon display case. 很安全的武器展示用具。
Essential place to rest and recover from wounds. 用来休息和恢复伤口的重要地点。
Weapon Display Board 武器展示板
Weapon Display Board B 武器展示板B
sign 标志
Weapon Sign 武器标志
Weapon Smith II 2级武器工匠
Weapon Smith 武器工匠
Weapon Smith III 3级武器工匠
The core of a good base, this is where you craft your weapons. It can be built outside too, although that will leave it vulnerable to damage in harsh weather. 一个优秀基地的核心,你能在这里打造你的武器。可以建造在室外,但会遭恶劣天气的影响。
Storage for all your weapons. 储存你所有的武器的储具。
Weapon Stand 武器储存箱
Weapon Stand copy 武器储存箱的复制品
Weird Crate 奇怪板条箱
A vital source of water, you won't last long without it. 水的重要来源,没有水就活不了多久。
Well II 2级井
Well III 3级井
Wheat Farm L 小麦农场 L
Wheat Farm M 小麦农场 M
Wheat Farm S 小麦农场 S
Wheat Farm XL 小麦农场 XL
Wind Generator 风力发电机
A large wind generator can generate good power when the weather is right. It's essential to have batteries as backup 只要气候合适,一台大型风电机可以发出大量的电能,最好有电池备用
Wind Generator Broken 损坏的风力发电机
Wind Generator II 2级风力发电机
A wooden barrel for general storage 用于通用储物的木桶
Wooden Barrel 木桶
Y-House Y形房屋
Error Code 0xFFFFFF 错误代码 0xFFFFFF
ErrorCode 0x000000 错误代码 0x000000
Agnu 阿格努
Alpha Gurgler 阿尔法鱼形人
Anti-Slaver 反奴隶主联盟
Arc 阿尔克
Armour King 铠甲之王
Armour King's Thrall 铠甲王之奴
Armoury Droneguard 军械厂工蜂警卫
Asshole 混蛋
Baker 面包师
Band of Bones 骸骨团
Bar Fisherman 酒吧渔夫
Bar fly 酒鬼吧飞
Bar Thug 酒吧恶棍
Bar Thug Drunk 喝醉的酒吧恶棍
Bard 巴德
Barman 酒保
Bayan 巴彦
Beep 哔噗
Berserker 狂战士
Big Al 大阿尔
Big Darkbrow 大黑眉
Big Fang 大尖牙
Big Gray 大格雷
Big Grim 大格琳
Black Dragon Genin 黑龙下忍
Black Dragon Jonin 黑龙上忍
Blackshifter 黑色转换者
Blood Raider 鲜血掠夺者
Blue Eyes 蓝眼
Bodyguard 保镖
Bodyguard adv 高级保镖
Boot trader 靴子商人
Boot trader holy 神圣靴子商人
Boss Simion 西蒙大人
Bounty Hunter 赏金猎人
Bounty Hunter Low 赏金猎人下忍
Bounty Hunter Shek 沙克族赏金猎人
Broken Model 30 破损的模型30
Broken Skeleton 破损的骨人
Broken Skeleton Bandit 破损的骨人土匪
Burn 伯恩
Buzan 伯赞
Cannibal 食人族
Cannibal Chief 食人族领袖
Cannibal Grand Wizard 食人族大巫
Cannibal Hunter 食人族猎人
Cannibal Hunter Captain 食人族猎人长官
Cannibal Hunter Robun 食人族猎人罗本
Caravan Drone 商队工蜂
Caravan guard 商队警卫
Cat 阿猫
Chad 查德
CHARACTER--- 角色---
CHARACTER5337 角色5337
CHARACTER8304 角色8304
Citizen 市民
City Hero 城市英雄
Clothing trader 衣物商人
Clothing trader holy 神圣衣物商人
Cloud Ninja 云之忍者
Crab Patron 螃蟹顾客
Crab Queen 螃蟹女王
Crab Raider 螃蟹掠夺者
Crabsmith 螃蟹工匠
Crow Face 鸦面
Crumblejon 散架琼恩
Dack 达克
Deadcat Fisherman 死猫村渔夫
Digna 狄格娜
Dimak 迪玛克
Displaced Peasant 流离失所的平民
Doc 医生
Doctor 医生
Doctor Chung 钟医生
Drifter-cannibal escapee 食人族漂流者逃犯
Drone 工蜂
Droneguard 工蜂警卫
Drunken Bar Thug 喝醉的酒吧恶棍
Dust Bandit 砂之土匪帮
Dust Bandit Bowman 砂之土匪帮弓箭手
Dust Boss 砂之老大
Dust King 砂之王
Ears 伊尔斯
Elder 长者
Elite Droneguard 精英工蜂警卫
Ells 埃尔斯
Emperor Tengu 天狗皇帝
Empire conscript 帝国征召兵
Empire guard sergeant OLD 帝国中士警卫 老
Empire Mercenary 帝国雇佣兵
Empire noble guard--- 帝国贵族警卫---
Empire noble guard hooded 帝国兜帽贵族警卫
Empire Peasant 帝国平民
Empire sergeant OLD 帝国中士 老
Empire soldier 帝国士兵
Empty-copy 空-复制
Esata the Stone Golem 艾萨塔,石魔
Escaped Servant 逃跑的仆人
Espher 伊斯法
Exile 流亡者
Exile --delete-- 流亡者 --删除--
Ex-Servant 前仆人
Eyegore 目之血
Fark Guard 法尔克警卫
Farmer 农民
Farmer wife 农民妻子
Finch 芬奇
Flayed Woman 被剥皮的女人
Flotsam Jonin 浪人上忍
Flotsam Ninja 浪忍团
Flotsam Refugee 浪人难民
Flotsam Smith 浪人工匠
Flying Bull 飞牛
Fog Heavy 重雾人
Fog Prince 雾人王子
Fogman 雾人
Garp 加普
Garret 嘉利特
Garret's slave 嘉利特之奴
General Hat-12 帽子-12将军
General Jang 江将军
General Screamer (The True) 尖叫者将军(真)
Generic helper NPC 4613 普通助手NPC 4613
Goat Man 山羊人
Gorillo Bandit 喙嘴猩猩土匪帮
Gorrillo 喙嘴猩猩
Grass Pirate 草之海盗
Grayflayer 格雷剥皮人帮
Green 苍翠
Green Finger 绿指
Grey 格雷
Griffin 格里芬
Guild Plastic Surgeon 整形外科医生行会
Gurgler 鱼形人
Gutterhead 喙嘴兽首
Hamut 哈姆特
Hangover 宿醉
Harbinger 预示
Harmothoe 哈莫托娥
Head of Agriculture 农业之首
Headshot 猎头者
Heavy Thrall 重奴
Hero Boss 英雄老大
Hex 海克斯
High Inquisitor Seta 高级审判官塞塔
High Inquisitor Valtena 高级审判官瓦尔特纳
High Overseer 高级监管者
High Paladin 高级圣骑士
High Servant 高级仆人
Hive Bandit 蜂巢土匪帮
Hive Bandit Leader 蜂巢土匪头头
Hive Caravan Boss 蜂巢商队老大
Hive Fence 蜂巢篱笆
Hive Trader robotics 蜂巢机器商人
Hobbs 霍布斯
Holy Armour Trader 圣国铠甲商人
Holy Barman 圣国酒保
Holy Chosen 圣选之人
Holy Citizen 圣民
Holy Construction Trader 圣国建筑商人
Holy Farm Leader 圣国农场主
Holy Farmer 圣国农民
Holy Farmer Wife 圣国农民的妻子
Holy Hat Trader 圣国帽子商人
Holy Lord Phoenix 圣主菲尼克斯
Holy Pacifier 圣国调停人
Holy Priest 圣国祭司
Holy Sentinel 圣国哨兵
Holy Servant 圣国仆人
Holy Weapon Trader 圣国武器商人
Hound 猎犬
Hound Skeleton 猎犬骨人帮成员
Human Mercenary 人类雇佣兵
Hundred Guardian 百团守卫
Hungry bandit 饥饿土匪
Hungry bandit leader 饥饿土匪头头
Hydraulic Knight 水力骑士
Immortal King 永生国王
Infinite Wingwang 无限翼王
initialisationcharacter 初始角色
initialisationcharacterF 女性初始角色
Inquisitor 审判官
Item trader 卖货商人
Item trader adv 高级卖货商人
Item trader adv holy 圣国高级卖货商人
Iyo 伊予
Izumi 和泉
Jaegar 杰格
Jewel 珠儿
Jimbad 坏吉姆
Jonin Elite 上忍
Kamikaze 神风突击队队员
Karate Drifter 空手道流浪者
King Gurgler 鱼形人国王
Knife 小刀
Koin 柯英
Kral's Chosen 克拉尔之选
Lady Kana 佳奈夫人
Lady Merin 梅林夫人
Lady Sanda 三田夫人
Lady Tsugi 津义夫人
Legion 军团
Legion Scout 军团侦查员
Legion Thrall 军团之奴
Little Jon 小琼恩
Longen 龙恩
Lord Commander Epson 爱普生总司令
Lord Inaba 稻羽大人
Lord Mirage 幻影大人
Lord Nagata 永田大人
Lord Ohta 太田大人
Lord Shiro 四郎大人
Lord Yoshinaga 吉永大人
Lost drone 迷失的工蜂
Lost Hiver 迷失的蜂巢族
Lost Prince 迷失的王子
Lower Servant 下等仆人
Lumi 卢米
Luquin 卢金
Machinist 机械师
Mad Cat-Lon 疯子卡特龙
Manhunter 猎人帮成员
Manhunter Boss 猎人帮老大
Mani 马尼
Master test 主测试
Meat Lord 肉大人
Medics guard 医生警卫
Mercenary 雇佣兵
Mercenary Captain 雇佣兵长官
Mercenary Heavy 雇佣兵保镖
Militia 民兵组织
Miner 矿工
Miu 美羽
Moll 莫尔
Mongrel Bar Patron 蒙格勒酒吧顾客
Mongrel crazy 疯狂蒙格勒
Moon Guardian 月亮守卫
Mourn Barman 哀矿城酒保
Mr Floppy 松软先生
Mukai The Mountain 大山穆凯
Naked dude 裸男
Ninja 忍者
Ninja Guard 忍者警卫
Noble Captain 贵族长官
Noble Hunter 贵族猎人
No-Face 无脸
Nomad 流浪者
Nomad Animal Trader 流浪动物商人
Nomad Animal Trader Town 流浪动物商人小镇
Old Empire Police Captain 旧帝国警备长官
Old Soldier 老兵
Oron 奥伦
Outlaw Farmer 农民逃犯
Outlaw Heavy 打手逃犯
Outlaw Swordsman 剑客逃犯
Outlaw Swordsman Captain 剑客长官逃犯
Outpost boss 前哨老大
Outpost guard 前哨警卫
Pacifier 调停人
Paladin 圣骑士
Paladin Guardian 圣骑士守卫
Peace 和平
Peasant 平民
Peasant Farmer 平民农民
Pia 皮娅
Picky 皮奇
Plastic Surgeon 整形医师
Police Chief 警察局长
Police Sergeant 警长
Ponk 庞克
Prince 王子
Prisoner 囚犯
Protector Of The Flame 火焰守护者
Psycho 疯子
Queen of the South 南部蜂巢女王
Quin 奎因
Raid Boss 抢劫犯头头
Raider 掠夺者
random character base 随机角色基础建模
random character base-copy 随机角色基础建模副本
Rane The Giant 巨人瑞恩
Razor 剃刀
Reaver Blooded 流血掠夺者
Reaver Ironclad 铁甲掠夺者
Reaver Neophyte 新手掠夺者
Reaver Slave 掠夺者奴隶
Reaver Whelp 掠夺者幼兽
Rebel Captain 反抗团长官
Rebel Fighter 反抗团战士
Rebel Swordsman 反抗团剑客
Rebel Swordsman Veteran 反抗团剑客老兵
Recruitment guy 招募人
Red 赤色
Red Sabre 赤色剑客团
Red Sabre Boss 赤色剑客团老大
Reva 雷瓦
Rhinobot 犀牛机器人
Riddly 雷德里
Ronin Armour Trader 浪人铠甲商人
Ronin Construction Trader 浪人建筑商人
Ronin Crossbow Trader 浪人十字弩商人
Ronin Hat Trader 浪人帽子商人
Ronin Robotics Trader 浪人机器人商人
Ronin Weapon Trader 浪人武器商人
Royal Soldier Drone 忠诚兵蜂
Ruka 露卡
Sadneil 萨德尼尔
Samurai 武士
Samurai Captain 武士长官
Samurai Conscript 武士应征入伍者
Samurai Elite 武士精英
Samurai Gate Guard 武士大门警卫
Samurai Gate Sergeant 武士大门警长
Samurai Heavy 武士打手
Samurai Police 武士警察
Samurai Rogue 强盗武士
Samurai Scout 侦查员武士
Samurai Sergeant 武士警长
Sand Ninja 砂之忍者团
Sand Ninja Jounin 砂之忍者团的上忍
Sand Ninja Oni 砂之忍者团的恶鬼
Savant 学者
Scavenger 拾荒者
Scrawny Cannibal 干瘦食人族
Screamer the False 虚伪尖叫者
Screamer Unit 尖叫者团
Screamy 尖叫人
Seto 濑户
Shade 影人
Shek Dueler 沙克族决斗者
Shek Fighter 沙克族战士
Shek Pacifier 沙克族调停人
Shek Retainer 沙克族仆人
Shek scout 沙克族侦查兵
Shek Warrior 沙克族战士
Shek Warrior Last stand bar 1 沙克族战士背水一战酒吧1
Shek Warrior Last stand bar 2 沙克族战士背水一战酒吧2
Shek Warrior Last stand bar 3 沙克族战士背水一战酒吧3
Shinobi Citizen 忍者居民
Shinobi Guard 忍者警卫
Shinobi Smuggler 忍者走私犯
Shinobi Trader 忍者商人
Shop Guard 商店警卫
Shop Guard holy 圣国商店警卫
Shrieking Bandit 尖叫土匪帮
Shryke 沙力克
Silvershade 银影
Sinklyde 辛克莱德
Sir Shootabit 小爆头先生
Sir Shootalot 大爆头先生
Sir Testalot 大试炼先生
Skeleton Bandit 骨人族土匪帮
Skeleton Barman 骨人族酒保
Skeleton Civilian 骨人族平民
Skeleton Doctor 骨人族医生
Skeleton Grayflayer 骨人族格雷剥皮人帮
Skeleton Outlaw 骨人族逃犯
Skeleton Patron 骨人族庇护者
Skin bandit 人皮土匪帮
Skull collector 头颅收集者
Slave Guard 奴隶警卫
Slave Hunter 搜寻奴隶的猎人
Slave Market Master 奴隶市场主
Slave Master Grande 奴隶主格莱德
Slave Master Haga 奴隶主哈加
Slave Master Ruben 奴隶主鲁宾
Slave Master Wada 奴隶主瓦达
Slave Mistress Grace 奴隶主格蕾丝
Slave Mistress Ren 奴隶主莲
Slave Trade Pacifier 奴隶交易调停人
Slave Trader 奴隶商人
Slavemonger 奴隶贩子
Slaver 奴隶主
Slaver Boss 奴隶主老板
Slaver Caravan Boss 奴隶主商队老大
Slaver Caravan Guard 奴隶主商队警卫
Slaver Guard 奴隶主的警卫
Slaver Heavy Guard 奴隶主的保镖警卫
Smuggler 走私者
Smuggler Barman 酒保走私者
Sniperbot 骨人狙击手
Soldier Drone 兵蜂
Soldierbot Guard 骨人战士警卫
Soman 梭曼
Spider Foreman 蜘蛛工头
Spring Agent 春之镇代行者
Starving Vagrant 饥饿流浪者
Stone Camp Trader 石营镇商人
Stone Rat 石鼠
Stormthrall 风暴之奴
Straw Lieutenant 稻草警官
Strayed Paladin 迷途圣骑士
Stubs Momuso 斯塔博·莫穆索
Surgeon 外科医生
Suspicious Settler 可疑的定居者
Swamp Ninja Chunin 沼泽地中忍
Swamp Ninja Genin 沼泽地下忍
Swamp Ninja Jonin 沼泽地上忍
Swamper Barman 沼泽地酒保
Swamper Casino Dealer 沼泽地赌场发牌员
Swamper Gate Guard 沼泽地大门警卫
Swantoon 斯旺敦
Tech Hunter 科技猎人
Tech Hunter Guard 科技猎人的警卫
Temple Inquisitor 庙宇审判官
Test 测试
Test player 测试玩家
test1 测试1
Test2 测试2
Test2 copy 测试2 副本
Test3 测试3
TG Diplomat 天狗外交官
The Five Invincibles 无敌五人组
The Preacher 布道者
The Queen 女王
The Vault Warden 金库典狱长
Thief 小偷
Thief Boss 小偷头头
Thief Fence 小偷销赃犯
Tinfist 锡拳
Tinhead 锡头人
Tora The Fearless 无畏托拉
Town thug 小镇恶棍
Trade Goods 交易物品
Trade Goods (shek) 交易物品(沙克族)
Trade goods adv holy 圣国高级交易物品
Trade goods illegal 非法交易物品
Trade goods simple 普通交易物品
Traders Guard 商人警卫
Traders Guild Pacifier 商人行会的调停人
Twinblade 双刃人
Twitchy Bar Thug 易怒的酒吧恶棍
UC Agent 联合城代行者
UC Armour Trader 联合城铠甲商人
UC Construction Trader 联合城建筑商人
UC Hat trader 联合城帽子商人
UC Pacifier 联合城调停人
UC Weapon Trader 联合城武器商人
Ugly Bar Thug 丑恶的酒吧恶棍
Undertaker 送葬者
United Hero 联合英雄
Upgraded Skeleton Bandit 进阶骨人土匪
Upgraded Skeleton Guard 进阶骨人警卫
Upgraded Watchbot 进阶看守人
Vagabond 流浪者
Valamon 瓦拉姆
Vigilante Chief 义警首领
Wandering Assassin 流浪刺客
Warden 典狱官
Warden the 2nd 二代典狱官
Warrior doctor 战士医生
Watchbot 看守人
Weak Thrall 低等奴隶
Weapon trader adv 高级武器商人
White Eyebrow 白眉
White Eyebrow Grunt 白眉步兵
Worker Drone 工蜂
Yabuta Chief 薮田首领
Yabuta of the Sands 砂之薮田
Yabuta Outlaw 薮田逃犯团
Yamdu 亚穆杜
Yayoi 弥生
Zed 泽德
Zed-copy 泽德-复制品
_bull type _牛型
_bull type weak _牛型弱者
_dog type weapon _狗型武器
_duck type weapon _鸭型武器
_elephant type _象型
_garru _加鲁兽
_giraffe type _长颈鹿型
_gorillo _喙嘴猩猩
_robot spider type _机器人蛛型
_skimmer _剪嘴鸥
_spider type _蛛型
_spider type small _小蛛型
For him, I fight a thousand men. For him, I die a thousand deaths. 为他,我百战不殆。为他,我百死不悔。
Bull Horn Axe 牛角斧
Combat Cleaver 战斗劈刀
A sword-cleaver hybrid, it's lighter and more suited to normal combat. 一把剑与刀的混合武器,更轻,更适合正常战斗。
An unusual weapon design that supposedly came from the deserts. Usually hard to find, but they have a distinct ability to gut spiders really well, making them popular with certain specialists. 该武器设计不同寻常,据说来自沙漠。 通常很难找到,但他们有消灭蜘蛛的独特能力,因此受到某些专家的青睐。
Desert Sabre 沙漠剑客团
Exile Plank 放逐砍刀
Without their name, their status, or their prized weapons, the shamed ones walk the land forever as lost ghosts. 蒙羞之人失去名号,失去地位,或是失去珍贵的武器,只能像鬼魂一样永远迷失在这片大陆上。
Falling Sun 落日
A ridiculously unwieldy weapon sometimes used by Skeletons. Requiring both dexterity and strength to use properly, they are widely known as \"Suicide Blades\", because they often get their users killed. 骨人有时会使用的一种可笑的笨重武器。 需要兼顾灵活性和力量才能正确使用,被许多人称为“自杀刀锋”,因为它们经常会害死使用者。
default, do not delete 默认,不要删除
FISTS- robo 重拳-机器人
Flesh Cleaver 血肉劈刀
A nasty weapon, designed for hacking through meat. The crude bluntness of the weapon means victims don't bleed to death so often, they just get hacked and maimed. 一种阴险的武器,专为攻击肉而设计。 该武器粗暴无情,通常不会使受害者流血,只会猛砍受害者,将其致残。
Foreign Sabre 外来军刀
A pretty exotic weapon, thought to have originated from the Black Desert. Not very popular for some reason and people will probably laugh at you in bars, but is actually a defensive masterpiece and shouldn't be underestimated. 一种非常奇特的武器,被认为起源于黑色沙漠。 由于某些原因不太受欢迎,人们在酒吧里看到你拿着它可能会嘲笑你,但实际上它是一个防御性的杰作,不应该被低估。
A huge axe built to work like a sword. Stupidly heavy, but it impresses the ladies. Shek ladies mostly. 一把巨大的斧头,却要像剑一样使用。极其笨重,但它能给女士们留下了深刻的印象。 尤其是沙克族女士。
Guardless Katana 无卫的武士刀
An uncommon katana modification sacrificing defence by removing the guard. It's more a psychological advantage than a physical one, knowing subconsciously that attack is your best defence promotes a more aggressive combat style. Gang bosses and Jonin tend to use them to equip their underlings because it makes trouble-makers on both sides more reluctant. 一种罕见的武士刀,通过移除防护牺牲了防御。 与其说它能提供身体优势,不如说它能提供心理的优势,潜意识里它知道攻击才是你最好的防御,因此会催生更加激烈的战斗。 帮派老板和上忍倾向于用它们装备自己的下属,因为它会让双方闹事者更负隅顽抗。
A professional law-enforcement weapon. Designed for non-lethal takedowns, it has a sword-catcher guard that gives an advantage when defending. 一种专业的执法武器。 专为非致命性拆卸而设计,具有守卫性,在防御时具有优势。
Heavy Jitte 重型十手
An unusual sabre-polearm hybrid that mitigates the disadvantages of using a polearm. 一种不寻常的剑 - 长柄刀混合武器,减轻了使用长柄刀的缺点。
Heavy Polearm 斩马刀
A portion of metal cut out of the far end of the blade makes it slightly faster and more manoeuvrable. Most swordsmen can't notice the difference, others swear by it. 从刀末端切出的一部分金属会使武器变得稍微锋利一点、且更方便操纵。 大多数剑客注意不到这种差异,其他人则对这些优势极为信赖。
Holed Sabre 洞式军刀
The classic sabre. Does more damage than a regular katana, at the cost of extra weight. The heavier blade is better for defending, but still curved for cutting damage. They're very common, so can usually be found cheaper than other weapons of similar quality. 经典军刀。 能造成比普通武士刀更多的伤害,但是重量更重。 较重的刀片更适合防护,但仍然会因为被砍中而弯曲。 它们非常普遍,所以通常比其他类似质量的武器更便宜。
Horse Chopper 马式军刀
A basic iron stick with a wrapped handle. 带有手柄的基础铁棒。
Iron Club 铁棒
An iron stick, used to hit things. 铁棍,用来打东西。
Iron Stick 铁棍
A professional law-enforcement weapon. Designed for non-lethal takedowns, it has a sword-catcher guard that gives an advantage when defending. The smaller 1-handed version makes a good sidearm and has an advantage in tight indoor situations. 一种专业的执法武器。 专为非致命性拆卸而设计,具有守卫性,在防御时具有优势。较小的单手武器可以当做很好的佩刀,并且在紧张的室内环境中具有优势。
Jitte 十手
A standard katana, one of the fastest, lightest weapons around. They rely on skill and dexterity rather than brute strength. Quality is more important than it is with other types of blade, so they tend to be more expensive. 标准武士刀,是最快,最轻的武器之一。 依靠技巧和灵巧而不是蛮力。 质量比其他类型的刀片更好,因此它们往往更昂贵。
Katana 武士刀
Close to being classed as a heavy weapon, it's the heaviest cleaver you will find. 接近重型武器,重量最重的劈刀。
Long Cleaver 长劈刀
Longsword 短柄佩刀
Very light for a sabre, but too straight and heavy to classify as a katana. They are popular among nobles as a status symbol in the empire. 作为军刀非常轻,但太直、太重,无法归类为武士刀。 它们在贵族中很受欢迎,是帝国地位的象征。
Mercenary Club 雇佣兵之棒
A hefty club used by wealthier bandit types. 有钱土匪使用的沉重棒子。
Moon Cleaver 月刃刀
Most blades, like katanas and sabres, use their curvature to \"slide\" off the target, increasing the amount of cut damage. The reverse curvature of a Moon Cleaver does the opposite, catching limbs and necks, keeping the force of the blow driving inwards. 大多数刀刃,如武士刀和劈刀,使用它们的弯曲部分“滑动”离开目标,增加切割伤害的数量。 月刃刀的反向曲率则能起到相反的作用,捕捉四肢和颈部,使打击力向内。
A samurai hunter's weapon that can be deceptively fast and hard to defend against. Too long to use effectively in cramped environments, but good against animals. 武士猎人的武器,攻势迅速,难以防御。 由于太长无法在狭窄的环境中有效使用,但对付动物非常有用。
Naginata 薙刀
A katana-polearm hybrid that mitigates the disadvantages of using a naginata, but still too long to be comfortable indoors. 武士刀-长柄刀的混合武器,减轻了使用薙刀的缺点,但仍然太长,不适合在室内使用。
Naginata Katana 薙刀武士刀
A smaller, lighter katana with a straight blade that is easier to produce. Popular with ninjas because they're better for stabbing people in the back with, but not the best for toe-to-toe combat. 更小,更轻的武士刀,刀刃很直,更容易生产。 受忍者欢迎,因为它们更适合用于背刺敌人,但并不适合近距离战斗。
Ninja Blade 忍者之刃
Nodachi 野太刀
An extended katana variant with increased reach and damage. 武士刀的变种,具有更大的攻击范围和破坏性。
The Cross is the revered holy weapon and symbol of the Paladins. With it they have been slaying skeletons and people they think might be skeletons for centuries. 十字架是受人尊敬的神圣武器和圣骑士的象征。 几个世纪以来,他们一直在用它杀死骨人和他们认为可能是骨人的人。
Plank 砍刀
A hefty hacking weapon, with a good reach. A nice balance for those who find fragment axes too clumsy and blunt, the plank retains some of the extra deadly traits of a regular sword, while still remaining ridiculously crude. 一种巨型劈砍武器,具有良好的攻击范围。 对于那些认为碎片斧太笨拙太钝的人来说,砍刀保留了一些普通剑的额外致命特征,但是仍然十分笨拙粗糙。
Polearm 长柄刀
Unusual weapons that are sometimes used by hunters as their reach makes them good for taking down animals. Due to their cumbersome length however they are at a serious disadvantage when used indoors. 猎人有时会使用这种不寻常的武器,因为它们的供给范围有利于击倒动物。 由于太长太累赘,所以在室内使用时会处于严重劣势。
A classic hard-hitting blade used by many legendary swordsmen, including Arc himself. The rings are pretty noisy and mainly designed to distract and annoy the hell out of your opponent. Beak Things hate it, but it tends to just make them more vicious. 许多传奇剑士包括阿尔克本人都会使用的经典强击型武器。 军刀上的环很吵,主要是为了分散和惹恼你的对手。 喙嘴兽很讨厌它,但它往往只会让喙嘴兽变得更加恶毒。
Ringed Sabre 九环刀
A lightweight version of the combat cleaver that can be worn on the hip. 轻量级的战斗劈刀,可以穿在臀部。
Short-Cleaver 环首直刃刀
A nasty weapon that causes bleeding in addition to crushing damage. 一种令人讨厌的武器,除了造成破碎伤害外还会导致流血。
Spiked Club 狼牙棒
Popular with poor farmers, pacifists and drifters. It's usually seen as a weapon for those who can't afford a blade, but sometimes can make a fool of a good swordsman. 受贫困农民,和平主义者和流浪者的欢迎。 对于那些买不起兵刃的人来说,它通常被视为武器,但有时也可以愚弄一个好剑客。
Topper 大头刀
A mostly forgotten weapon in modern times, it was once popular among mercenaries of the old empire. 近代,这一武器几乎被遗忘,曾经在旧帝国的雇佣军中流行。
Smaller and lighter, usually used as a sidearm for backup. It's worth noting that although short, it has a major advantage when fighting indoors against longer weapons. 更小更轻,通常用作备用的佩刀。 值得注意的是,它虽然很短,但在室内与较长的武器作战时具有很大的优势。
Wakizashi 肋差
Ancient Samurai Armour 古代武士盔甲
An extremely old set of samurai armour that is rusting away to nothing. 一套极其古老的武士盔甲,几乎全是锈迹。
Ancient Samurai Boots 古代武士靴
Ancient Samurai Helmet 古代武士头盔
Ancient Samurai Legplates 古代武士腿铠
Heavy armour plates for protecting the neck and face. 用于保护颈部和面部的重型装甲。
Armoured Face Plates 装甲面甲
Armoured Hood 装甲兜帽
An armoured hood, for some kind of heavy-ninja dude. 装甲罩帽,适合某些重型忍者。
Armoured Rag Skirt 装甲裙
Salvaged rags, straps and plates pulled together by a decent craftsman has made this monstrosity. Commonly found on wanderers and bandits, it shouldn't be underestimated. 手艺极好的工匠用破烂的破布、皮带和金属拼凑在一起所制成的可怕东西。 常见于流浪者和土匪,不容小觑。
Armoured Rag Skirt (colored) 装甲裙(彩色)
Salvaged rags, straps and plates pulled together by a decent craftsman has made this monstrosity. This armour has plenty of gaps and vulnerabilities, but allows good freedom of movement for its class. Commonly found on wanderers and bandits, but is also favoured by duelists. 手艺极好的工匠用破烂的破布、皮带和金属拼凑在一起所制成的可怕东西。 这种装甲有很多空隙和漏洞,但活动起来更自由。 常见于流浪者和土匪,但也受到决斗者的青睐。
Armoured Rags 装甲布
Armoured Rags (colored) 装甲布(彩色)
The strange hat and stormgoggles of the Ashland drifters, strange individuals who have allegedly ventured into the Ashlands and returned, for reasons unknown. 灰烬之地漂流者所戴的奇怪帽子和风暴护目镜,据称,因为不明原因,冒险进入灰烬之地并返回的陌生人被称为灰烬之地漂流者。
Ashland Hat 灰烬之地的帽子
A pair of stormgoggles of the Ashland drifters, strange individuals who have allegedly ventured into the Ashlands and returned, for reasons unknown. 灰烬之地漂流者所戴的风暴护目镜,据称,因为不明原因,冒险进入灰烬之地并返回的陌生人被称为灰烬之地漂流者。
Ashlander Stormgoggles 灰烬之地的风暴护目镜
Assassin's Rags 刺客的破布
Ragged cloth with plates to protect the sword arm. It's pretty dire protection, but the wide open mid-section creates an opening that leads to more predictable enemy attacks. It's lightweight and the arm plates on your forward side allow you to adopt some extra skillful combat tactics. 用于保护剑臂的破布和皮带。 保护力很差,但是其广阔的中段有一个开口,更能预测敌人的攻击。 它很轻巧,前方的腕板允许你采用一些额外的技巧战术。
Bandana 头巾
Keeps sweat and hair out of your eyes. 不让汗水和头发进到眼睛里。
Basket Hat 筐型帽
A hat usually worn by weirdo assassins. Hides the face and makes you look creepy. 奇怪的刺客通常会戴的帽子。 隐藏脸部,让你看起来令人毛骨悚然。
Black Bandana 黑头巾
Black Cloth Shirt 黑色布衬衫
Black Plate Jacket 黑色金属夹克
Black Rag Shirt 黑色破布衬衫
Black rags typical of down-and-out hobo ninjas 黑色破布常见于潦倒的流浪汉忍者
Black Rag Shirt copy 黑色破布衬衫复制品
Blackened Chain Hive Shirt 黑色锁链蜂巢衬衫
Blackened Chain Shirt 黑色锁链衬衫
Blackened Chainmail 黑色链甲
The best lightweight under-armour that money can buy. Adds a reliable extra layer of defence to your equipment. 金钱可以买到的最好的轻量级装甲。 为你的设备增加可靠的额外防御层。
Blackened Chainmail Tagelmust 黑色链甲包头布
Bucket Zukin 桶式头巾
Standard Holy Army issue. 标准圣军问题。
Cap 帽子
A hat with a shade for the eyes, favoured by traders. 帽子,可以让眼睛被笼罩在阴影里,受商人青睐。
Cargopants 工装裤
Cargopants (colored) 工装裤(彩色)
Pads your legs, turns a potential slice into a nasty bruise. 保护你的腿,将可能的的划伤变成令人讨厌的瘀伤。
Cargopants [padded] 工装裤【有填充的】
Cargopants [reinforced] 工装裤【加强版】
Cargopants [sneaky chain] 工装裤【安全链】
Chain Shirt 锁链衬衫
Chainmail 链甲
A chain undershirt provides a reliable second layer of defence. 锁链汗衫提供可靠的第二层防御。
Cloth Shirt 布衬衫
A medium class leather armour, it's used to equip empire conscripts, partially because they don't usually have the endurance for wearing heavy samurai armour, but mainly because it's cheaper. Not quite as good as mercenary leather armour. 它是一种中等级的皮甲,用于装备帝国征召兵,部分原因是他们通常不具备穿重型武士盔甲的耐力,但主要是因为它更便宜。但不如雇佣兵皮甲更好。
Conscript Leather Armour 征兵皮革盔甲
Crab Armour 蟹型盔甲
An exotic suit of heavy armour plates that gives the wearer the toughness and mobility of a big rock. The Crab Raiders designed this armour with the aim of being more like crabs, with little consideration of other factors. 这款异域风情的重型盔甲套装为穿戴者提供了巨型岩石一般的韧性和灵活性。 螃蟹突袭者设计这种盔甲的目的是变得更像螃蟹,很少考虑其他因素。
A very heavy iron hat. As with other eye-slit based helmets, it offers fantastic protection but you can't see a damn thing. 一顶很重的铁斗笠。 与其他露出眼睛的头盔一样,它提供了极好的保护,但却让你看不到任何东西。
Crab Helmet 蟹型头盔
Crab Shoes 蟹型鞋
Iron shoes that are pretty painful to wear. The Crab Raiders designed this armour with the aim of being more like crabs, with little consideration of other factors. 穿着非常痛苦的铁鞋。 螃蟹突袭者设计这种盔甲的目的是变得更像螃蟹,很少考虑其他因素。
Crab Trousers 蟹型裤
An exotic suit of heavy armour plates that gives the wearer the toughness and mobility of a big rock. The Crab Raiders designed this armour with the aim of being more like crabs, but little consideration of other factors. 这款异域风情的重型盔甲套装为穿戴者提供了巨型岩石一般的韧性和灵活性。 螃蟹突袭者设计这种盔甲的目的是变得更像螃蟹,很少考虑其他因素。
Dark Leather Shirt 深色皮革衬衫
Drifter's Boots 流浪汉的靴子
Good solid long-range boots, common amongst travellers. 很好很牢固的靴子,供远途使用,在旅行者中很常见。
Drifter's Leather Jacket 流浪汉的皮夹克
Drifter's Leather Pants 流浪汉的皮裤
Lightweight leather leg protection. 轻质皮革可以保护腿部。
A creepy black duster coat worn by wierdos out of the Ashlands. Provides good protection against the harsh environment. 灰烬之地的怪人所穿着的令人毛骨悚然的黑色防尘外衣。 可以提供良好的保护,以抵御恶劣的环境。
Dustcoat 防尘外衣
Dyed Rag Shirt 染色破布衬衫
Dyed Robes 染色长袍
Dyed Trousers 染色裤
Dyed Turban 染色头巾
Keeps the heat off your head and pads your brains. 保持头部的热量,并保护你的大脑。
Dyed Turtleneck 染色圆翻领衬衫
Empire Samurai Armour 帝国武士盔甲
These shackles are faulty and don't do a very good job of hindering prisoners. 这些枷锁有很多缺点,不能很好地阻碍囚犯。
Faulty Prisoner Shackles 有问题的的犯人枷锁
Flared Helmet 喇叭型头盔
A solid steel helmet, flared at the sides. 坚固的钢制头盔,向两侧展开。
Fog Mask 雾面罩
Gi 军用衣
Martial artists are a rare oddity in a world of swords and have a reputation as eccentrics. They are however the bane of slavers, because they can never be disarmed. 武术家在剑世界中是一种罕见的古怪存在,并且也是出了名的古怪。 然而,他们是奴隶的祸根,因为他们永远不会被解除武装。
Gi Pants 军用裤
Head plates were invented by an old forgotten clan that was obsessed with luck. Before battle they used prophets and shamans to predict where on their head the next fatal blow was due to land, then position the metal plate on their head accordingly. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Such is luck, they would say. 头板是一个早已被遗忘的痴迷于运气的古老家族发明的。 在战斗之前,他们会让先知和巫师来预测下一个致命打击会击中头部哪里,然后将金属板放在头上相应的地方。 有时有效,有时则没有。 他们会说,这就是运气。
Hachigane 铂金头盔
Hack Stopper Jacket 防攻击夹克
A metal cage-armoured jacket. 金属笼式盔甲夹克。
Hack Stopper Pants 防攻击裤
Metal cage-armoured pants. 金属笼式盔甲裤。
Haircut21_attachment 发型21_附件
For when you want to look dapper, even though you're a vagabond. 即使你是一个流浪汉,当你想看起来精致一点时,可以使用它。
Haircut22_attachment 发型22_附件
Haircut23_attachment 发型23_附件
Halfpants (colored) 紧身短裤(彩色)
Halfpants (ragged) 紧身短裤(破布)
Halfpants [padded] 紧身短裤【有填充的】
Reinforced to pad your legs, turns a potential slice into a nasty bruise. 保护你的腿,将潜在的划伤变成令人讨厌的瘀伤。
Halfpants [reinforced] 紧身短裤【加强版】
These actually have hidden chain mail sewn into the lining. Sneaky. 隐藏的链甲实际上缝在里面。偷偷摸摸的。
Halfpants [sneaky chain] 紧身短裤【安全链】
This armour is nice and light without hampering mobility, it will protect your heart and that's it. It's designed to be worn over chain or leather armour as an extra layer of protection, although most people don't for some reason. Probably because they can't afford any. 这款盔甲既美观又轻盈,不会妨碍机动性,它可以保护你的心脏。 它被穿在链条或皮革盔甲上作为额外的保护层。出于某种原因,大多数人不会使用它。 可能是因为他们买不起。
Heart Protector 护心镜
Hive Prisoner Shackles 蜂巢囚犯枷锁
Heavy prisoner shackles. They stop you from running and doing a lot of things. They also trip you up in combat. They are locked on, you need to pick the lock somehow. 沉重的囚犯枷锁。 它们可以阻止你跑步和做很多事情。 它们还会在战斗中绊倒你。 它们被锁着,你需要以某种方式撬锁。
Hiver Chain Shirt 蜂巢锁链衬衫
It gives near perfect protection of the body, because it's so holy. Limb protection is not so great, but at least you'll have your organs. 它提供了近乎完美的身体保护,因为它是如此神圣。 肢体保护性不是很好,但至少你的器官不会受到伤害。
Holy Chest Plate 神圣胸甲
Holy Servant Rags 神圣仆人破布
This used to be a Holy Servant's robe, now reduced to rags. 这曾经是一个神圣的仆人的长袍,现在变成了破布。
Human Skin 人皮
The Skin Bandits need a constant supply of fresh human skin to make new suits, as they tend to rot away quite quickly. 人皮土匪帮需要持续供应的新鲜人体皮肤来制作新的套装,因为皮肤往往很快就会腐烂。
Human Skin Suit 人皮套装
A crude suit made out of human skin, expertly torn off it's original owner in sheets and loosely tied on with wire. The perfect disguise. 这是一件用人皮制成的粗糙套装,用专业的手法将它的原始主人撕成薄片然后松散地系在一起。 是完美的伪装。
Some crazy dude at some point must have thought \"I like hats, but I don't like helmets, but I also like having a sword-resistant head...\". Now we have iron hats. 有些疯狂的家伙一定会觉得“我喜欢帽子,但我不喜欢头盔,但我也喜欢可以抵御攻击的头盔.....”。 现在我们有了铁斗笠。
Iron Hat 铁斗笠
A protective hood with steel plates on the sides. 一种防护头罩,两侧带钢板。
Karuta Zukin 加留田头巾
Kusari Zukin 库萨利头巾
A chain hood. 一个锁链头罩。
Leather Hive Vest 皮革蜂巢背心
If a Hiver tries wearing a regular human-sized shirt it just sort of hangs loose and falls off their shoulders, often tangling up their arms. So they were forced to manufacture their own, which they have done to a suspiciously higher standard than all their gear designed for humans. 如果一个蜂巢族尝试穿着一件普通的人类衬衫,衬衫会过于宽松,并从肩膀上脱落,经常缠绕在他们的手臂上。 所以他们被迫制造他们自己的衬衫,为此他们制定了比为人类设计的所有齿轮更可靠的标准。
Leather Shirt 皮革衬衫
Undershirts provide a reliable second layer of defence. 皮革汗衫提供可靠的第二层防御。
Leather Turtleneck 皮革圆翻领衬衫
Leather Vest 皮革背心
Longcoat 大衣
A long leather coat, offers a light protection from attacks. Pretty hot to wear in the desert, but popular in the Swamps because of the constant rain. 长款皮革外套,提供轻微保护,免受攻击。 在沙漠中穿会很热,但在沼泽地很受欢迎,因为那里经常下雨。
Simple bindings to protect the bones of the fist. Commonly worn by martial artists, those who shun the use of the sword. 简单的绑带,可以保护拳头的骨头。 那些避免使用剑的武术家经常使用它。
Martial Artist Bindings 武术家绑带
A breathing mask that helps mitigate the negative health effects of fog. 呼吸面罩,有助于减轻雾对健康的负面影响。
Mask Type III 面罩类型 3
Masked Helmet 蒙面头盔
A solid, heavy helmet with good protection of the face. Often worn by bandits, as the high face guard also provides some anonymity. 坚固,厚重的头盔,保护面部。 通常由强盗穿着,因为可以提供高级防护,同时提供隐匿性。
A good all-round medium class armour, favoured by any warrior that has to travel across the wilds. 一个良好的全能中型护甲,受到所有必须穿越野外的战士的青睐。
Mercenary Leather Armour 雇佣兵皮革盔甲
Mercenary Plate 雇佣兵之甲
More of a medium-heavy class, it allows a little more versatility than other heavy armours. 更像是中等重量级装甲,因为它比其他重型盔甲更具多功能性。
Monk Pants 僧人裤
Monk Robe 僧袍
Orange robes of the Holy Nation Priest caste, demanding respect from anyone lower than a High Paladin. 圣国祭司的橙色长袍,圣骑士以下都要对其予以尊重。
Wear this and you will be a real ninja! (Warning: Not a substitute for real ninja training) 穿上这个,你将是一个真正的忍者! (警告:不能替代真正的忍者训练)
Ninja Gi 忍者军用衬衫
Keeps the wind and sand out of your face. Also helps to hide your pasty face in the darkness. 让风和沙子远离你的脸。 也有助于在黑暗中隐藏你苍白的脸。
Ninja Mask 忍者面具
Ninja Pants 忍者裤
A cover-up suit popular with theives and ninjas. Helps cover your visibility and identity. 一种受盗贼和忍者欢迎的伪装套装。 有助于遮掩你的知名度和身份。
Ninja Rags 忍者破布
Noble's Robe 贵族长袍
An expensive silk robe made by artisans of the Empire's capital. Worn by nobles and the wealthy elite as a sign of status. 由帝国首都的工匠制作的昂贵的丝绸长袍。 贵族和富有的精英会佩戴它作为地位的象征。
Noble's Trousers 贵族裤子
Padded Leather Jacket 贵族皮夹克
Paladin's Heavy Hachigane 武士的重型珀金头盔
A paladins helmet 一顶圣骑士头盔
A plated leather jacket with a good solid armour coverage. Commonly worn by the wealthier drifters and professional adventurer scouts. 装有金属片的皮夹克,上面覆盖着良好的坚固盔甲。 通常由富有的漂流者和专业冒险家侦察员穿着。
Plate Jacket 金属夹克
Tired of weak leather to protect your fat human legs? Using the latest in the Hives research technology we have positioned metal stuff in no less than TWO key locations for optimal leg stab protection. Queen-approved! 厌倦了劣质皮革来保护你的胖腿? 我们使用最新的蜂巢研究技术,将金属材料放置在不少于两个关键位置,以实现最佳的腿部刺伤保护。经过女王批准!
Plated Drifter's Leather Pants 装有金属片的流浪汉的皮裤
Plated Longboots 装有金属片的长靴
The standard armoured boots, found everywhere. Commonly left out of an armour set, as drifters don't usually see much likelyhood in getting hit in the shins and prefer the reduced encumbrance of a pair of wooden sandals or even going barefoot altogether. 标准的装甲靴,随处可见。 通常被遗忘在装甲套装中,因为流浪汉通常认为胫骨不会受到撞击,而且他们连木质凉鞋都不想穿,甚至喜欢赤脚。
Nobody knows why it's called a Police Helmet, as the Samurai Police don't wear these. Perhaps it's another Old Empire remnant. 没有人知道为什么它被称为警察头盔,因为武士警察根本不穿这些。 也许这是另一个古老的帝国遗迹。
Police Helmet 警察头盔
Heavy prisoner shackles. They stop you from running and doing a lot of things. They will trip you up in combat. They are locked on, you need to pick the lock somehow. 沉重的囚犯枷锁。 它们可以阻止你跑步和做很多事情。 它们还会在战斗中绊倒你。 它们被锁着,你需要以某种方式撬锁。
Prisoner Shackles 囚犯枷锁
Dirty rags usually worn by slaves, beggars and drifters. 通常是奴隶,乞丐和流浪汉穿的脏衣服。
Rag Loincloth 破烂缠腰布
Rag Loincloth (Dyed) 破布缠腰布(染色)
These rags are likely the shredded remains of some kind of uniform 这些破布很可能是某种制服的破碎残骸
Dirty rags, worn by slaves and good-for-nothings 肮脏的破布,常见于奴隶和无所事事的人
Rag Shirt 破布衬衫
A reinforced wicker hat. 加固的柳条帽子。
Rattan Hat 藤帽
Red Bandana 红色头巾
Rusted Hive Shirt 生锈的蜂巢衬衫
Rusty Chain Shirt 生锈的锁链衬衫
Rusty Chainmail 生锈的链甲
Rusty Chainmail Tagelmust 生锈的链甲包头布
This is basically just wrapping a strip of chainmail around your head, but it does do a good job of protecting you when it's not falling off. 这基本上只是将一条链甲包裹在你的脑袋周围,但是当它没有脱落时它确实能很好地保护你。
Traditional heavy duty armour commonly worn by government owned samurai. 传统的重型装甲,通常由政府麾下的武士穿着。
Samurai Armour 武士盔甲
Heavy duty armour commonly worn by government owned samurai. 重型装甲通常由政府麾下的武士穿着。
Samurai Boots 武士靴
Samurai Clothpants 武士布裤
Un-plated version of Samurai Leg-plate armour. Nice and light. 非武装版武士腿铠。 好又轻。
Samurai Helmet 武士头盔
Heavy duty armour commonly worn by government owned samurai. Not much good for running around in though. 重型装甲通常由政府麾下的武士穿着。 虽然不是很适合跑来跑去。
Samurai Legplates 武士腿铠
Sandogasa 三度笠
Side-Angle Hachigane 侧角铂金头盔
Head plates were invented by an old forgotten clan that was obsessed with luck. Before battle their prophets and shamans would predict where on their head the next fatal blow was due to land, then position the metal plate on their head accordingly. Statistically, some would always turn out to be correct and those lucky ones, by virtue of surviving, would be the ones to return and spread word of the prophet's success, further reinforcing the belief. 头板是一个早已被遗忘的痴迷于运气的古老家族发明的。 在战斗之前,他们会让先知和巫师来预测下一个致命打击会击中头部哪里,然后将金属板放在头上相应的地方。 从统计数据来看,有些人总会证明是正确的,而那些幸运的人由于幸存。会回去继续传播先知的成功,进一步强化了信仰。
Supposedly makes the wearer look a bit like a skeleton. 据说能让佩戴者看起来有点像骨人。
Skeleton Mask 骨人面具
A creepy black duster coat worn by wierdos out of the Ashlands. The sleveless version is favoured by martial artists. 灰烬之地的怪人所穿着的令人毛骨悚然的黑色防尘外衣。 无袖版本受到武术家的青睐。
Sleeveless Dustcoat 无袖防尘外衣
A regular longcoat with the sleeves removed to provide better cooling for the wearer. Commonly worn amongst the gangs of the swamps. 一种常规的大衣,没有袖子,为穿着者提供更好的凉爽感。 通常由沼泽地的帮派穿着。
Sleeveless Longcoat 无袖大衣
Spiked Helmet 尖刺头盔
Some sort of crude helmet patched together out of scraps of plate, with added spikes for intimidation. Guaranteed to be strapped to a bandit of some kind. 用金属拼凑而成的某种粗糙的头盔,加上尖刺以进行恐吓。 肯定会和某种土匪绑定在一起。
Square Goggles 方形护目镜
A simple eye protection for sandstorms, standard issue in the Traders Guild 沙尘暴时用来保护眼睛的简单护具,是商人行会的标配
Stout Hessian 结实的麻布
A rough fabric favoured by the Holy Nation for its lack of comfort. 由于缺乏舒适感而受到神圣之国青睐的粗糙布料。
Stout Hessian Uniform 结实的麻布制服
Straw hats are common among everyone from peasant farmers to desert scouts and help shade the wearer from the intense heat of the sun. Shading the eyes from glare can also provide a minor aid in combat. 从平民农民到沙漠侦察兵,草帽在所有人身上都很常见,它可以帮助抵挡阳光。 帮眼睛遮光也可以在战斗中提供微小的帮助。
Straw Hat 草帽
Swamp Ninja Mask 沼泽忍者面具
A mask of the Swamp Ninjas of the south, it's purpose is unknown, likely it's either a tradition or an intimidation tactic. 南方沼泽忍者的面具,其用途不明,可能是传统或恐吓战术。
Swamp Ninja Rags 沼泽忍者破布
Tagelmust 包头布
Quite a good head padding in a simple cloth. It can be wrapped around the face to protect the eyes in a dust storm 用简单的布料提供良好的头部保护。 它可以缠绕在脸上,在沙尘暴中保护眼睛
The Tin Can is a super heavy-class helmet and makes for the best head protection around. Heavy cuts and slashes against it will still make your head ring, but at least you will still have your face attached. Unfortunately the limited field of view does hamper your combat awareness a fair bit. 锡罐是一种超重型头盔,可以提供最好的头部保护。 重击和猛烈撞击它仍然可以让你的头嗡嗡响,但至少你可以保护你的脸。 不幸的是,有限的视野确实会妨碍你的战斗意识。
Tin Can 锡罐
The Traders Guild is proud of its claimed \"rags to riches\" origin story, and continues to use the leather wrap-around jacket as its unofficial uniform. Although, being over 200 years old nobody can confirm the true origins of the Guild, and skeptics say the mundane clothing is just to make them seem more humble and honest, so you don't notice when they are ripping you off. 商人行会以其声称的“白手起家”起源故事而自豪,并继续使用皮革缠绕夹克作为其非官方制服。 虽然已经超过了200年,没有人可以确认协会的真正起源,怀疑论者说平凡的衣服只是为了使他们看起来更谦虚和诚实,这样你才不会注意到他们什么时候偷了你的东西。
Trader's Leathers 商人的皮革
Once part of a uniform of the Old Empire, it seems to have hung around to this day. 曾经是旧帝国制服的一部分,似乎流传到了今天。
Tricorn Hat 三角帽
Turban 头巾
Keeps the heat off your head and pads your brains. It's often worn by slave traders in this style, and has started to become associated as being part of their uniform. 保持头部的热量,并保护你的大脑。 这种风格的奴隶商经常穿着它,并且已经开始成为他们制服的一部分。
Good shirt for sneaking about, doing spy stuff. 适合偷偷摸摸做间谍的好衬衫。
Turtleneck 圆翻领衬衫
Unholy Chest Plate 非神圣胸甲
Some mercenaries were interested in the capabilities of the Holy Nation's body armour, but didn't wan't the problems of appearing to be associated with the faction. So they made their own copies without the religious faction logos painted all over it, and then blackened them in the forge. 一些雇佣兵对圣国的盔甲的防护能力感兴趣,但并不希望这个问题看起来与该派系有关。 因此,他们制作了自己的副本,没有在上面绘制宗教派系标志,然后在锻造中将它们变黑。
A solid steel helmet with a protective visor. 带防护面罩的坚固钢制头盔。
Visored Helmet 面罩头盔
White Plate Jacket 白色金属夹克
White Vest 白色背心
Classical wooden sandals. They take a bit of getting used to, but they're actually really good for running in sand. 经典木质凉鞋。 需要一点时间才能习惯,但实际上它们真的很适合在沙子里跑步。
Wooden Sandals 木质凉鞋
A simple woollen hat, good for cold desert nights. 一个简单的羊毛帽子,适合寒冷的沙漠之夜。
Wool Hat 羊毛帽子
Worn-out Shorts 破旧的短裤
No longer will Narko's grasp limit us. We will no longer be bounded by our bestial desires. Instead, a man will be free to do whatever one could ever want.\" 娜尔可的掌握不会再限制我们。 我们将不再受到我们的渴望的束缚。 相反,一个人可以自由地做任何想做的事情。“
A Holy Purpose 一个神圣的目标
A high quality first aid kit, made up of bandages, disinfectant and painkillers. Only worth the extra money if you have the skill to use it. 高品质的急救箱,由绷带,消毒剂和止痛药组成。 如果你有使用它的技能,只需要额外的钱。
Advanced First Aid Kit 高级急救包
A splint kit can be used to rig up wounded bodyparts so that they can be used again. The amount of hitpoints you can splint is limited by your medic skill and the quality of the kit. 可以使用夹板套件来装备受伤的身体部位,以便它们可以再次使用。 你能使用的夹板数量受到你的军医技能和套件质量的限制。
Advanced Splint Kit 高级夹板套件
A rare piece of ancient technology, anyone capable of researching it could unlock the most advanced technology of the modern age. 一种罕见的古代技术,任何能够研究它的人都可以解开现代最先进的技术。
AI Core 人工智能核心
Ancient Nutri-Rations 古代营养配给
An ancient food ration that must be thousands of years old. It's a sealed container that contains a dense cake that's surprisingly filling. It's covered in printed writing and symbols that you don't recognise. 一种古代的食物口粮,一定有几千年的历史。 它是一个密封的容器,里面装有一个令人惊讶的大蛋糕。 它上面印满你无法识别的字母和符号。
A valuable artifact from ancient times, detailing long-lost advanced technologies. 这是一件古代的珍贵文物,详细介绍了早已丢失的先进技术。
Ancient Science Book 古代科学书
Animal Claw 动物爪子
Animal Horn 动物角
Skin taken from an animal, can be cured to make leather. 皮毛取自动物,可以用来制作皮革。
Animal Skin 动物皮毛
Animal Teeth 动物牙齿
Armour Plating 盔甲用金属板
Hammered plates of metal used for crafting armour. 用于制作盔甲的金属板。
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit 正宗的骨架修理工具包
An authentic* repair kit of the very highest quality, designed and manufactured by the Advanced Skeleton Labs of the Western Hives. 由西方蜂巢族的高级骨人实验室设计和制造的最高品质的正宗*修理工具包。
A basic first aid kit made up of various bandages, used to stop people from bleeding to death. The poor quality will limit you if it is lower than your skills, resulting in slower healing. 一种基本的急救箱,由各种绷带组成,用于防止人们流血至死亡。 如果它低于你的技能,它低下的质量差将限制你的回复速度,导致伤口愈合变缓。
Basic First Aid Kit 基础急救包
A rather dull text written by famous rebel, Luquin, who was forced to write praise about the emperor during his time in Tengu's Vault. Whether Luquin is still alive or not is unknown. 由著名的反叛者卢金写的一篇相当枯燥的文字,他在天狗的金库中被迫写下了对皇帝的赞美。 卢金是否还活着还不得而知。
Beautiful Tengu: A Tribute 美丽的天狗:致敬
No other can receive our Creator's instructions.\" 其他人都无法收到我们创造者的指示。“
Birth Of The Phoenix 菲尼克斯的诞生
A fine rare spirit that rich people put on their shelves to impress their friends. 富人放在货架上的罕见美酒,目的是给他们的朋友留下深刻的印象。
Bloodrum 血色朗姆酒
Blueprints 蓝图
Blueprints (armour) 蓝图(盔甲)
Blueprints (gear) 蓝图(齿轮)
Blueprints large 大型蓝图
Bolts [Heavies] 弩箭【重型】
Heavies pack a serious punch but don't have much range due to their weight. 重型弩箭非常普及,但由于重量,射程不远。
High accuracy, long-range bolts. You won't go wrong with these. 高精度的远程弩箭。 用它绝对不会错。
Bolts [Longs] 弩箭【远程】
Despite the name, Regulars vary a fair bit in size and weight, but they all sort of fall into a range that works in most bows. They've become a common standard and are easy to find anywhere. 尽管叫这个名字,但常规弩箭在尺寸和重量方面都有很多不同的种类,但它们都属于大多数弓箭的范围。 它们已经成为一种通用标准,并且在任何地方都很容易找到。
Bolts [Regulars] 弩箭【常规】
Bolts [Toothpicks] 弩箭【牙签】
Toothpicks are the smallest bolts available. They don't pack a lot of punch but are usually used in rapid fire weapons. 牙签是最小的弩箭。 它们没有很多冲击力,但通常用于快速射击武器。
A book from the University of Machinists. Everything they learn is compiled into books like this one in an attempt to teach others and improve the world. 机械师大学的一本书。 他们所学到的一切都被编成了这样的书籍,试图教导他人并改善世界。
Book Of Grace 恩典之书
Let us overcome our ego, to find true paradise, the Enlightened Lands.\" 让我们克服自我,找到真正的天堂,开悟之地。“
Together, two gods would exist in equilibrium; Okran, god of day, warmth and renewal; Narko, god of night, cold and destruction. And from that day forth it was known, the great father's sacrifice must not be in vain, the gods must be given strength, the cycle of death and rebirth preserved.\" 两个神在一起将处于平衡状态;奥克兰,白昼之神,象征温暖和复兴;娜尔可,黑夜之神,象征冷酷和毁灭。 从那天开始,众所周知,伟大之父的牺牲决不能白费,必须赋予众神力量,保持死亡和重生的循环。“
Book Of Sacrifice 牺牲之书
Horrible, dry dry bread. 可怕的干面包。
Bread 面包
Used to construct buildings. Heavy and difficult to transport in large quantities. 用于建造建筑物。 重量大,难以大量运输。
Building Material 建筑材料
Cactus 仙人掌
Cactus Rum 仙人掌朗姆酒
A very strong alcohol common in the deserts. Dehydrates you like nothing else, so considered a rare luxury, apart from when it gets imported into the greenlands, where water isn't an issue, then they drink it like madmen. 沙漠中常见的烈酒。 因为会使人脱水,所以被认为是一种罕见的奢侈品,除非进入绿地这些水不成问题的地方,大家都像疯子一样喝它。
Capacitor 电容器
Captive's Journal I 俘虏日记 1
They separated us into blood stained cages and bandaged the worst of our injuries. First they beat us, then they tend to us, so it seems... Light, what do they want from us?\" 他们把我们分开关进血腥的笼子,为我们受伤最严重的人包扎。 首先他们打败了我们,然后他们又关照我们,所以看起来......光明,他们想要我们做什么?“
Captive's Journal II 俘虏日记 2
There are four of us left.\" 我们还剩四个。“
Ha. Ha. Ha.\" 哈。 哈。 哈。”
Captive's Journal III 俘虏日记 3
Captive's Journal IV 俘虏日记 4
Now's time to get you out of here, Robun.\" 现在是时候让你离开这里了,罗宾。“
Trading material based on one of the old civilization's monetary systems, named after an old dictator. 交易材料,基于旧文明的货币体系之一,以旧的独裁者命名。
A fancy ceramic bowl for rich people to eat their fancy food from, probably picking the food out with dainty little implements instead of just using their hands like normal people. 一个花哨的陶瓷碗,供富人吃他们的花式食物,他们可能用精致的小器具挑选食物,而不是像普通人一样用手。
Ceramic Bowl 陶瓷碗
Raw sheets of chainmail used in armour crafting. It takes an extremely long time to make, which jacks up the price. 用于盔甲制作的原始链甲薄片。 这需要很长的时间才能制造出来,从而提高了价格。
Chainmail Sheets 链甲薄片
Chalice Of Fire 火圣杯
It just looks like a standard cup. But it IS very shiny. 它看起来像一个标准的杯子。 但它非常闪亮。
Chewsticks 嚼棒
Best you can do with nothing but cactuses 除了仙人掌之外别无他法
COIN 2 货币 2
Trading material based on one of the old civilization's monetary systems. 交易材料,基于旧文明的货币体系之一。
Cooked Vegetables 煮熟的蔬菜
Pretty basic food 非常基本的食物
A valuable metal used in high-tech machinery. 一种用于高科技机械的贵重金属。
Copper Alloy Plates 铜合金板
Advanced alloy of steel and copper for specialised building work. 先进的钢和铜合金,专门用于建筑工程。
Cotton is used to make fabrics and clothing. 棉花用于制作面料和服装。
Cotton 棉花
Science and archaeology flourished in the empire until an explosion in the Grid caused a famine. 科学和考古学在帝国中蓬勃发展,直到电网爆炸引发饥荒。
CPU of Cat-Lon. One of the founding skeletons of the Old Empire, they sought to undo the crimes and errors of Skeleton-kind and redeem themselves to mankind, though the humans had long forgotten any of it. He eventually became a dictator, as the empire started falling apart he tried harder to force it back together. 卡特龙的中央处理器。 卡特龙是旧帝国的创始骨人之一,创始骨人们试图消除骨人的罪行和错误,并将自己赎回给人类,尽管人类早就忘记了这一点。 他最终成为一个独裁者,随着帝国开始分崩离析,他更加努力地将它强行重新组合起来。
CPU of Cat-Lon 卡特龙的中央处理器
CPU of General Hat-12 帽子-12将军的中央处理器
CPU of General Hat-12, who was chief of the empire police. He launched a crackdown on the new cultists but his heavy handed approach only fueled their blame and confusion further. Things escalated faster. 帽子-12将军的中央处理器,他是帝国警察局长。 他对新的邪教组织进行了镇压,但他的严厉态度只会进一步助长他们的责难和混乱。 事态升级得更快。
CPU of General Jang, leader of the famous Hydraulic Knights. They fought on the frontlines to protect the empire from pirates and cannibals, their heroism legendary. As time went on, the label of \"pirate\" became thrown around more and more gratuitously, and they found they were killing more of their own people than the real pirates were. 蒋将军的中央处理器,著名液压骑士的领导者。 他们在前线作战,以保护帝国免受海盗和食人族的侵害,他们是英雄主义的传奇。 随着时间的推移,“海盗”的标签被贴得越来越多,他们发现他们杀死了更多自己人,而不是真正的海盗。
CPU of General Jang 蒋将军的中央处理器
CPU of Rhinobot 犀牛机器人的中央处理器
Rhinobot just wanted to help, but he had no moral processing, and so would help with anything, even the most diabolical evil. He didn't see anything wrong with his child prisons. 犀牛机器人只是想帮忙,但他没有道德判断,因此会帮助任何事情,甚至是最恶毒的邪恶。 他不觉得他的儿童监狱有什么问题。
He could never have forseen the events that happened, but he still blamed himself for the famine, and the subsequent downfall of the empire. 他永远无法预见发生的事件,但他仍然为饥荒和随后的帝国垮台而自责。
CPU of the Head of Agriculture 农业之头的中央处理器
CPU Unit 中央处理器单体
Supposedly a piece of brain from a Skeleton or maybe an Iron Spider. Must be worth something to a collector. 据说是一块来自骨人或铁蜘蛛的大脑。 对收藏家来说一定很有价值。
Various components used to make crossbows. 用于制作弩的各种组件。
Crossbow Parts 弩的部件
Cultural Groupings And Evolution I 文化分组与进化 1
- 伊达
Cultural Groupings And Evolution II 文化分组与进化 2
- 芬奇
Cup 杯子
Damaged Book 损坏的书
Whatever it was, it's pretty useless now. 不管它是什么,它现在都没用了。
Doll 娃娃
An old child's toy, battered and worn beyond its prime. 一个老孩子的玩具,相比它还完整的时候已经受到重创和磨损。
Contrary to popular belief, Dried fish is not a third species of fish, it's just a Thinfish that's been dried and salted. 与流行的看法相反,干鱼不是第三种鱼类,它只是一种经过干燥和腌制的细鱼。
Dried Fish 鱼干
Not the best quality meat, but better than nothing 不是最优质的肉,但总比没有好
Dried Gristle Flaps 脆骨干
Good survival food 好存放的食物
Dried Meat 肉干
Dustwich 沙漠三明治
Possibly the food with the highest unpleasantness to nutrition ratio in the world. So dry. Probably a big contributor to desert suicide. 可能是世界上营养比例最高的食物。 太干了,可能是导致沙漠自杀的重要原因。
Electrical Components 电气元件
Complicated electricals and stuff, you wouldn't understand it. 复杂的电器和东西,你不会理解它。
Worthless 无用之物
Empty Grog Can 空的格洛格酒罐
Empty Rum Bottle 空朗姆酒瓶
I feel let down 我感到很失望
Engineering Research 工程研究
A rare artifact that can be used to unlock advanced building research. 一种罕见的文物,可用于解锁高级建筑研究。
Fabrics 布料
General fabrics useful for general crafting purposes. 一般织物,可用于一般制作目的。
A wonderfully vibrant walking adornment, to enrich the ambience of the discerning dream home. 一个非常有活力的步行装饰,是挑剔的梦想家园氛围变得更好。
Fancy Rug 精美的地毯
Flotsam Safehouse Note 浪忍团安全屋注意事项
The decapitated head of a Fogman Prince. This trophy is worth a heavy bounty. 雾人王子被砍下的头颅。 这个胜利值一大笔赏金。
Fog Prince Head 雾人王子的头颅
Disappointing but nutritious, squished into an efficient cube. 令人失望但营养丰富,挤压成一个有效的立方体。
Foodcube 食物立方
Forbidden Sympathy 被禁止的同情
In these Holy Lands my words are forbidden and I will likely be put to the flame, but I hope these words instill even the slightest fraction of humanity into our society, lest my death be in vain.\" 在这些圣地中,我的言论是被禁止的,我可能会被置于火焰之中,但我希望这些话语能够将最微小的人性灌输到我们的社会中,以免我的死亡徒劳无功。“
Uncooked meat from a poor quality source. No good for eating. 劣质来源的未煮过的肉。 吃下去没有好处。
Foul Raw Meat 肮脏的生肉
Fuel is what keeps everything running. You need it for your generators. 燃料是让一切运转的原因。 你的发电机需要它。
Fuel 燃料
Gears 齿轮
Gear wheels, used in various machinery. 齿轮,用于各种机械。
The vital core of any electricity-generating machine. Weighs a ton. 任何发电机的重要核心。 重达一吨。
Generator Core 发电机核心
Rice and vegetables, good food. 米饭和蔬菜,美味的食物。
Gohan 米饭
The Grand Fish, king of all the two known fish species in the world. 大鱼,世界上两种鱼类中的王者。
Grand Fish 大鱼
Great White Claw 巨大的白色爪子
The severed claw from the gorillo of Mourn. 哀矿镇喙嘴猩猩被切断的爪子。
Skin taken from the rare Great White Gorillo. 皮毛来自罕见的白色大猩猩。
Great White Skin 巨大的白色皮毛
Greenfruit 绿果
It's not actually green or even a fruit, it's a vegetable. Nobody knows why it's called this, but the habit continues. 它实际上不是绿色的,甚至也不是水果,而是一种蔬菜。 没有人知道为什么会这样称呼它,但这一习惯依旧延续了下来。
An old machine from empires past. Doesn't work. 帝国过去的旧机器。 用不了。
Grind Machine 研磨机
A traditional canister of grog. Quite weak as alcoholic drinks go, but that just means you can drink several times more of it. 一罐格洛格酒。 酒精含量很少,可以当做酒精饮料,这意味着你可以多喝一点儿。
Grog 格洛格酒
Gurgler Head 鱼形人的头颅
The decapitated head of a King Gurgler. This trophy is worth a heavy bounty. 鱼形人国王被砍下的头颅。 这个奖杯值一大笔赏金。
Hacksaw 钢锯
A metal saw. Could be used to remove slave shackles. 一把金属锯子。 可以用锯断奴隶的束缚。
An ancient book of science that has been chewed up and half eaten by some kind of animal. It's pretty useless now. 一本古代科学书,被某种动物咬过吃了一半。 现在已经没什么用了。
Half-Eaten Ancient Science Book 被啃了一半的古代科学书
Hashish 大麻制剂
A narcotic product that can ruin your life by getting you arrested. Effects include foolish giggling, increased sense of humor, and enjoyment of food. Narcotics are illegal in most towns and will get you busted if you are caught smuggling, however the potential profits are huge. The traders guild won't touch them. Despite all of this however, the drug remains popular, especially in borderland towns where the laws are less aggressively enforced. 一种麻醉品,会让你被捕,破坏你的生活。 其效果包括愚蠢的咯咯笑,增加幽默感和更能享受美食。 麻醉品在大多数城镇都是非法的,如果你被抓住偷运它,你会被逮捕,然而它潜在的利润的确很大。 商人行会是不会碰它们的。 尽管如此,这种药物仍然很受欢迎,特别是在法律执行不严的边境城镇。
Hemp 大麻
Hemp is commonly used to make fabrics and clothing. 大麻通常用于制作布料和服装。
Hinge 铰链
Hoe 锄头
Holy Edict 神圣法令
Any woman seen wearing jewelry and without a guardian will be flogged until she repents.\" 看到任何戴着珠宝而没有监护人的女人都要鞭打她,直到她悔改。“
Holy Seal 神圣印章
A seal given to you by the Holy Lord Phoenix, blessed be his name. Show it to paladins for aid. 圣主菲尼克斯给你的印章,他的名字荣享福泽。把这个给圣骑士看,寻求他们的援助。
A horn spike from the legendary Megaraptor, should fetch a good price. 传说中巨型沼泽速龙的角,应该可以卖一个好价格。
Horn of the Megaraptor 巨型沼泽速龙的角
Human Teeth 人类牙齿
Iron Plates 铁板
Used for building machinery, or for further refinement into steel. 用于建造机械,或进一步精炼成钢。
King Shager's Reign 《沙格尔的统治》
You can be held down by your enemy, or you can stand and fight until your last breath, bring blood and doom to their very door, even when impossible odds are faced. Under Shager's rule, the vengeful Shek fought fiercely to the death, but they were far outnumbered and their armies withered with no victory in sight.\" 你可以被你的敌人打倒,或者你可以坚持战斗到生命的最后一刻,把鲜血和厄运带到他们的门前,即使面临微乎其微的胜算。在沙格尔的统治下,图谋复仇的沙克族经历激烈战斗至死,但是他们寡不敌众,他们的军队在看不到胜利的情况下溃败了。”
The swords closed in and Kral was dealt a hundred cuts, passed to the other side, to Gateway where he lives an eternal hero.\" 剑逐渐逼近,克拉尔挨了一百次剑伤,去往另一个世界,在来生门被铭记为一位永恒的英雄。”
Kral's Last Stand 《克拉尔的背水一战》
Lam's Survival Vol.1 《兰的生存 第一部》
Wolves are common all over the continent and most people already know how to deal with them. They are mostly nocturnal hunters and are attracted to the scent of blood, so keep your home clean of blood and corpses, it's worth investing in an incinerator. 狼在整个非洲大陆都很普遍,大多数人已经知道如何应付它们。 它们大多是夜行猎手,会被血液的气味所吸引,所以你的家里不能有血液和尸体,你可以考虑投资焚烧炉。
Lam's Survival Vol.3 《兰的生存 第三部》
The Leviathan is a terrifyingly huge and powerful creature capable of flattening towns and armies. Thankfully they are mostly peaceful animals unless threatened; Avoid travelling in groups larger than 2 or 3 people and you should stay safely beneath their notice. The lone males tend to be the most aggressive, so watch out for them... 利维坦是一种可怕的巨大而强大的生物,能够摧毁城镇和军队。 值得庆幸的是,除非它们受到威胁,否则它们一般都很温和; 避免超过2或3人的团体出行,就算它们注意到你,你也很安全。 独自行动的雄性利维坦往往是最具侵略性的,所以要小心它们......
Lantern 灯笼
Lantern of Radiance 发光的灯笼
An old lantern. It looks pretty beaten up and barely functions. There are some worn out scratchings on it which look like the crude drawings of a child. 一盏旧灯笼。 它看起来很破,几乎没法使用。 它上面有一些破旧的划痕,看起来就像一个孩子的粗糙的图画。
An important ingredient in crafting armour. Good to stock up on as it can be hard to find. 制作铠甲的重要材料。 很好储存,但是很难找到。
Leather 皮革
Legend of Luquin I 《卢金传奇故事系列1》
Luquin ran towards the barren outlands with tear-filled eyes, never looking behind...\" 卢金满含泪水地跑向贫瘠的偏远之境,再也没回头看后面……\\n
His first victim was Lord Kurusaga, one of Emperor Tengu's Inner Circle of High Nobles. The grisly scene was discovered by his personal bodyguard the next morning, Kurusaga's corpse impaled on his own sword. Pierced on the sword was a note: 'One down, five to go'. The Emperor and his Inner Circle had received their first of many death threats... and Luquin would pay dearly for it.\" 他的第一个受害者是久留佐贺,天狗皇帝的万户侯下的核心集团成员。令人毛骨悚然的谋杀场景在第二天被他的私人保镖发现。久留佐贺的尸体被他自己的剑刺穿。透过剑的是一张纸条:’一个死了,还剩五个。’天狗皇帝和他核心集团的成员已经收到多次死亡威胁中的第一个……卢金一定会不惜一切代价复仇。”
Legend of Luquin II 《卢金传奇故事系列2》
Legend of the Forsaken Howler 《放逐咆哮者的传说》
Legend of the Foulhound 《肮脏猎犬的传说》
Legend of the Grievewraith 《哀伤幽魂的传说》
Legend of the Headless Ancient I 《无头古人传奇故事系列1》
- 伊达所著
Legend of the Headless Ancient II 《无头古人传奇故事系列2》
- 伊达
Legend of the Mist Ghoul 迷雾幽魂的传说
Letter From A Freedom Fighter 自由战士的信
You must move quickly. Renid was purged in the town square today for being without an escort in the night. They're on to us, they know about our meetings. The inquisitor will be carrying out a search at dusk, wait for me at our 'place' outside of the city walls. It's time.\" 你必须迅速行动。 今天雷尼迪在镇广场被杀了,因为晚上没有人护送。 他们在盯着我们,他们知道我们的会议。 审讯官将在黄昏时进行搜查,在城墙外我们的‘地方’等我。 是时候了。”
\"harmodius you should see this place. im making in a days work what we used to get in a month. im telling you this stuff is the shit. everybody that tastes it just wants more. never tried it myself though, prefer the hashish. stuff takes over you within months. ive seen entire families selling their houses and even their kids for a bit more. dad wouldnt fit in. he'd think we were assholes selling the stuff... doesnt matter as long as it isnt me\" “你应该看看这个地方,哈尔莫迪乌斯。我现在一天要做过去一个月的量。我告诉你,这玩意太糟糕了。每个尝过它的人都想要更多。但我从没尝过,我更喜欢大麻。 短短几个月这玩意就能害死你。我看到许多家庭变卖卖他们的房子,甚至还有他们的孩子。爸爸不肯和我们一起干。他认为我们都是混蛋,居然卖这玩意......只要不是我嗑,是谁都没关系“
Letter From A Swamper I 沼泽人的信 1
Letter From A Swamper II 沼泽人的信 2
Please save my little boy. He doesn't deserve to suffer for my mistakes...\" 请救救我的小男孩。 他不应该为我的错误而受苦……“
\"Well I can't fucking believe it. This place is real after all. Here, one gets what one worked for. No nobles who were born lucky breathing down the necks of workers and asking for rent. No fucking priests claiming they're the ones who got everything figured out and using people's ignorance to steal from them. The only law here is that of nature: strongest gets it all...\" “好吧,我他妈简直不能相信。这个地方居然是真的。在这里,一个人居然凭工作生活。没有出生幸运的贵族对工人颐指气使,还收他们租金。没有他妈的祭司声称他们懂得一切,还利用人们的无知从他们身上偷东西。这里唯一的法则就是自然法则:最强的人就能得到所有......“
Letter From A Swamper III 沼泽人的信 3
Letter From A Swamper IV 沼泽人的信 4
\"im done with this shithole. why are we just grubs in hear when we could be fucking kings and queens outside. i say we book it you me and a few other folks. we grab what we can from the tresury and we make a run for it. we hire more peeple and we form our own bloody gang. after all thats what they told us when we came hear this is the jungle and everythings up for grabs.\" “我受够这个垃圾地方了。为什么我们就只在这里搜寻,我们明明可以在外面杀国王和王后。要我说我们就多雇几个人。从金库里偷点东西然后跑路。我们可以再多雇点人,索性建个自己的嗜血帮。毕竟我们当时来这里时,他们就是这么说的,说这里是个丛林,每一个人都可以争抢一番。“
Letter From A Swamper V 沼泽人的信 5
\"fuck big gray. tiny bill got wasted and hes sittin on his ass goin soft and forbidin us to go skin swifty. hes got us on some bulshit erand to make sure we dont do the bastard in. big gray trusts you. and tiny bill was our fucking brother. waste the son of a bich\" “他妈的大格雷。小比尔醉了,他自己坐在那里坐的屁股都软了,还禁止我们去剥皮。他诓我们去做一些垃圾差事,确保我们不会碰那个混蛋。格雷信任你。小比尔是我们他妈的兄弟。废掉那个狗娘养的“
Letter From Bad Teeth 坏牙镇的信
- 圣骑士泰尔扎吉“
Eva\" 伊娃”
Letter Of Farewell 告别之信
K\" K”
Letter Of Parting 离别之信
Found some rags, for now I can use them to cover up while I lay low - they find out I'm living rough and hungry, they'll send me to the mines and its game over... I'm at a loss of what to do. My freedom hangs in the balance and my life is slipping away like a boulder down a mountain...\" 发现了一些破布,躺着的时候我可以盖它们 —— 一旦他们发现我过得很糟糕,而且饥肠辘辘,他们会把我送到矿井,那时候就完了......我很茫然,该怎么做,我即将失去自由,我的生活就像一块巨石从山上滚落......“
Letter Of The Condemned 有罪之人的信
Letter To A Priest 致祭司的信
Paladin Gynn\" 圣骑士吉恩“
Letter To Darkbrow 致黑眉的信
(Overleaf, a crudely drawn picture of a stick man with a knife in the heart has been scribbled) (背面有一张画得很粗糙的画,一个男人的心口插着一把刀)
Letter To Hash 致哈希的信
grim\" 格琳”
Grims playin us. be on your toes. This dont smell rite.\" 格琳在玩我们。 保持警惕。 这感觉很不对劲。“
Letter To Hash II 致哈希的信 2
All I ever wanted was a chance to choose my life and be considered a person, not like an animal without reason. I managed to conceal the book during my long life and I now give it to you so that you may teach young girls the desire for freedom.\" 一直以来,我想要的只是一个机会,去选择自己的生活,被当成一个人来看待,而不是被当成没有理智的动物。 在我漫长的一生中,我设法藏起了这本书,现在我把它交给你,这样你就可以教育年轻女孩要渴望自由。“
Letter To Moll 致莫尔的信
Letter To Priest Ton 致通祭司的信
Nyu.\" 玉“。
The pearl of a Leviathan! What a trophy, it's worth a fortune. 利维坦宝珠!多么好的战利品,值一大笔钱。
Leviathan Pearl 利维坦宝珠
Further investigation is required.\" 需要进一步调查。“
Ludin's Report I 卢丁的报告 1
I suggest we send patrols deeper south to prevent any further incursions. I also recommend that Lusac be sent home for a few days, the loss of his hound has been a blow to him.\" 我建议派遣巡逻队深入探查南方,防止他们进一步的入侵。此外,我建议将卢萨克送回家几天,失去他的猎犬对他来说是个打击。“
Ludin's Report II 卢丁的报告 2
That place is cursed, the darkness has taken hold of the town, and it must have been this darkness that killed the Shek soldiers and Lusac's hound. I previously reported the presence of potential Shek scouts but I know now that the shadows were in fact wraiths. The Hub must be torn down and scorched to purify the hill and to cut off the corruption's spread!\" 那个地方受到了诅咒,黑暗已经占据了整个城镇,一定是是黑暗杀死了沙克族士兵和卢萨克的猎犬。我之前报告过可能存在沙克族的侦察兵,但我现在知道了,那些阴影其实是幽灵。必须毁掉枢纽城,烧掉这个地方,净化这座山丘,这样才能阻止腐败蔓延!“
Ludin's Report III 卢丁的报告 3
Luxury Goods 奢侈品
And with the death of a holy priest... they're not going to be happy.\" 再加上死了一个神圣祭司......他们不会高兴的。“
Maril's Diary I 马里尔的日记 1
Maril's Diary II 马里尔的日记 2
We had company.\" 还有别人在。“
We've found an island in the fog, a good spot to set up base, hopefully we'll go unnoticed long enough to fortify our position. The deep fog and the unwelcoming locals should make a strong defense against our enemies... at least we seem to be safe for now as long as we avoid the valleys.\" 我们在雾中找到了一个岛屿,这是建立基地的好地方,希望他们可以多无视我们一段时间,让我们有时间来巩固地位。 大雾和不受欢迎的当地人应该可以有效抵御我们的敌人......至少我们现在似乎是安全的,只要我们避开山谷。“
Maril's Diary III 马里尔的日记 3
- 芬奇
Mass Extinction I 《大灭绝1》
Mass Extinction II 《大灭绝2》
- 萨宾娜
- 阿提库斯
Mass Extinction III 《大灭绝3》
- 伊达
Mass Extinction IV 《大灭绝4》
Meat in some bread. It's great. 面包里有肉。这太棒了。
Meatwrap 肉卷
Medical Supplies 医疗补给
Mega City: The Beginning I 超大城市:起源 1
Just a couple o' dumb cannibal tribals, nothing we can't handle. I bet those backward animals are more scared of us than we are of them, I mean, they're running around starkers, Okran's goodies flopping in the wind with minds of their own, and the best weapons they got are shit covered sticks. Maybe I'll even take a few of them as slaves for free labour, we'll have the next empire up in no time and all the refugees will be begging to join us!\" 就是有几个愚蠢的食人族部落,但没什么是我们不能处理的。 我敢打赌,那些落后的动物更害怕我们,我的意思是,他们在跟踪者身边跑来跑去,奥克兰的好东西他们的脑袋根本理解不了,他们最好的武器也就是沾着屎的棒子。 也许我还能抓几个人当奴隶,免费劳动,我们很快就会建起下一个帝国,所有的难民都会乞求加入我们!“
Then we've got Rekon, Bones and Wesley... Well that flakey triplet wouldn't remember how to put on their own boots, let alone remember their way around these mountains. My guess is that they got lost in the hills scavenging for green fruits... twits. Surival of the fittest at its finest I guess. Who needs horny pansies and braindead baffoons anyway, we'll build our next empire to be stronger than ever without them.\" 然后我们抓到了瑞肯,博恩斯和韦斯利 ......那三个疯疯癫癫的人压根都不记得要怎么穿自己的靴子,更不用说记住这些山里的路。 我猜他们在山上迷路了,为了寻找绿果......太蠢了。 我猜这就是适者生存。 谁需要长了角的三色紫罗兰和没脑子的小丑啊,我们会建立我们的下一个帝国,比任何人都要强大。“
Mega City: The Beginning II 超大城市:起源 2
Megacrab Ganglion 巨蟹神经中枢
Some kind of organ or something that was inside the Megacrab. Whatever it is, it's probably worth a bit of money 巨蟹的某种器官或它内部的某种东西。 不管它是什么,可能都值那么一点钱
Membership Pack 会员包
Noble world problems. 真是贵族世界的难题。
\"hash is dead, the stalker clan is dead. that arragant peace of shit aint gonna bother no body no more. no more ruls. big grim runs the swamps now an things are gonna change round here. cross me an Ill feed you to my hounds like I did hash.\" “哈希死了,跟踪者帮派也死了。那个自大的垃圾不会再打扰任何人了。不会再有什么规矩。现在是大格琳在掌控沼泽地,这里的一切都会改变。要是惹我,我会把你像哈希一样喂给猎狗。“
Memo From Big Grim 大格琳的备忘录
Memo From Moll 莫尔的备忘录
And is it not right for a slave to use any means necessary to be free? Then let us do what we must to throw off our shackles, because words and reason will not create change! It is our responsibility, for the sake of every woman who lived, live and will live that we impose that change, with blood and iron if needs be!\" 对于奴隶来说,使用任何必要手段来获得自由难道不正确吗? 让我们做我们应该做的吧,扔掉我们的枷锁,因为言语和理性不会导致任何变化! 为了每一个曾经活着、还活着,和即将诞生的女人,我们必须做出变化,如果必要,我们会举起武器,杀出一条血路!“
Men of Dirt 蒙尘之人
We live from the plump nobles who took from us, we shelter from our own walls, away from the eyes of the Leviathyn. I'll protect these children, no matter what it takes.\" 我们远离那些从我们这豪取抢夺的肥胖贵族,远离自己的城墙,远离利维坦的眼睛。无论如何,我都会保护这些孩子。“
Gomoe\" 高摩”
Mission Graeme: Status 格雷姆任务:状态
Moll's Speech 莫尔的演讲
- 莫尔“
I pity the buffoon who clings to such defeatist notions in acceptance of poverty.\" 我同情那个抱着失败主义观念接受贫穷的丑八怪。”
Money is Freedom 金钱即自由
Motor 发动机
A device that can create rotation when charged with electrical current. 一种充电时会旋转的装置。
It contains the half chewed stone of a greenfruit. It has Tengu's saliva on it, maybe that's worth something, right?... Right? 里面装了嚼了一半的绿果核,上面还有天狗的唾液,也许值点什么吧,是不是?……?
Mystery Sack 神秘的麻布袋
\"I finally made it to the swamplands, a hidden paradise with no laws and no restraints! I got my supply of rum and drugs, so let's see those bounty hunter dogs track me here. I got my loot and I got my prize and I had my fun. And I got protection from the Stone Rats too. Life is sweet.\" “我终于到了沼泽地,一个没有法律没有限制的隐藏天堂!我补给了朗姆酒和毒品,所以让我们看看那些赏金猎人的狗能不能追踪我到这里吧。我得到了我的战利品、我的奖品和还有我的乐趣。我也得到了石鼠帮的保护。生活很美好。“
Note From Blue Eyes 蓝眼留下的笔记
A sealed note given to you from Moll to give to Flotsam Ninja patrols. Whoever you give it to will become a useful temporary ally against the Holy Nation. 莫尔给了你一个密封的笔记,要交给浪忍团的巡逻队。无论你给谁,他就会暂时成为你的盟友,与你一起对抗圣国。
Note From Moll 莫尔留下的笔记
- 萨宾娜
Okranite Theories In Relation To Findings I 有关研究结果的《奥克兰理论1》
Okranite Theories In Relation To Findings II 有关研究结果的《奥克兰理论2》
Looks like it has been damaged from overheating. It's a miracle this skeleton was still alive. 看来由于过热而受损了。这个骨人还活着真是奇迹啊。
Old CPU Unit 旧CPU元件
Old Map 旧地图
An old map of some other, probably fictional, continent. Pretty useless, but maybe you can get some money for it. 一张其他大陆的旧地图,也许是想象出来的大陆,没什么用,但你也许可以拿它换点钱。
Parchment 羊皮纸
Pearl Cup 珍珠杯
A fancy decorative thing used by extremely rich people to clutter up their houses. 一个很精美的装饰品,超级富豪用来装饰他们的房子的。
Pearl Sword Holder 珍珠剑拥有者
Pearl Urn 珍珠瓮
Pearl Vase 珍珠瓶
Pickaxe 十字镐
Power Core 动力核心
Some kind of ancient tech, possibly a Skeleton's heart or liver or something. 某种古代科技,也许是骨人的心脏、肝脏或者其他什么东西。
It is not the Dark Demoness' minions that have been covering the light, it is we. If we are to avoid our lost brother's fate, we must purify ourselves! Only then can we save this world from damnation.\" 并不是黑暗女恶魔的爪牙遮挡了光明,是我们自己。如果我们想要避免和失去的兄弟相同的命运,我们就必须净化我们自己!如此方能拯救这个世界。“
Priest Tyluig's Note 泰鲁格祭司的笔记
Priest Varloo's Note 瓦卢祭司的笔记
As long as Narko's darkness covers the place, we cannot hold it. For too long have we fought with the false enemy! We must redirect our attention to the Dark Demoness' first minions, only by destroying the dark ones can we weaken her influence.\" 只要娜尔可的黑暗笼罩着这个地方,我们就守不住它。我们已经和错误的敌人战斗太长时间了!我们必须把我们的注意力转到黑暗女恶魔的第一个爪牙上来,只有消灭黑暗,我们才能减少她的影响。“
Puppet 小狗
\"Our new emperor is Tengu? How can THIS be our replacement for Emperor Anzai? A man so brash, so unintelligent... there are such better candidates within the noble circle yet they chose a buffoon to rule the elite. The only explanation for this that I can fathom... a buffoon is easy to control.\" “我们的新皇帝是天狗?他怎么能取代安西呢?他自以为是,没有头脑……贵族圈里明明有那么多更好的候选人,他们却偏偏选了个小丑上来,我唯一能想到的理由就是……小丑比较好控制。”
Ration Pack 口粮包
Raw metal is used to make Steel Bars 金属原料是用来生产钢条的
Raw Iron 铁原料
Raw Meat 肉原料
Uncooked meat from some dead animal. Probably. 从死亡动物的身体上切下来的生肉。大概是吧。
Raw stone is used to make building materials. 石原料可以用来制造建筑材料。
Raw Stone 石原料
A plain staple food 一份普通的主食
Rice Bowl 饭碗
A nutritious weed that grows in wet environments like swamps. 一种营养丰富的植物,生长在潮湿的环境里,比如沼泽。
Riceweed 水稻
RoboPiece13 机器人零件13
RoboPiece14 机器人零件14
RoboPiece16 机器人零件16
RoboPiece4 机器人零件4
RoboPiece8 机器人零件8
Robotics Components 机器人组件
Rotten Food 腐烂的食物
No longer edible, such a waste. 不能吃了,尽是些垃圾。
A strong alcohol made in the swamps, but popular among samurai and frequently imported by the Empire towns. 在沼泽里生产出来的烈酒,但颇受忍者的欢迎,经常出口到帝国城镇里。
Sake 清酒
Scripture of Radiance Vol. I 《光辉圣典》第一卷
Against mankind, her Dark Agents were hurled.\" 她的黑暗代行者被派出与人类为敌。“
Scripture of Radiance Vol. II 《光辉圣典》第二卷
He saved us from both shackles and beastiality and united as one with the Holy Bindings. One by one, the Dark Ones were now slain by the blade of our restored faith. When Narko's minions were subdued and Narko herself banished deep under the earth.\" 他将我们从枷锁和野蛮中拯救出来,我们再次作为神圣的连接而统一。一个又一个,我们重拾信仰之剑斩杀了黑暗。当娜尔可的爪牙被击败后,娜尔可她被放逐到地底深处。“
Scripture of Radiance Vol. III 《光辉圣典》第三卷
She must be subdued, lest she seduce and tempt the purity of man into the darkness with her.\" 必须控制住她,以免她勾引纯洁的男人与她一同陷入黑暗。“
Scripture of Radiance Vol. IV 《光辉圣典》第四卷
Slay the enemy with fire, purge the world of darkness.\" 用火焰燃烧我们的敌人,净化整个世界吧。“
Scripture of Radiance Vol. V 《光辉圣典》第五卷
Let us abstain from intoxication, for the darkness preys on the undisciplined mind\" 我们必须戒酒,因为黑暗会捕食没有约束的大脑。“\\
The severed left arm of a human 人类左臂残肢
Severed Cannibal Left Arm 食人族左臂残肢
The severed left leg of a human 人类左腿残肢
Severed Cannibal Left Leg 食人族左腿残肢
The severed right arm of a human 人类右臂残肢
Severed Cannibal Right Arm 食人族右臂残肢
Severed Cannibal Right Leg 食人族右腿残肢
The severed right leg of a human 人类右腿残肢
Severed Cannibal Skav Left Arm 食人族斯卡夫的左臂残肢
Severed Cannibal Skav Left Leg 食人族斯卡夫的左腿残肢
Severed Cannibal Skav Right Arm 食人族斯卡夫的右臂残肢
Severed Cannibal Skav Right Leg 食人族斯卡夫的右腿残肢
Severed Hive Left Arm 蜂巢族左臂残肢
The severed left arm of a hiver 蜂巢族左臂残肢
Severed Hive Left Leg 蜂巢族左腿残肢
The severed left leg of a hiver 蜂巢族左腿残肢
Severed Hive Right Arm 蜂巢族右臂残肢
The severed right arm of a hiver 蜂巢族右臂残肢
Severed Hive Right Leg 蜂巢族右腿残肢
The severed right leg of a hiver 蜂巢族右腿残肢
Severed Human Left Arm 人类左臂残肢
Severed Human Left Leg 人类左腿残肢
Severed Human Right Arm 人类右臂残肢
Severed Human Right Leg 人类右腿残肢
Severed Shek Left Arm 沙克族左臂残肢
The severed left arm of a shek 沙克族左臂残肢
Severed Shek Left Leg 沙克族左腿残肢
The severed left leg of a shek 沙克族左腿残肢
The severed right arm of a shek 沙克族右臂残肢
Severed Shek Right Arm 沙克族右臂残肢
Severed Shek Right Leg 沙克族右腿残肢
The severed right leg of a shek 沙克族右腿残肢
And with a slice of her blade, a river of blood flowed.\" 她的剑划下,喷出鲜血。“
Shager's Overthrow 沙格尔被推翻
Simple Rug 普通的垫子
Something basic for the floor of your building. 一些建筑地板上基础物品。
Skeleton Eye 骨人眼睛
Some kind of electrical glass eye like the ones the Skeletons have. 一些像骨人那样的电气玻璃眼睛
Also known to engineers as \"Hydraulics\", they are what makes a Skeleton's arms and legs move. 工程师称之为“液压系统”,正是它让骨人的腿和手能动起来的。
Skeleton Muscle 骨人肌肉
Skeleton Repair Kit 骨人修理包
The equivalent of a first aid kit for Skeletons, contains tools and common robotic components 相当于是为骨人量身定做的急救包,内含工具和常见的机器人组件
Sleeping Bag 睡袋
Essential for any traveller. Carry one of these around with you and you can build yourself a camp bed anywhere you need it. Finding some time to rest up and heal in the wilds can save your life. (Use BUILD mode to place a camp bed) 旅行者的必需品。去哪里都带上一个,随时都可以休息。在野外休息和疗伤能救你的命。(使用建造模式来放置一个营地床)
A small sculpture of the Holy Nations Emperor. 圣国皇帝的一个小雕像。
Small Emperor Statue 小型皇帝雕像
The amount of hitpoints you can splint is limited by your medic skill and the quality of the kit. 你能恢复的生命力取决于你的医疗技能和夹板包的质量。
Splint Kit 夹板包
Spring Steel 春之钢
A flexible metal used in crossbows and machinery. 一种柔韧的金属,可用于制作十字弩和机械。
Standard first aid kit 标准急救包
A first aid kit, made up of bandages, disinfectant and painkillers. The quality will limit you if it is lower than your skills. 急救包,里面有绷带、消毒剂和镇痛剂。如果急救包的等级低于你的技能等级,其效果会下降。
Steel bars 钢条
Strawflour can be used to make bread. Horrible, dry dry bread. 麦秸面粉可以用来制作面包,但是却是味道很差,而且很干的面包。
Strawflour 麦秸面粉
A bunch of coins looped on to a string to keep them all together. 一堆串在一起的硬币。
String of Cats 一串开币
She was condemned for seduction of a holy brother, condemned as being possessed by the darkness... The look in her eyes as I put her to the flame burns into my soul every night, I haven't slept in weeks. Deep in my gut, I know this isn't right, and the guilt makes me retch. A god so unforgiving and so ruthless, it is not a god I want to serve. Rest in peace Nadin, I'll be joining you soon.\" 人们谴责她勾引一位神圣的兄弟,谴责她被黑暗控制了……我每天晚上都能回想起我烧死她时的眼神,我晚上睡不着觉。我内心知道这是不对的,罪恶感让我难受,这个神如此无情,这不是我想要侍奉的神。安息吧,娜丁,我就要加入你了。“
Suicide Note 自杀笔记
Tech 科技
Tech Hunter's Notes: Leviathan Coast 科技猎人的笔记:利维坦海岸
Tech Hunter's Notes: Pool of Obedience 科技猎人的笔记:服从之池
Someone has spilled ink all over this book, likely a simple accident. Nothing of significance is readable anymore. 有人把墨水打翻在这本书上,应该只是起普通的意外,已经没什么可以读的了。
The library of Black Scratch is the place you want to go, they sell every book and blueprint known to man. 你应该去黑色划痕镇的图书馆,他们向所有人出售书和蓝图。
Tech Hunter's Notes: Shopper's Guide 科技猎人的笔记:商店指南
- 鱼
Tech Hunter's Notes: The Ashlands 科技猎人的笔记:灰烬之地
[At this point he trails off and stares into space for 10 minutes, he doesn't respond to external stimuli and the interview ends] 【这时候他的声音渐渐变弱,盯着远处看了十分钟,我们怎么刺激他也没有反应,采访也就结束了】
Tech Hunter's Notes: The Ashlands pt II 科技猎人的笔记:灰烬之地第二部分
Tech Hunter's Notes: The Black Desert 科技猎人的笔记:黑色沙漠
Tech Hunter's Notes: The Holy Nation 科技猎人的笔记:圣国
Tech Hunter's Notes: The Shrieking Forest 科技猎人的笔记:尖叫森林
Tech Hunter's Notes: The Swamps 科技猎人的笔记:沼泽地
We are what we are because of slavery.\" 真是因为有了奴隶制,我们才是我们。\\n
The Blessing Of Slavery 《奴隶制祝颂》
The Cannibal Plains: De-evolution Of Man? 《食人族平原:退化的人类?》
The Guiding Light I 1级引路灯
Read on for our proven testing methods and common warning signs!\" 详细内容请阅读我们已经证实的测试方法和常见警告标志!“
The Guiding Light II 2级引路灯
\"Did you know that Skeletons HATE heat? That the ingesting of human food clogs their nuts? That nature's soil fries their circuitry? Don’t be outsmarted by a Skeleton again with these helpful tips and tricks!\" “你知道骨人讨厌热吗?消化人类食物会堵住他们的内脏?自然的土会破坏他们的电路?知道了这些秘密,你就会比骨人还聪明了!”
The Guiding Light III 3级引路灯
\"The only way to fight darkness is with light! In this installment, we cover how to protect your home from Skeletons with prayer, incantations, charms and 'honey traps'. Good lighting and good prayer will take you a long way in the crusade against the Dark Agents...\" “只有光明才能战胜黑暗!在本章节里,我们会教你如何通过祈祷、咒语、魔力和陷阱让骨人远离你的家。良好的光明和祈祷会带你走上对抗黑暗代行者的圣战……”
The horned devil is not completely lost to the darkness… but resistance from the unholy beast deserves no mercy.\" 有角的恶魔并没有完全堕入黑暗……但来自邪恶野兽的抵抗不值得怜悯。“
The Guiding Light IV 4级引路灯
The Guiding Light V 5级引路灯
Guide your wife to the righteous path, and tomorrow, we shall be in the Golden plains.\" 引导你的妻子到正义的道路上来,这样日后就能进入黄金平原。“\\
The Guiding Light VI 6级引路灯
But, most importantly of all, show them mercy; sometimes the most compassionate approach is to put one out of the misery of their blackened existence, quickly and painlessly.\" 但最重要的是,要对他们仁慈,最富有同情心的做法是快速无痛地把他们从被玷污的生活中解救出来。“
This is the will of our Creator. To dishonor our Father is to bring our civilization on the verge of destruction.\" 这是我们造物主的意志,违背我们的造物主就是毁灭我们的文明。“
The Holy Crusade 圣战
The Holy Flame 《圣火》
The religious book of the Holy Nation, every citizen has to have one by law. 圣国的宗教书,法律要求每个公民都有一本。
The Little Boy That Got Dismembered By Skeletons 《被骨人肢解的小男孩》
Little Timmy liked climbing trees and playing hide and seek with his friends, but he always skipped on his prayers. Then Timmy met his first Skeleton..\" 小汤姆喜欢爬树,和朋友们玩捉迷藏,但他从不去祈祷,直到他遇到了骨人……“
The Lost Ancients I 《失落的古人1》
The Lost Ancients II 《失落的古人2》
The Mystery Of Skeletech I 《古人科技之谜1》
The Mystery Of Skeletech II 《古人科技之谜2》
Yara 雅拉
The Pacifier: Guidance For A Troublemaker 《调停人:给麻烦制造者的指南》
The Red Rebellion 《红色叛乱》
The ground ran red with blood and, like drowning rats clawing at a sinking ship, the desperate souls dragged us all down with them to their doom.\" 鲜血染红了大地,那些绝望的灵魂想把我们全都拖下地狱,就像快淹死的老鼠抓着一艘即将沉没的船。“
The United Cities, A United Power 联合城,联合之力
\"Money finds it's way to the worthy, a tool for the powerful. But it will find it's escape from the fool, taking command of the helm and parting ways. Money is power, but destitution is weak, and it is the weak masses that will drag the ship down into the sea. The United Cities are a haven for the worthy select, the cream of society, united in power and pleasure. The beggar's place is in the mines, a destiny fit for the lowly and the weak links that would sully our perfect nation.\" ”金钱能够使人们变得有价值,能够帮人们掌握权势,但它会远离傻瓜,控制船舵然后离开。金钱就是力量,但贫穷意味着软弱,会把船拖下水的正是弱者。联合城是有钱人的避风港,是社会的精髓,是权势与快乐的集合。乞丐只配待在矿井里,这是低贱之人和弱者的命运,他们会玷污我们完美的国家。“
Thinfish 细鱼
Found in the larger lakes of the swamps and wetlands, the blandly-named Thinfish. So called because it's thinner than the other type of fish. 能在湿地和沼泽地的大型湖泊中找到这种鱼,因为比别的鱼细小而得名。
Tools 工具
Cutting through locks is a lot slower and noisier than picking. They are commonly used by more honest folk such as treasure hunters breaking into old vaults. 砍断锁要比撬锁慢得多,噪音也大得多。通常被更老实的家伙才会使用这种方法,比如闯入旧金库的寻宝者。
United Weekly I 《联合周报1》
\"Twig men bring yet MORE crime into the United Cities\" - A United Cities news flyer detailing claims of a rising hiver population with increased poverty and crime rates “虫人给联合城带来了更多罪犯”——联合城的新闻传单详细表明,随着蜂巢族人口的上升,贫困和犯罪率也在上升
United Weekly II 《联合周报2》
\"Emperor Tengu sports a brand new hat at the Bodyguard Battles… And we LOVE it\" - A United Cities news flyer detailing Emperor Tengu's new hat. It's got sparkles on it. “天狗皇帝在保镖战役中戴了一顶新帽子……我们很喜欢”——联合城的新闻传单上介绍了天狗皇帝的新帽子,上面还有东西闪闪发光。
United Weekly III 《联合周报3》
\"Cleaning up the Dregs. How to fix the 'poor' problem in the outer cities\" - A United Cities news flyer which criticizes the leniency of poverty laws in the Empire. “清除渣滓。如何解决外城区的‘贫穷’问题”——联合城的新闻传单批评了帝国法律对贫穷的仁慈。
\"This season: Gorillos and Golden pants\" - A United Cities news flyer on the latest luxuries and crazes in Empire fashion. “本季:喙嘴猩猩和金色裤子”——联合城的新闻传单介绍了帝国最新的奢侈品时尚。
United Weekly IV 《联合周报4》
\"Empire merchants endure squalid conditions during visit to hive\" - A United Cities news flyer accusing 'animal-like' native hivers of abusing Empire merchants whilst on a trade visit. “帝国商人在拜访蜂巢族时忍受着肮脏的环境”——联合城的新闻传单谴责‘像畜生一样的’当地蜂巢族在帝国商人访问期间虐待商人。
United Weekly V 《联合周报5》
\"Shek looney 'honour kills' woman in UC bar fight\" - A United Cities news flyer detailing claims of a rising Shek population and increased violence in the city “沙克族疯子在联合城一酒吧‘光荣地谋杀’一位妇女”——联合城的新闻传单详细表明,沙克族人口不断增长,城内暴力事件增多
United Weekly VI 《联合周报6》
United Weekly VII 《联合周报7》
\"Kral extremists ate my baby!\" - A United Cities news flyer detailing inner city violence following the brutal Traders Guild caravan hijacking in the Skimsands. “克拉尔吃掉了我的宝宝!”——联合城新闻传单详细叙述了商人行会车队被劫持后城中发生的暴力事件。
Unknown Old Book 无名旧书
Beings such as he do not simply die.\" 像他这样的人绝不会轻易死去。“
WANTED: Big Bo 悬赏:大玻
REWARD: c.30,000 赏金:30,000开币
WANTED: Blue Eyes 悬赏:蓝眼
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10,000开币
UPDATE: Intelligence indicates that the \"Bugmaster\" is also in posession of a large amount of treasure. Any valuables or artifacts found in the apprehension or assassination of the target is free for you to take. 更新:情报显示“虫之主”同时持有大量财富,你在逮捕或刺杀目标时所得到的的金钱和财物皆归你个人所有。
WANTED: Bugmaster 悬赏:虫之主
WANTED: Butcher Of Black Scratch 悬赏:黑色抓痕屠夫
UPDATE - Please bring ALL suspects to the police for interrogation: Any person found of execution by their own judgement will face punishment of murder. 更新:请将所有嫌疑人带给警方审问:任何根据自己的判断执行死刑的人都将面临谋杀罪。
REWARD: c.30,000 赏金:30,000开币
WANTED: Cannibal Leaders 悬赏:食人族领袖
WANTED: Dust King 悬赏:砂之王
REWARD: c.30,000 赏金:30,000开币
WANTED: Ells 悬赏:埃尔斯
REWARD: c.1000 赏金:1,000开币
REWARD: c.25,000 赏金:25,000开币
WANTED: Flying Bull 悬赏:飞牛
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10,000开币
WANTED: 'Four-Teeth' Milton 悬赏:“四齿”米尔顿
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10,000开币
WANTED: Ghost 悬赏:鬼魂
WANTED: Giant King Gurgler 悬赏:鱼形人巨王
UPDATE: The King Gurgler has been reported to be in possession of an ancient weapon of the fallen empire. Slaughter the monster and the weapon is yours to keep. 最新消息:据报道,他拥有一件失落帝国的古代武器。杀了怪物,武器就归你了。
WANTED: Gorrillo 悬赏:格里罗
REWARD: c.60,000 赏金:60,000开币
WANTED: Gutterhead 悬赏:喙嘴兽首
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10,000开币
WANTED: Jaegar The Mad 悬赏:疯子杰格
REWARD: c.30,000 赏金:30,000开币
REWARD: c.30,000 赏金:30,000开币
WANTED: Moll 悬赏:莫尔
REWARD: c.30,000 赏金:30,000开币
WANTED: Old Grey 悬赏:老格雷
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10,000开币
WANTED: Razor 悬赏:剃刀
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10,000开币
WANTED: Sand Ninja Oni 悬赏:砂之忍者团的恶鬼
WANTED: Savant the Skin Eater 悬赏:食皮学者
REWARD: c.50,000 赏金:50,000开币
REWARD: c.20,000 赏金:20,000开币
WANTED: Shade 悬赏:阴影
WANTED: Simion 悬赏:西蒙
REWARD: c.20,000 赏金:20,000开币
WANTED: The Black Dragon Duo 悬赏:黑龙二人组
REWARD: c.20,000 per head 赏金:每个首级20,000开币
WANTED: The Canyonlands Killer 悬赏:峡谷地区杀手
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10,000开币
REWARD: c.15,000 赏金:15,000开币
WANTED: The Preacher 悬赏:布道者
WANTED: The Red Bandit 悬赏:赤色土匪
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10,000开币
WANTED: Tinfist 悬赏:锡拳
REWARD: c.50,000 赏金:50,000开币
WANTED: Tora The Gutless 悬赏:无畏托拉
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10,000开币
REWARD: c.50,000 赏金:50000开币
WANTED: Valamon 悬赏:瓦拉姆
REWARD: c.20000 per head 赏金:每个人头20000开币
WANTED: Voodoo Brothers 悬赏:巫毒兄弟
WANTED: White Eyebrow 悬赏:白眉
REWARD: c.10,000 赏金:10000开币
Water Jug 水罐
Way Of The Warrior: The Book Of Kral 战士之路:克拉尔之书
Our beliefs are meaningless if we do not have the spine to fight for them.\" 如果我们没有勇气为信仰而战,那么我们的信仰就毫无意义。”
Wheatstraw 麦秸
Wheatstraw is one of the few crops that can be grown in arid environments. Its a sturdy crop, and can be used to make horrible flat bread or rum that makes you go blind. 麦秸是少数几种能在干旱环境下生长的作物之一。这是一种顽强的作物,可以用来做糟糕的扁平面包或朗姆酒,但会使人失明。
Wooden Bowl 木碗
Wrench 扳手
Alpha Fishman 阿尔法鱼形人
Big-Bones 骨老大
Black Gorillo 黑色喙嘴猩猩
Boneyard Wolf 埋骨地狼
Bull (domesticated) 牛(被驯养)
Cage Beast 笼中野兽
Cannibal Skav 食人族斯卡夫
A maintainance skeleton of a lost era. 失落时代的一个维修骨人。
Crimper 卷缩者
Deadhive Prince 僵尸蜂巢族王子
Deadhive Soldier 僵尸蜂巢族士兵
Deadhive Worker 僵尸蜂巢族工蜂
Fishman 鱼形人
Flayed Man 被剥皮的人
Garru 加鲁兽
Goat 山羊
Primarily from farmer cultures, they still tend to be an agressive race and are easily led astray. The worst of them live in ignorance, knowing only greed and fear, reacting to anything different with hatred and violence, but the best of them are some of the greatest civilised scientists, engineers and warriors in the land. 主要来自农耕文化地区,他们这一种族攻击性强,而且很容易被带坏。他们中最糟糕的人生活在无知的世界里,满脑子只有贪婪和恐惧,对任何事物都报以恐惧和暴力,但他们中最好的人则是这片土地上最伟大的文明科学家,工程师和战士。
Greenlander 绿原之子
Hive Prince 蜂巢族王子
The highest ranking in a Hive and right-hands to the Queen. Nobody has ever seen an actual Queen, it is the Princes that run everything. Free Princes are usually the result of losing command to a rival Prince, or exiles sent away as punishment for some kind of failure. They are much more intelligent and free-willed than normal Hive types. 蜂巢族中地位最高的人,也是女王的左右手。没人见过真正的女王,一直是王子在主管一切。会出现落单的王子往往是因为他们把蜂巢的控制权输给了敌对的王子,或者受到由于某种失败的惩罚而被流放。他们比普通蜂巢族更有智慧,思想也更自由。
Hive Prince South Hive 南方蜂巢族的蜂巢王子
Hive Queen 蜂巢族女王
Hive Soldier Drone 蜂巢族兵蜂
Solder drones created to protect their Hive and enforce control over the workers. Stronger and less intelligent than a worker, freedom-seekers are rarer and usually end up finding mercenary work. 兵蜂生来就是为了保护蜂巢和控制工蜂。他们比工蜂更强壮,也更聪明,他们很少追寻自由,追寻自由的人最后大多成为了雇佣兵。
Hive Soldier Drone South Hive 南方蜂巢族的兵蜂
Expendible workers born to labour for the good of their Hive, they know only obedience and value service to the Hive above any personal benefits, saftey or comfort. If separated from the controlling influence of the Hive they usually die, but in rare cases become free individuals. Bewildered by their newfound freedom and loss of a predetermined purpose they wander lost and seek meaning, but usually just find death or exploitation. 这些工人是消耗品,生来就是为蜂巢劳动的,他们只知道服从和为蜂巢族服务,他们将这些置于个人利益、安危和舒适之上。如果切断蜂巢对他们的控制,他们通常就会死亡,但在极少数情况下也会成为自由的个体。他们会对新得到的自由感到困惑,也会因为失去预先确定的目的而迷茫,他们会茫然地寻找人生的意义,但他们通常只能找到死亡和剥削。
Hive Worker Drone 蜂巢族工蜂
Hive Worker Drone South Hive 南方蜂巢族的工蜂
King Fishman 鱼形人国王
Land Bat 陆地蝙蝠
P4 Unit P4单体
Robot Guard Spider 机器人警卫蜘蛛
Robot Spider Worker 机器人蜘蛛工人
Scorchlander 焦土之子
Scorchlanders tend to value personal freedoms above all else. They don't tend to get along well with rules, regulations and religions, and as a result have a reputation as social misfits and are often found in more adventurous professions. Despite this however, they are highly creative making them natural born traders and skilled weapon smiths. Honest to a fault, laughing in the face of manners, moderation and anything sensible, they make loyal friends, passionate enemies, and are great fun to drink with. 焦土之子视自由高于一切,他们不喜欢法规和宗教,所以素来被认为是不合群之人,他们往往从事更具有冒险性的工作。话虽如此,他们也极具创造力,生来就是商人和优秀的武器工匠。他们诚实过了头,总是有礼貌的笑,做事很有节制,喜欢做一切理智的事,他们是忠诚的朋友,充满激情的敌人,是你酒桌上的好伙伴。
Screamer MkI 尖叫者Mk1
A warrior society that values strength and hardiness above more intellectual pursuits. They are sometimes a little humourless and have a reputation as dumb brutes, but this is not always the case. Their external skeletal plates provide a natural armour but hinders more dexterous pursuits like sneaking around. 这是一个战士社会,重视力量与勇气胜过智慧。他们有时会缺乏幽默感,被认为是愚蠢的野兽,但并不总是这样。他们的外骨骼是一种天然的铠甲,但也妨碍了他们进行灵巧的活动,比如偷偷摸摸做事。
Shek 沙克族
The Skeletons are a complete mystery, nobody knows where they came from and how they were made but they are suspected to be thousands of years old. Fully sentient and capable of feeling sadness, anger, excitement, compassion, thrill and enjoyment, although they don't posess the ability to express anything visually. This combined with their dry sense of humour often confuses the other races, whom the Skeletons see as somewhat volatile and unpredictable. They have no prejudice or fear of death, and make for brutally effective warriors. 骨人完全是个谜,没人知道他们来自哪里,又是怎么被创造出来的,但人们认为他们已经有几千岁了。他们有完整的感情,能感到悲伤,愤怒,激动,同情,震惊和快乐,但他们不能通过表情展示出来,再加上他们缺乏幽默感,总是让其他种族感到困惑,比如沙克族就认为他们善变,难以预料。他们没有偏见,无惧死亡,因此是勇敢无畏的战士。
Skeleton 骨人
Skeleton Log-Head MKII 圆头骨人Mk2
Skeleton MKII Screamer 骨人Mk2尖叫者
Skeleton No-Head MkII 无头骨人Mk2
Skeleton P4MkII 骨人P4Mk2
Small Spider 小蜘蛛
Soldierbot 骨人战士
Spider 蜘蛛
Swamp Turtle 沼泽乌龟
Whistler 吹哨者
Ancient Ruins 古代遗迹
Anti-Slavers 反蓄奴者
Bar Thugs 酒吧恶棍
Berserkers 狂战士
Black Desert Ninjas 黑色沙漠忍者团
Black Dog 黑狗
Black Dragon Ninjas 黑龙忍者团
Blackshifters 黑色转换者
Bloodraiders 鲜血劫掠团
Bounty Hunters 赏金猎人
Broken Cities 破败的城市
Broken Ones 破碎的物品
Cannibal Hunters 食人族猎手
Cannibals 食人族
Crab Raiders 螃蟹掠夺者
Crabs 螃蟹
Deadcat 死猫村
Drifters 漂流者
Dust Bandits 沙漠土匪
Empire Peasants 帝国平民
Fisher 渔夫
Fishmen 鱼形人
Floodland Ruins 洪泛地遗迹
Flotsam Ninjas 浪忍团
Fogmen 雾人
Free Traders 自由商人
generation template 代际模板
Gorillos 喙嘴猩猩
Grass Pirates 草之海盗
Grayflayers 格雷剥皮人帮
Gutters 喙嘴兽
Herbivore 食草动物
Holy Nation Outlaws 圣国逃犯
Hounds 猎犬
Imperial Lords 帝国贵族
Machinists 机械师
Manhunters 猎人者
Medics Guild 医生行会
Megacity 超大城市
Mercenary Guild 雇佣兵行会
Mercenary Police 雇佣兵警察
Nameless 无名者
No Faction 不属于任何派系
Nomads 流浪者
Okranites 奥克兰人
Old Machines 旧机器
Outlaw 逃犯
Police 警察
Preacher Cult 异教布道者
Raptors 沼泽速龙
Reavers 掠夺者
Rebel Farmers 农民反抗团
Rebel Swordsmen 反抗团剑士
Rebirth Slaves 重生镇奴隶
Red Sabres 赤色剑客团
Republic of Tertius 第三共和国
Sand ninjas 砂之忍者团
Scavengers 食腐者
Second Empire 第二帝国
Second Empire Exile 第二帝国流亡者
Shek Kingdom 沙克王国
Shinobi Thieves 忍者小偷
Shrieking Bandits 沙克族土匪
Skeleton Bandits 骨人土匪
Skeleton Legion 骨人军团
Skeleton MkII 骨人Mk2
Skeleton MkII Log Head 骨人Mk2圆头
Skeleton MkII Screamer 骨人Mk2尖叫者
Skeletons 骨人
Skimmers 剪嘴鸥
Skin Bandits 人皮土匪帮
Slave Hunters 奴隶猎人
Slave Traders 奴隶商人
Slaves 奴隶
Spiders 蜘蛛
Starving Bandits 饥饿土匪帮
Stone Rats 石鼠团
Swamp Creatures 沼泽生物
Swamp Ninjas 沼泽忍者
Swampers 沼泽居民
Tech Hunters 科技猎手
Temple of truth 真理神庙
The Gorrillo Bandits 格里罗土匪帮
The Holy Nation 圣国
The Old Empire 旧帝国
Thrall Masters 奴隶主土匪帮
Trade Ninjas 忍者商人
Traders Guild 商人行会
Twinblades 双刃团
United Cities 联合城
United Heroes League 联合英雄联盟
Vagrants 流浪者
Western Hive 西部蜂巢族
White Eyebrow Clan 白眉氏族
Wildlife 野生动物
Yabuta Outlaws 薮田逃犯团
_Cannibal Village (override) _食人族村庄(覆盖)
Abandoned Town 废弃的城镇
Admag 阿德马克
Admag (override) esata dead 阿德马克(覆盖)艾萨塔死亡
Admag (override) Seto 阿德马克(覆盖)濑户
Ancient Labs 古代实验室
Ancient Tech Lab 古代科技实验室
Archive Town 档案镇
Ark 阿尔克
Ark (override) destroyed 被摧毁的阿尔克(覆盖)
Ark (override) takover 被控制的阿尔克(覆盖)
Armoury Ruin 军械库废墟
Ashland Dome I 1级灰烬之地穹顶
Ashland Dome II 2级灰烬之地穹顶
Ashland Dome III 3级灰烬之地穹顶
Ashland Dome IV 4级灰烬之地穹顶
Ashland Dome Ruin 灰烬之地穹顶废墟
Bad Teeth 坏牙镇
Bad Teeth (override) destroyed 坏牙镇(覆盖)(摧毁)
Bad Teeth (override) half destroyed 坏牙镇(覆盖)(半摧毁)
Bad Teeth (override) takeover 坏牙镇(覆盖)(接管)
Bad Teeth (override) takeover 坏牙镇(覆盖)(接管)
Bad Teeth (override) takeover UC 坏牙镇(覆盖)(联合城接管)
Bark 巴克镇
Bark (override prosperous) 巴克镇(繁荣覆盖)
Bark (override prosperous) 2 巴克镇(繁荣覆盖)2
Bark (override) half destroyed 巴克镇(覆盖)(半摧毁)
Bark (override) malnourished 巴克镇(覆盖)(发展不足)
Barrier Tower 壁垒城
Bast 巴斯特城
Berserker Village 狂战士之村
Black Desert City 黑色沙漠城
Black Dog HQ 黑狗总部
Black Dragon Camp 黑龙忍者团营地
Black Scratch 黑色划痕镇
Blister Hill 水泡山丘
Blister Hill (override) destroyed 水泡山丘(覆盖)(摧毁)
Blister Hill (override) prosperous 水泡山丘(覆盖)(繁荣)
Blister Hill (override) takeover 水泡山丘(覆盖)(接管)
Blister Hill (override) takeover UC 水泡山丘(覆盖)(联合城接管)
Blood Bandit Camp 血之土匪帮营地
Boneyard Wolf Den 埋骨地狼窝
Bounty Hunter Camp 赏金猎人营地
Brink 边缘镇
Brink (override) destroyed 边缘镇(覆盖)(摧毁)
Brink (override) malnourished 边缘镇(覆盖)(发展不足)
Brink (override) takeover 边缘镇(覆盖)(接管)
Burn's Tower 伯恩之塔
Unknown Tower 未知之塔
Cactus Den 仙人掌窝
Camp- Cannibal Hunters 营地-食人族猎人
Cannibal Capital 食人族之都
Cannibal Infestation 食人族群袭
Cannibal Village 食人族之村
Ominous Place 不祥之地
Cat-Lon's Exile 卡特龙流亡者
Catun 开顿城
Catun (override) fishman takeover 开顿城(覆盖)(鱼形人接管)
Clownsteady 科隆斯城
Clownsteady (override) malnourished 1 科隆斯城(覆盖)(发展不足1)
Clownsteady (override) malnourished 2 科隆斯城(覆盖)(发展不足2)
Clownsteady (override) prosperous 科隆斯城(覆盖)(繁荣)
Crab Nest 螃蟹巢穴
Crab Town 螃蟹镇
Crab Town (override) Gurgler takeover 螃蟹镇(覆盖)(喙嘴兽接管)
Crab Village 螃蟹村
Settlement 定居
Crab Village (override) destroyed 螃蟹村(覆盖)(摧毁)
Crab Village (override) Reaver takeover 螃蟹村(覆盖)(掠夺者接管)
Crumbling Labs 崩碎实验室
Cult town (override) destroyed 异教镇(覆盖)(摧毁)
Cult Village 异教镇
Cult village (override) slaver takeover 异教镇(覆盖)(奴隶主接管)
Dead Fishing Village 死鱼村
Dead Workshop 死亡车间
Ruined Holy Outpost 毁灭的神圣村庄
Deadhive Overrun 僵尸蜂巢族肆虐镇
Deadhive Overrun South (override) 南僵尸蜂巢族肆虐镇(覆盖)
Deadhive Overrun West (override) 西僵尸蜂巢族肆虐镇(覆盖)
Deadland Workshop 死亡之地车间
Distant Hive Village 远部蜂巢族之村
Drifter's Last 漂泊终地
Drifter's Last (override) half destroyed 漂泊终地(覆盖)(半摧毁)
Drifter's Last (override) prosperous 漂泊终地(覆盖)(繁荣)
Drin 德林镇
Drin (override) 德林镇(覆盖)
Drin (override) destroyed 德林镇(覆盖)(摧毁)
Drowned Ruins 沉没遗迹
Dust Bandit Camp 砂之土匪帮营地
Dust King Tower 砂之王塔
Empire Village 帝国村庄
Empty Lab 帝国实验室
Ruins 废墟
Empty Ruin 帝国废墟
Empty Ruins 空之废墟
Endin 终结城
Exile Camp 流亡者营地
Expedition 4 探险队4
Expedition 5 探险队5
Eyesocket 眼窝镇
Eyesocket (override) destroyed 眼窝镇(覆盖)(摧毁)
Fallen Tower 失落之塔
Unknown Object 未知目标
Farm Ruin 农场废墟
Farm Ruins 农场废墟
Farming Village 耕作村庄
First Village 第一村庄
Fish Isle 鱼岛
Village 村庄
Fishing Village 打渔村庄
Fishing Village (override) slaver takeover 打渔村庄(覆盖)(奴隶主接管)
Strange Town 陌生镇
Flats Lagoon 洼地泻湖镇
floodland sword nest 洪泛地剑巢
Lone Shack 独立棚屋
Flotsam Safehouse 浪忍团安全屋
Flotsam Village 浪忍团之村
Fog Deathyard 迷雾死亡围场
Fog Deathyard Invasion 迷雾死亡围场入侵迷雾
Fogman Nest Invasion 雾人巢穴入侵
Fort Mirage 蜃楼堡垒
Fort Simion 西蒙堡垒
Fort Simion (override destroyed) 西蒙堡垒(覆盖)(摧毁)
Fort Yabuta 薮田堡垒
Ruined Town 毁灭镇
Free Settlement 自由定居
Gatherer Village 集结者之村
Ghost Village 鬼魂之村
Goat Herder's Camp 山羊牧人的营地
Gorillo Nest 喙嘴猩猩巢穴
Grayflayer Village 格雷剥皮人帮之村
Grayflayer Village (override) 格雷剥皮人帮之村(覆盖)
Grayflayer Village (override) takeover 格雷剥皮人帮之村(覆盖)(接管)
Guard Outpost 警卫村庄
Gurgler Nest 鱼形人巢穴
Heft 赫夫特城
Heft (override) 赫夫特城(覆盖)
Heft (override) malnourished 赫夫特城(覆盖)(发展不足)
Heft (override) malnourished 2 赫夫特城(覆盖)(发展不足2)
Heft (override) malnourished 3 赫夫特城(覆盖)(发展不足3)
Heng 恒城
Heng (override) 恒城(覆盖)
Heng (override) half destroyed 恒城(覆盖)(半摧毁)
Heng (override) malnourished 恒城(覆盖)(发展不足)
Heng (override) prosperous 恒城(覆盖)(繁荣)
Hive Village 蜂巢族之村
Hive Village N (override) empty 北部蜂巢族之村(覆盖)(空)
Hiver-Claimed Armoury 蜂巢族宣称的军械库
Holy Farm 神圣农场
Holy Farm (override) takeover TG 神圣农场(覆盖)(天狗接管)
Holy Military Base 神圣军队基地
Holy Military Base (override) Deadhive 神圣军队基地(覆盖)(僵尸蜂巢族)
Holy Military Base (override) destroyed 神圣军队基地(覆盖)(摧毁)
Holy Mine Ruin 神圣矿井废墟
Holy Mines 神圣矿井
Holy Mines (override) destroyed 神圣矿井(覆盖)(摧毁)
Holy Mines (override) takeover 神圣矿井(覆盖)(接管)
Holy Mines (override) takeover TG 神圣矿井(覆盖)(天狗接管)
Nice Ruin 完美废墟
Horrible Ruin 恐怖废墟
housecamp raider 家营偷袭者
housecamp raider w/poles 携带杆子的家营偷袭者
Infested Lab 被污染的实验室
Iron HQ 铁之总部
Iron HQ (destroyed) 铁之总部(摧毁)
Iron HQ (south hive takeover) 铁之总部(南部蜂巢族接管)
Island Lab 岛屿实验室
Lab Ruin 实验室废墟
Ruin 废墟
Last Stand 终极要塞
Leaning Tower 斜塔
Library Ruins 图书馆废墟
Looted Ruins 被抢劫的废墟
Lost Armour Store 失落的铠甲商店
Lost Armoury 失落的军械库
Lost Library 失落的图书馆
Lost Library Outpost 失落的图书馆村庄
Lost Town 失落镇
Manhunter Base 猎人帮基地
Manhunter Base (override) 猎人帮基地(覆盖)
MARKER-Nest-Cower 标记-巢穴-退缩
Mercenary base 雇佣兵基地
Mercenary Camp 雇佣兵营地
Military Outpost 军队村庄
Mongrel 蒙格勒
Mourn 哀矿镇
Mud Town 泥镇
Narko's Trap 娜尔可的陷阱
nest armoury ruin
nest housecamp fishman
nest- king gorillo 巢穴-王之喙嘴猩猩
nest- lab ruin 巢穴-实验室废墟
nest- lab ruin gurglers 巢穴-实验室废墟鱼形人
nest library ruin
nest- megaraptor 巢穴-巨型掠夺者
Nest of Beak Things 长着喙的动物的巢穴
nest- shek military ruins 巢穴-沙克族军队废墟
nest spiders
nest trashed house
nestruin- holy outpost 巢穴废墟-神圣村庄
New Kralia 新卡拉利亚
New Kralia (override) 新卡拉利亚(覆盖)
Nowhere 无人知晓之地
Okran's Fist 奥克兰之拳
Okran's Fist (override) cannibals 奥克兰之拳(覆盖)(食人族)
Okran's Fist (override) half destroyed 奥克兰之拳(覆盖)(半摧毁)
Okran's Shield 奥克兰之盾
Okran's Shield (override) destroyed 奥克兰之盾(覆盖)(摧毁)
Okran's Shield (override) empire 奥克兰之盾(覆盖)(帝国)
Okran's Shield (override) reavers 奥克兰之盾(覆盖)(掠夺者)
Okran's Shield (override) shek 奥克兰之盾(覆盖)(沙克族)
Old Tower 旧塔
Old Empire Supply Outpost 旧帝国补给村
Old Empire Watchtower 旧帝国瞭望塔
Old Frontlines 旧前线
Old Village 旧村庄
Police Barracks 警察营
Port North 北部港口
Port North (override) destroyed 北部港口(覆盖)(摧毁)
Port North (override) farm town 北部港口(覆盖)(农场城镇)
Port South 南部港口
Port South (override) destroyed 南部港口(覆盖)(摧毁)
Port South (override) farm town 南部港口(覆盖)(农场城镇)
Post-Ancient Workshop 史前车间
Raided Caravan 被偷袭的商队
Raider Camp 偷袭者营地
Raider Camp (override) 偷袭者营地(覆盖)
Raptor Island 沼泽速龙岛
Ravaged Hamlet 被掠夺的村庄
Camp 营地
Reaver Camp 掠夺者营地
Reaver Camp (override) destroyed 掠夺者营地(覆盖)(摧毁)
Reaver Camp (south hive takeover) 掠夺者营地(南部蜂巢族接管)
Rebel Base 叛军基地
Rebirth 重生镇
Rebirth (override) destroyed 重生镇(覆盖)(摧毁)
Rebirth (override) takeover 重生镇(覆盖)(接管)
Red Sabre Hideout 赤色剑客团藏匿处
Reprogramming Workshop 再编工作站
River Nest 河流巢穴
Rot 腐烂镇
Rot (override) 腐烂镇(覆盖)
ruin- fogman resident 废墟-雾人居民
ruin warehouse 废墟仓库
Ruined Control Tower 废弃的控制塔
Ruined Farm 废弃农场
Ruined Tower 废弃塔
Scout Post 侦查岗
Building 建筑物
Scraphouse 废品屋
Secret Drug Farm 秘密毒品农场
Settled Nomad Village 定居流浪者的村庄
Settled Nomads 定居流浪者村
Settled Nomads (override) empty 定居流浪者村(覆盖)(空)
Shark 鲨鱼村
Shark (override) all ded 鲨鱼村(覆盖)(全死)
Shark (override) blackshifter 鲨鱼村(覆盖)(黑暗转变者)
Shark (override) Grayflayer 鲨鱼村(覆盖)(格雷剥皮人帮)
Shek Ruins 沙克废墟
Sho -Battai (override) cannibals 小巴泰镇(覆盖)(食人族)
Sho-Battai 小巴泰镇
Sho-Battai (override) half destroyed 小巴泰镇(覆盖)(半摧毁)
Sho-Battai (override) malnourished 小巴泰镇(覆盖)(发展不足)
Sho-Battai (override) malnourished + half destroyed 小巴泰镇(覆盖)(发展不足+半摧毁)
Sho-Battai (override) malnourished + half destroyed 2 小巴泰镇(覆盖)(发展不足+半摧毁2)
Sho-Battai (override) prosperous 小巴泰镇(覆盖)(繁荣)
Ska 斯卡
Skimmer Nest 剪嘴鸥巢穴
Skinhouse (override) destroyed 人皮之屋(覆盖)(摧毁)
Skinhouse (south hive takeover) 人皮之屋(南部蜂巢族接管)
Skinhouse HQ 人皮之屋总部
Creepy Outpost 骇人村庄
Skinhouse HQ (override) destroyed 人皮之屋总部(覆盖)(摧毁)
Slave Farm 奴隶农场
Slave Farm (override) destroyed 奴隶农场(覆盖)(摧毁)
Slave Farm S (override) destroyed 奴隶农场 S(覆盖)(摧毁)
Slave Farm S (override) farm town 奴隶农场 S(覆盖)(农场城镇)
Slave Farm South 南部奴隶农场
Slave Market (override) destroyed 奴隶市场(覆盖)(摧毁)
Slave Markets 奴隶市场
Market 市场
Slaver Camp 奴隶主营地
Small Skimmer Nest 小剪嘴鸥巢穴
Smugglers Bar 走私犯酒吧
Sniper Tower 狙击手之塔
South Stone Camp 南部石头营地
South Stone Camp (override) destroyed 南部石头营地(覆盖)(摧毁)
Hive 蜂巢族
Southern Hive 南部蜂巢族
Southern Hive Village 南部蜂巢族村庄
spider camp marker 蜘蛛营地标记
Factory 工厂
Spider Factory 蜘蛛工厂
Spring 泉眼镇
Squin 斯昆镇
Squin (override) destroyed 斯昆镇(覆盖)(摧毁)
Squin (override) new leader 斯昆镇(覆盖)(新领袖)
Squin (override) takeover 斯昆镇(覆盖)(接管)
Stack 斯塔克镇
Stack (override) destroyed 斯塔克镇(覆盖)(摧毁)
Stack (override) takeover 斯塔克镇(覆盖)(接管)
Stack (override) takeover 斯塔克镇(覆盖)(接管)
Stoat 白鼬镇
Stoat (override) half destroyed 白鼬镇(覆盖)(半摧毁)
Stoat (override) malnourished 白鼬镇(覆盖)(发展不足)
Stoat (override) malnourished half destroyed 白鼬镇(覆盖)(发展不足、半摧毁)
Stoat (override) malnourished half destroyed 2 白鼬镇(覆盖)(发展不足、半摧毁2)
Stoat (override) takeover 白鼬镇(覆盖)(接管)
Stoat (override) Yabuta 白鼬镇(覆盖)(薮田)
Stone Camp 石头营地
Stone Camp (override) destroyed 石头营地(覆盖)(摧毁)
Stone Rat Village 石鼠帮村庄
Stone Rat Village (override) 石鼠帮村庄(覆盖)
Stone Rat Village (takeover) 石鼠帮村庄(接管)
Strange Camp 陌生营地
Suspicious Lab 疑惧实验室
Swamp Ninja Base 沼泽地忍者基地
Swamp Raptor Nest 沼泽地沼泽速龙巢穴
Swamp Village 沼泽地村庄
Swamped Lab 陷入沼地的实验室
Tengu's Vault 天狗的地牢
The Bastion 堡垒城
The Forgotten Throne 遗忘王座镇
The Free City 自由城
The Great Fortress 大要塞
The Hub 枢纽城
The Old Prison 旧监狱城
Throne of the Bugmaster 虫之主王座
Tiny Settlement 微小定居地
Old Control Tower 旧控制塔
Tower of Abuse 滥用之塔
Tower of Fog 雾之塔
Tower Of Goats 山羊之塔
Tower Of Ninjas 忍者之塔
Tower of Spiders 蜘蛛之塔
Trader's Edge 商人边缘城
Trader's Edge (override) 商人边缘城(覆盖)
Trader's Edge (override) destroyed 商人边缘城(覆盖)(摧毁)
Trader's Edge (override) malnourished 商人边缘城(覆盖)(发展不足)
Trader's Edge (override) malnourished 1 商人边缘城(覆盖)(发展不足1)
Trader's Edge (override) prosperous 商人边缘城(覆盖)(繁荣)
Vagrant Camp 流浪者营地
Waystation Four 四号中继站
Waystation Ruins 中继站废墟
White Eyebrow Camp 白眉营地
Wolf Den 狼窝
Workshop Complex 复合工作站
World's End 世界尽头
Your Outpost 你的村庄
Chest 胸部
Head 头部
Left Arm 左臂
Left Foreleg 左前腿
Left Leg 左腿
Right Arm 右臂
Right Foreleg 右前腿
Right Leg 右腿
Stomach 腹部
Default start 默认开始
_Default Start _默认开始
_Low Start _低级开始
_start- freedom seekers _开始-自由探索者
Advanced Battery Capacity 进阶的电池容量
Each advancement in this study can increase battery capacity by 60 本研究中的每项进阶都能增加60的电池容量
Advanced Battery Power 进阶的电力
Advanced Cooking 进阶的烹饪技术
Better food can be made if more ingredients are available 如果有更多材料则能做出更好的食物
Contains theories for ridiculous looking, advanced harpoon turret designs that can supposedly fire multiple shots. 包含外观可笑,但进阶的鱼叉炮塔设计的理论,可以进行多次射击。
Advanced Harpoonery 进阶的鱼叉技能
Advanced first aid kits would last longer and save more lives. 进阶的急救包将持续更长时间并挽救更多生命。
Advanced Medicine 进阶的药物
Advanced Outpost Blueprints 进阶的村庄蓝图
Building regular old houses isn't going to get us far. We need to study some new fundamental engineering concepts that will allow us to build something bigger that can stand up to assaults from anything and everything. 建造普通的老房子无法支撑太久。我们需要研究一些新的基础工程概念,这些概念将使我们能够建立更大的东西,使我们能够抵御来自任何事物的攻击。
Advanced Splints 进阶的夹板技能
Advanced Stone Mining 进阶的采矿技术
Advanced Training Dummies 进阶的训练人形
A specially made training dummy, its pretty clever. It will let rookies train their attack skills to about level 15. There's no way a rookie can take his training any further than this without facing real combat. 特制的训练假人,非常聪明。它会让新手训练他们的攻击技能至15级。在不面临实战的情况下,这是最有效的新手训练技能的方式。
Training 训练
One day we will have the greatest swordsmiths in the world and blades that can cut a man clean in half with a single cut. Today though, we will have generic rubbish. 有一天,我们将拥有世界上最厉害的铸剑师和刀剑,可以一刀就将男人切成两半。但今天,我们有的只是普通的垃圾。
Advanced Weapon Grades 进阶的武器等级
Advanced Weapon Smithing 进阶的武器锻造
A better bench is needed to make the higher level stuff. 需要一个更好的工作台来制作更高级别的东西。
Advanced Wind Generator Theory 进阶的风力发电机理论
A more powerful large wind generator, with double the potential output 更强有力的大型风力发电机,具有双倍的电力产出能力
A further 15kw upgrade to all large generators. 对所有大型发电机15千瓦的升级。
Amplified Generators 增强发电机
Assassin Training II 2级暗杀训练
Train like a ninja and learn to knock people out from behind. 像一个忍者一样训练,并学会从背后袭击人。
Assassin Training III 3级暗杀训练
Automated Hybrid Mine 全自动混合矿山
Automated Mining Tech 全自动采矿科技
We're not going to get any further mining resources by hand. It's time to take it to the next level! 我们不再需要手动获得采矿资源。是时候升级到另一个水平了!
Automatic Flour Grinding 全自动面粉研磨技术
Automatic Loom (Cotton) 全自动织机(棉花)
Automatic Loom (Hemp) 自动织机(大麻)
An automatic version of the loom that requires minimal human work 织机的自动版本,需要极少的人工
Baking 烘焙
Wheatstraw isn't edible until you bake it into bread. 除非烘焙成面包,否则麦秸是不可食用的。
Basic Exterior Lighting 基础外部照明
First aid kits save lives, we need to look at being able to create our own. 急救包可拯救生命,我们需要考虑有能力创造自我。
Basic First Aid Kits 基础急救包
Stools and tables and stuff, totally useless really. 工具和桌子和其他东西,真的没什么用。
Basic Furniture 基础家具
One day we will have the greatest swordsmiths in the world and blades that can cut a man clean in half with a single cut. Today though, we will have rusted junk. 有一天,我们将拥有世界上最厉害的铸剑师和刀剑,可以通过一次砍切就将男人切成两半。但今天,我们只有生锈的垃圾。
Basic Weapon Grades 基础武器等级
The starting point of crafting our own weapons. 锻造自身武器的起点。
Basic Weapon Smithing 基础武器锻造
Batteries can store excess power and keep things running during emergencies. They are especially important if you rely on wind power. 电池可储存多余的电力并在紧急情况下保证机器的持续运转。如果你非常依赖风力,那么它们就极其重要。
Batteries 电池
Battery Capacity 电池容量
Battery Power 电力
A potential 10kw increase to battery output power 电池输出电力潜在的10千瓦的增加
Somewhere to rest and heal faster 休息以及更快治愈的地方
Better Training Dummies 更好的训练人形模型
A better training dummy would let rookies train their attack skills up to about level 10. 一个更好的训练人形模型会让新手训练他们的攻击技能至10级。
Biofuel 生物燃料
An ancient way of turning crops into generator fuel. Choose between electricity or starvation! 将庄稼转变为发电机燃料的古老方法。在电力和饥饿中进行选择吧!
Enables the crafting of Heavy bolts 可锻造重型弩箭
Bolts: Heavies 弩箭:重型
Enables the crafting of long-bolts 可锻造长款弩箭
Bolts: Longs 弩箭:长款
Enables the crafting of Regular bolts 可锻造普通款弩箭
Bolts: Regulars 弩箭:普通款
The basic ability to mine and create building materials 采矿和建造建筑材料的基础能力
Building Materials 建筑材料
A crop suitable for dry environments. 适合干燥环境的庄稼。
Cactus Farming 仙人掌作物
Important for any traveller, these tents are easily constructed out of spare fabrics and could save your life in an acid storm. 对任何旅行者都非常重要,这些帐篷很容易就能用多余面料制成,可以在酸雨中挽救你的生命。
Camp Shelter 营地庇护所
Chain Armour Crafting 链锁铠甲锻造技术
Chainmail eh? That's going to be bloody fiddly isn't it? 链甲是吗?那将对精度要求非常高不是嘛?
Cleavers 砍骨刀
With this we could craft clothes and stuff. For wearing. 有了这个我们就能锻造衣服以及物品。可供穿戴。
Clothing Manufacture 衣物制造
Using a lower friction material for the slide of a crossbow could increase the power by another 5%. 对十字弩侧面使用低摩擦度材料能额外增加5%的电力。
Composite Runners 复合行者
Cooking 烹饪
Copper Alloys 铜合金
Copper Alloy Plates are required for more high-tech engineering projects. 更多高科技工程项目都需要铜合金板。
Corpses make a mess and attract scavengers and predators and all kinds of trouble. Incineration would be the most effective solution. 尸体会弄得一团糟并吸引拾荒者与捕食者以及其他所有类型的麻烦。焚烧会是最有效的解决方案。
Corpse Disposal 尸体处理
If we can farm cotton we can use it to manufacture fabrics. 如果我们能种植棉花,我们就能将其用于制造织物。
Cotton Farming 棉花种植
A bench that would enable us to craft ammunition for crossbows 能让我们锻造用于十字弩的弹药的工作台
Crossbow Bolts 十字弩
A bench where we could craft our own crossbows 能锻造我们自己的十字弩的工作台
Crossbow Crafting 十字弩锻造
A spotlight that can be fitted to the mounted crossbow to help against night attacks 能装载安装好的十字弩上的射灯,以帮助对抗夜间攻击
Crossbow Turret Spotlight Fitting 十字弩炮塔射灯装置
Crossbow Turret Strings 十字弩炮塔战线
A fancier crossbow string technology that could increase the power of all mounted crossbows by 10%. 更强的十字弩线科技,能对所有的装载十字弩增加10%的战力。
Solid walls that we can actually stand and build turrets on. 我们实际上能在上面站立以及建造炮塔的结实墙体。
Defensive Walls 防御墙
Defence 防御
Desert Cooking 沙漠烹饪
Food that can be produced in desert environments 能在沙漠环境中生产的食物
Desert Sabres 沙漠剑客团
Double-Barrel Harpoon Turret 双筒鱼叉炮塔
Two shots instead of one, how great would that be? 由双筒代替单筒,那该有多棒啊?
Double-Barrel Turret Spotlight Fitting 双筒鱼叉炮塔射灯装置
A spotlight fitting for the double-barrel harpoon turrets 适用于双筒鱼叉炮塔的射灯装置
Durable Arms 耐用手臂
Here we could craft fundamental electrical components and parts. 在此我们能锻造基础电力组件与部件。
Electrical Crafting 电力锻造技术
Exotic Weapons 外来武器
Extra Durable Legs 额外的耐用之腿
Extra Strong Arms 额外的强壮手臂
Crafting 锻造技术
If we can make our own fabric it makes clothing and armour crafting more cost-effective. 如果我们能制造我们自己的布料,那就能使衣物与铠甲的锻造的性价比更高。
Fabric Manufacture 布料制造
Foreign Sabres 外来剑客团
Fragment Axe 碎片斧
Frustrated by heavily armoured opponents? Want to cut them in half with a single sweep? This is the weapon is for you! (Disclaimer: super human strength not included). 被配有重型装甲的对手打败了?想一下将它们切成两半?这件武器适合你!(免责声明:不包括超级人力)。
Fuel Generator Theory 燃料发电机技术
An electricity generator that runs on fuel. 靠烧燃料发电的电力发电机。
Fully Automatic Ore Drill 全自动矿石钻机技术
Storage for various types of weapons and armour 贮藏各种各样的武器与铠甲
Gear Storage 装备贮藏技术
Grog Distillation 格罗格酒蒸馏技术
A very common alchoholic drink, it would be a good source of income if we could produce it. 一款非常普通的酒精饮料,如果我们能生产,那它可以成为收入的好来源。
An option to fit a spotlight to turrets for aiding against night attacks 在炮塔上装设射灯以帮助对抗夜间攻击的选项
Harpoon Turret Spotlight Fitting 鱼叉炮塔射灯装置
Harpoon Turrets mkII 鱼叉炮塔mk2
A new weapon technology that should be more powerful and accurate than crossbow technology can achieve. 比十字弩技术更有力精确的新型武器科技。
Hashish Production 大麻生产
The production of hashish is dangerous, but potentially the most profitable. 生产大麻是非常危险的,但确是潜在条件下最能获利的。
A whole load of hats that could be crafted. 可以锻造的一大堆帽子。
Hats and Headgear 帽子与头饰
Core 核心部分
This would solve a fundamental engineering problem and enable us to build larger, sturdier structures. 这能解决基础的工程问题并能让我们建造更大,更坚固的建筑。
Heavy Building Foundations 重型建筑地基
An improved fuel generator. Larger and more powerful. 升级的燃料发电机。更大更强。
Heavy Generator Theory 重型发电机理论
Heavy Weapons 重型武器
Heavy weapons. Ridiculed by many and often hailed as \"cock extensions\", nothing is more amusing than watching some idiot try to fight with a weapon he can barely lift. But, if you work very, very hard, if you master it and build the necessary strength... maybe, just maybe you could become something very dangerous... 重型武器。被许多人嘲笑并经常被称为“击铁扩充套件”,没有什么比看着一些白痴尝试用他几乎无法拿起来的武器来战斗更有意思了。 但是,如果你非常非常努力地操作,如果你掌握它并有必要的力量……也许,也只是许,你可能会变得非常具有破坏性......
Hemp Farming 大麻作物
Hemp is a much more efficient source of fabrics, and can also be used for narcotics or medicine. 大麻是织物非常有效的来源,并且也能被用于麻醉剂或是药物。
Refining of hemp oil for an alternative method of biofuel production. 大麻油的精炼技术,生物燃料生产的另一种方法。
Hemp Oil Biofuel 大麻油生物燃料
Hemp-Based Fabric 大麻布料
An alternative source of fabric manufacture, much more efficient but may be illegal in some parts. 布料制造的另一种资源,更有效但也许在某些地方是非法的。
High-Speed Legs 高速之腿
A copy of the Hiver's \"Economy Arms\" 蜂巢族人“经济之臂”的复制品
Hiver Skeleton Arms 蜂巢族的骨人之臂
Hiver Skeleton Legs 蜂巢族的骨人之腿
A copy of the Hiver's \"Economy Legs\" technology, this will be the stepping stone to replacement limb production. 蜂巢族人“经济之腿”技术的复制品,这将是替换肢体生产的垫脚石。
Holed Sabres 洞式剑客团
Why bother with 2 machines that could be combined into one? A stone mine that immediately produces building materials 为什么要为能够合并成一台的两台机器而烦恼呢?能立即进行生产建筑材料的石矿
Hydroponics 水培技术
A way to reliably grow crops indoors would be the ultimate advantage for survival outposts deep in the inhospitable zones where food can not normally be grown. 在室内可靠地种植作物的方法,这将会是在通常不能种植食物的荒凉地区深处幸存村庄的最终优势。
We could build cages. This would allow us to capture and interrogate certain people, temporarily store bounties, or even keep hostages for ransom. Actually this is starting to sound pretty wrong, be careful we don't end up going down the wrong path. 我们可以建造笼子。这将使我们能够捕获和审问某些人,暂时关押悬赏犯,甚至为了赎金关押人质。实际上这听起来很不对,要小心我们最终不会走错路。
Imprisonment 监禁
Improved Stone Mining 高级采矿技术
Some basic lighting so we're not working in the darkness 一些基础照明,这样我们就不会在黑暗中工作了
Indoor Lighting 室内照明
Iron plates are a fundamental building material for machinery. It's vital that we can make our own. 铁板是机械的基础建筑材料。它很重要,我们能自己做。
Iron Plates IV 4级铁板
Item Storage 物品贮藏技术
Jittes 十手刀
A classic weapon, light, sharp and fast. Deadly and beautiful, but the fine skill they require makes them less commonly used than other blades. 一种经典武器,轻便、尖锐且快速。致命但美丽,但使用它们需要精湛的记忆,因此它们不像其他的刀一样能被普遍使用。
Katanas 武士刀
Much larger building shells with more secure workspace 更大的建筑外壳,有更多安全的工作区
Large Building Shells 大型建筑外壳
To make our walls any bigger we would need to rebuild them with stronger foundations. 要使我们的墙壁更大,我们就需要在更强的地基上重建它们。
Large Defensive Walls 大型防御墙
Leather Armour Crafting 皮甲锻造技术
With this we would have the basis to make our own clothing and light armour. The same equipment could also be used to make under-armour and bandages. 有了这个,我们就有了制作自己的服装和铠甲的基础。同样的设备也可用于制造装甲下的衣物和绷带。
A stand-alone electrical light. On a post. 独立的电灯。在灯柱上。
Light Post Efficiency 灯柱电力
A more energy-efficient light post 更有效的灯柱
Electrics 电路
Light Wind Generator Theory 轻型风力发电机理论
Smaller lighter generators would work better in environments with low wind, or provide more consistent power where the weather is erratic. 更小更轻的发电机可以在风力较小的环境中更好地工作,或者在天气不稳定的情况下提供更稳定的电力。
Lockpick Training 撬锁训练
Learning to picklocks is hard to get started in. It's too late to learn once you're locked in a cage, training is needed to get your foot on the ladder. 学习撬锁是很难入门的。一旦你被困在笼子里再开始学习就太迟了,需要进行训练才能让你跨进这一行业的门槛。
Lockpick Training II 2级撬锁训练
Lockpick Training III 3级撬锁训练
Long Cleavers 长款砍骨刀
The heavy cleaver, it bridges the gap between sabres and heavy weapons. Some people like 'em. 重型砍骨刀,它介于军刀和重型武器之间。有些人很喜欢它们。
Longswords 短柄佩刀
Defensive walls that would keep all those bastard bandits out. 能阻挡所有杂种土匪的防御墙。
Makeshift Walls 临时墙
Medicine 药物
Better first aid kits would last longer and save more lives. 更好的急救包能够有更长的保存时间,也能救更多的人命。
Bigger buildings with more space. 拥有更多空间的更大建筑。
Medium Building Shells 中型建筑外壳
Mounted Crossbows 装载十字弩
Heavy ranged weapons could defend the walls and keep bandits off our gates. Mounting on the walls would be best, because once an enemy gets too close you would be vulnerable to attack. 重型远程武器可以防御墙体并防止土匪进入我们的大门。安装在墙壁上是最好的,因为一旦敌人离得太近,你就很容易受到攻击。
Mounted Crossbows II 2级装载十字弩
An all-round better design that improves speed, range, reload and damage. 全方位更好的设计,可提高速度、射程、填弹和伤害。
Naginatas 薙刀
Ninja Blades 忍者之刀
A smaller, lighter katana popular with ninjas because they're so good for stabbing. 更小更轻便的武士刀,在忍者之间非常流行,因为它们非常适合捅刺。
An extended katana. Heavier, with increase range and damage at the expense of speed. 一把延长了的武士刀。更重,以速度为代价增加了射程与伤害。
This would speed up mining a great deal 这能大幅度地加速采矿
Ore Drill 矿石钻机
Outpost Type III 村庄类型3
Outpost Type IV 村庄类型4
Paladin's Cross 圣骑士十字
Plate Armour Crafting 板铠甲锻造技术
Serious armour needs solid buggerin' plates of steel stuck on to it. 厉害的铠甲上面需要粘有坚固的钢板。
Polearms 长柄刀
The Stone Processor requires too much manpower, we need to improve the design so we can get more output with less workers, but it's going to need to be powered by a generator. 矿石处理器需要太多的人力,我们需要改进设计,以便我们可以用更少的工人获得更多的产量,但它需要由发电机提供动力。
Powered Stone Refinery 电动炼铁机
Prototype Harpoon Turrets 原型鱼叉炮塔
It would save us a lot of running around to sell goods if we could get the customers to come to us. 如果我们能让顾客来找我们,就能省去我们外出卖东西的麻烦了。
Public Sales 公开销售
Placing these on the roofs of buildings can collect the rainwater in areas where wells can't be used. 将这些放置在建筑物的屋顶上可以在不能使用井的区域收集雨水。
More useless furniture to clog up your house with. 更多能装满你的家的无用家具。
Random Furniture 随机家具
Revolving-Barrel Harpoon Turret 转筒鱼叉炮塔
This crazy design could fire 6 shots in rapid succession, although it would probably sacrifice some power and accuracy. 这一疯狂的设计能快速连发6次,尽管它可能会牺牲一些战力与精度。
Riceweed Farming 水稻作物
A common crop in the swamps 沼泽地的普通作物
Ringed Sabres 铁环剑客团
Robotics 机器人科学
Regular first aid kits are no help for Skeletons, we would need to craft special machinery kits to repair any damage. 常规的急救包对骨人没有任何帮助,我们需要制作特殊的机械套件来修复任何损坏部分。
Farming 耕作
If we have water, and we have cactus, then we could brew rum... 如果我们有水又有仙人掌的话,那我们就能酿朗姆酒了……
Rum Brewing 朗姆酒酿造
A good heavy bladed sabre. 不错的重型军刀。
Sabres 军刀
Sake is a traditional Swamper's drink, but also very popular in the United Cities. Alcohol production is often a good source of income. 清酒是传统的沼泽居民饮料,但在联合城里非常受欢迎。酒精生产通常是收入的好来源。
Sake Distillation 清酒蒸馏技术
A powerful searchlight for mounting on gates and walls 可装载于大门和墙体的强力探照灯
Search Lights 探照灯
Semi-Automatic Ore Drill 半自动矿石钻机蒸馏机
A semi-automatic drilling machine that only needs a single operator 只需要单个操作员的半自动的蒸馏钻机
Simple Clothing Types 简单服装的种类
More types of clothing available to craft. 可用来的制作的更多种类的衣服。
Smithing 锻造
Simple Training Dummies 简单训练用假人
Damn rookies are useless. Keep getting beat up because they can't hit anything. A basic training dummy would let them train their attack skills up to about level 5. 该死的新手毫无用处。因为他们无法击中任何东西,就要继续被揍。受过基础训练的傻子会提升他们的攻击技能达至等级5。
Skeleton Arms 骨人族上肢
Advanced high-tech arms like what the skeletons have. 像骨人族所拥有的高级的高科技上肢。
Skeleton Legs 骨人族下肢
Advanced high-tech legs like what the skeletons have. 像骨人族所拥有的高级的高科技下肢。
Skeleton Repair Beds 骨人族修床
Savant's secret alchemical formula for turning skeletons into humans 学者的炼金术密码配方,能使骨人族变成人类
Skeleton-Human Transformation Bible 骨人族转换成人类的圣经
Sleeping Bags 睡袋
Useful things for any traveller. 对旅行者有用的东西。
Small House 小房子
We need something bigger than a shack if we are going to get any work done. 如果我们要把活做了就要找个比小屋更大的东西。
Splints 夹板
Splint kits would allow medics to add support to leg injuries, helping you out-run cannibals and stuff. 夹板急救装备会给予更多的药物以治疗脚伤,帮助你跑得比食人族或者别人快。
Stealth Legs 潜行腿
Steel bars are used to craft advanced weapons and gear, we can refine them from raw iron ore. 钢条用于制造先进的武器和装备,我们可以用原铁矿石精炼它们。
Steel Bars 钢条
Stone Refinery Upgrade 升级石材精炼厂
The Stone Processor requires too much manpower, we need to improve the design so we can get more output with less workers. 石材处理器需要太多人力,我们需要改进设计,以便用更少的人力获得更多的产量。
Storage Boxes 储物盒
Things will go a lot smoother if we organise an efficient method to store and distribute our raw materials. Otherwise things are going to get jammed up. If a dude wants to haul a load of raw stone to the Stone Processor, and his inventory is full of iron ore, what's he gonna do? Exactly. He needs some kind of storage box. Geez! 如果我们用一种有效的方法来储存和分配我们的原材料,事情就会顺利得多。否则事情就会陷入困境。如果一个人想把一车生石头运到石材加工厂,而他的库存里全是铁矿石,他会怎么做?完全正确。他需要一个储具。天啊!
Storage Boxes: Crafting 储物盒:制作
Storage Boxes: Farming 储物盒:农业
Farms by nature take a long time to grow, then suddenly harvest season comes and you have mountains of crops everywhere and nowhere to put them. Storage is important, be ready for harvest. 自然条件下的农作物需要很长时间才能成长,然后收获季节会突然来临,你有大量的庄稼无处可放。 储存很重要,要为收获做好准备。
Things will go a lot smoother if we organise an efficient method to store and distribute our raw materials. Otherwise things are going to get jammed up. 如果我们用一种有效的方法来存储和分发原材料,事情会变得更顺畅。 否则事情就会陷入困境
Storage Boxes: Ore 储物盒:矿石
Strong Defensive Walls 结实的防御墙
A bigger, better research desk would allow us to research bigger, better things. 一个更大更好的研究台,可以让我们研究更大更好的东西。
Tech Level 2 科技 2级水平
Tech Level 3 科技 3级水平
Tech Level 4 科技 4级水平
Tech Level 5 科技 5级水平
Tech Level 6 科技 6级水平
The ultimate level, the best equipment, the best scientists. 最高水平,最好的设备,最好的科学家。
A nice balance for those who find fragment axes too clumsy and blunt, the plank retains some of the extra deadly traits of a regular sword, while still remaining ridiculously crude. 对于那些认为碎片斧太笨拙太钝的人来说,砍刀保留了一些普通剑的额外致命特征,但是仍然十分笨拙粗糙。
The Plank 砍刀
Thievery Training 偷窃训练
Something to train your ability to steal things without making noise 能够训练你偷东西时不会产生噪音
Thievery Training II 偷窃训练 2级
Thievery Training III 偷窃训练 3级
Toppers 大头刀
A forgotten weapon of the old empire. 旧帝国被遗忘的武器。
Turret Training 训练炮塔
Turret Training II 训练炮塔 2级
Turret Training III 训练炮塔 3级
A practice turret would be a quick way to train up some basic competence in the use of mounted turret weapons. 练习炮塔是训练使用装载炮塔武器的一些基本能力的快速方法。
Upgraded Small Generators 进阶小型发电机
A further 15kw upgrade to all small generators. 所有小型发电机再升级15kw。
A shorter variant of the Katana, they are fast and sharp but generally used as backup weapons. 较短版本的武士刀,它们快速而锋利,但通常用作备用武器。
Wakizashis 肋差
Weapon Melting 武器熔炉
A big furnace that could melt down old metal weapons and armour back into raw iron. 一个巨大的熔炉,可以熔化旧的金属武器和铠甲,把它们变回生铁。
Wells II 2级水井
Upgrading our wells to reach deeper and access more water. 升级我们的水井,以深入更深处,获取更多水。
Industry 工业
Wells III 3级水井
A good all-round sturdy crop, though it needs grinding before you can make food. 一种良好的顽强的作物,虽然它需要研磨才能制作食物。
Wheatstraw Farming 麦秸耕种
Wind Generator Theory 风力发电机理论
Wind generators can generate power out of nothing! Free energy! At this stage we will have to buy the components needed to build it with. 风力发电机可以无中生有! 免费的能源! 在这个阶段,我们将不得不购买构建它所需的组件。
Backpack designed to fit Bulls 一个能适合公牛用的背包
Bull Backpack 公牛背包
Garru Backpack 加鲁兽背包
Backpack designed to fit Gars 一个能适合加鲁兽用的背包
Large Backpack 巨型背包
This backpack is huge. Don't even think about fighting with this on your back. The thing weighs a ton just when its empty. Do you seriously think you can fill it full of iron or something and be able to lift it? Let alone carry it across the desert!? Go get a smaller one. 这个背包很大。 不要想背着它战斗。 就算它是空的,也重达一吨。 你真的觉得可以装满铁或者其他东西之后再举起它? 更不用说穿越沙漠了!? 去拿一个小的吧。
Medium Backpack 中型背包
A medium sized backpack, with a good weight distribution, so you can handle more weight. It will hinder you a bit in combat though. 一个中等大小的背包,具有良好的重量分布,所以你可以处理更多的重量。 但它会在战斗中阻碍你。
Medium backpack (colored) 中型背包(彩色)
A cheap and useful backpack, commonly associated with peasants and scavengers. 一种便宜又实用的背包,通常与平民和清道夫有关。
Scavenger's Basket 拾荒者的篮子
Shopkeeper goods bag 店主货物包
A bag designed for shopkeepers. Not for travelling around with. 专为店主设计的包。 不适合四处旅行。
A bag designed for shopkeepers. Not designed for travelling around with. 专为店主设计的包。 不适合四处旅行。
Shopkeepers Backpack 店主背包
A small and light backpack that will help you carry extra supplies, and can be ditched in an emergency. The comfortable weight distribution allows you to carry a lot more weight, and will only slow you down very slightly in a fight. 小巧轻便的背包,可以帮助你携带额外的物品,可以在紧急情况下将它丢弃。 舒适的重量分配可以使你承受更多的重量,并且只会在战斗中轻微减慢你的速度。
Small Backpack 小型背包
Small Backpack (colored) 小型背包(彩色)
A bag used by professional thieves and ninjas. Well made and designed not to hinder your stealth while you fill it with other people's posessions. 专业小偷和忍者使用的包。 经过了精心设计,在你潜行的时候不会妨碍你鬼鬼祟祟的行动。
Small Thieves Backpack 小型小偷背包
Thieves Backpack 小偷背包
A specialist backpack for traders. Allows better stacking of large items within a smaller space, particularly trade goods. Not designed to wear during a sword fight though. 商人的专业背包。 可以在较小的空间内更好地堆叠大件物品,特别是贸易商品。 但是不适合背着它持剑战斗。
Traders Backpack Large 巨型商人背包
Traders Backpack Medium 中型商人背包
A specialist backpack for traders. Allows better stacking of large items within a smaller space, particularly trade goods 商人的专业背包。 可以在较小的空间内更好地堆叠大件物品,特别是贸易商品
A wooden backpack with a built in sun shade. It's the height of luxury for the travelling trader. 木制背包,内置遮阳帘。 对于商人来说,这是奢侈品。
Trader's Wooden Backpack 商人的木质背包
A backpack that allows for better stacking of large items within a smaller space, particularly trade goods. 这种背包可以在较小的空间内更好地堆叠大件物品,特别是贸易商品。
Wooden Backpack 木质背包
001 001
animal 动物
Catun No.1 开顿城1号
Catun No.2 开顿城2号
Catun No.3 开顿城3号
crossbow 十字弩
Edge Type 1 1号边缘城
Edge Type 2 2号边缘城
Edge Type 3 3号边缘城
Handheld Crossbow 手持十字弩
Industrial 007 工业 007
Meitou 铭物
Merchants Blade 商人之刃
Mid-Grade Salvage 中级救助
Mk 0 Mk 0式
Mk I Mk 1式
Mk II Mk 2式
Mk III Mk 3式
Mk IV Mk 4式
Mk V Mk 5式
Mk VI Mk 6式
Old Refitted Blade 旧改装刀
Refitted Blade 改装刀
Rusted Junk 生锈的垃圾
This weapon is long dead. Give it a proper burial. 这件武器已经废了很久了。 把它埋了吧。
This weapon probably used to be decent enough, but is long past retirement 这件武器以前可能挺不错的,但已经荒废很久了
Rusting blade-
The condition of this weapon is terrible. Its barely worth using it to dig holes with. 这件武器的状况很糟糕。 勉强可以用它挖洞。
Rusting Blade 生锈的兵刃
Spring-Bat 春之蝙蝠
Tooth Pick 牙签
This weapon dates back to the old empire. It's not great, but it says something that it has lasted this long. It's been re-fitted and sharpened in recent times, and still holds a good edge. 这种武器可以追溯到旧帝国时期。 不是很伟大,但也流传了这么长时间。 它最近被重新装配和磨锐,仍然保持良好的优势。
Ancient 古人
The Catun Scrapmasters are probably the only major smithing group producing weapons in the modern age. Their blades are good quality and used all over the continent. 开顿废品大师可能是现代唯一一个主要生产武器的铁匠集团。 他们的刀片质量很好,遍布整个大陆。
Catun Scrapmaster 开顿废品大师
There was at some point in history a legendary master smith, of whom nothing is known except his (...her?) name from the blade inscriptions: \"Cross\". The blades never rust or need sharpening, and are said to be unbreakable. There are only a handful in existence. 在历史上某个时刻,有一位传奇的铁匠大师,人们唯一知道的只有他(……或者她)在武器上刻的符号:“十字”。 十字的刀刃永远不会生锈,也不需要磨刀,据说坚不可摧。 只有极少数留存了下来。
Cross 十字
The Edgewalkers were a group of smiths from the old fallen empire hundreds of years ago. Little is known about them except that their weapons have survived these hundreds of years in near-perfect condition and their quality is unrivalled by anything crafted in the modern age. 数百年前,边缘步行者是一群来自这个古老的已经灭亡的帝国的铁匠。 他们的武器在近乎完美的条件下存活了数百年,并且其质量是现代所制造的任何武器都无法比拟的,除此之外,人们对他们知之甚少。
Edgewalkers 边缘步行者
Homemade 自制
This weapon was made by your faction. 这个武器是你的派系制造的。
Skeleton Smiths 骨人铁匠
Skeletons from the Black Desert City produce blades solely for personal use, however it's inevitable that some eventually end up in circulation. 来自黑色沙漠城的骨人所打造的刀刃,仅供自身使用,但有些刀片还是会不可避免地流往各处。
These weapon types are under factory recall. Their stats will deteriorate over time. Please sell them and buy something else. 这些武器类型正被工厂召回。 随着时间的推移,他们的统计数据会不断恶化。请出售它们并购买其他东西。
Truth Two-
Unknown 未知
This weapon is probably a few hundred years old, any indentifiable markings have long since rusted away. 这种武器可能已有几百年的历史,任何可识别的标记早已生锈。
Travel Gear 旅行装备
Travel and Repairs 旅行和修理
Waystation 中继站
Lab no.2 2号实验室
Narko's Evil Tower 娜尔可的邪恶之塔
Crab Takeover 螃蟹收购处
Ash Dome I 1级灰烬穹顶
Ash Dome II 2级灰烬穹顶
Ash Dome III 3级灰烬穹顶
Ash Dome IV 4级灰烬穹顶
Bakery 面包店
Bank 银行
Bar 酒吧
Battery Station 蓄电池站
Faction HQ 派系总部
The Great Library 大图书馆
Bugmaster 虫师
hq king 总部国王
Hut 小屋
Cannibal Hunter HQ 食人族猎人总部
Meat Lord's Hut 肉食之主的小屋
Catun Scrapmasters 开顿废品大师
Trashed 垃圾场
Residential 住宅
Residential Small 小型住宅
Crab Bar 螃蟹酒吧
Crab Shop 螃蟹商店
Palace of the Crab Queen 螃蟹女王宫殿
Crab Smithy 螃蟹铁匠铺
Worker Hut 工蜂小屋
Big Shop 大型商店
Skeleton Storage 骨架仓储
Drug Farm 毒品农场
Noble House 贵族住宅
Police Station 派出所
Labs 实验室
Farm Shop 农场商店
family 家庭
Fish Shop 鱼商店
flophouse 地下室
Refuge 避难所
Ruin Vain 虚荣废墟
Power Station 发电站
Bandit Throne 土匪王座
Hive Throne 蜂巢族王座
Hive Trader 蜂巢族交易员
General Storage 一般仓储
Barracks 兵营
Hospital 医疗站
Materials Storage 材料仓储
Temple 寺庙
HQ 总部
Hydroponic 水培耕作
Inhabited Lab 有人居住的实验室
police 警察
Police Station Throne 皇家警署
Outpost 前哨站
Large Storage 巨型仓储
Library 图书馆
Outpost Storage 前哨仓储
Nest 藏匿处
barracks 营房
Robotics Workshop 机器人技术车间
Abandoned HQ 废弃总部
outpost 前哨站
Reaver 掠夺者
Barracks 2 2号营房
Scrapyard 废料场
General Shop 综合商店
Armor Shop 防具商店
Armory 军械库
Clothing Shop 服装商店
bar2 2号酒吧
Clothes Shop 衣物商店
Headgear Shop 头饰商店
Robotics Shop 机器人商店
Tech Workshop 科技车间
Mechanical Shop 机械商店
shop 商店
Boot Shop 靴子商店
Ranger Shop 射弩商店
Weapon Shop 武器商店
Skeleton Bar 骨架吧
Skinhouse 人皮之屋
Old Skinhouse 老旧人皮之屋
Cages 牢笼
Slaver Stage 奴隶主舞台
Slaver Bar 奴隶主酒吧
slaver 奴隶贩子
Slave Shop 奴隶商店
lootstore 赃物商店
Power Station Small 小型发电站
Ruin Robot 损毁的机器人
Ruin Rot 腐朽的废墟
Used Clothing Shop 曾经的衣物商店
Materials Wholesaler 材料批发商
Tech Hunter Shop 科技猎人商店
Smithy 铁匠铺
Shop 商店
Hideout 隐蔽所
Tech Hunter Bar 科技猎人酒吧
Residential Robot 住宅机器人
Faction Throne 派系王位
Prison 监牢
The Dancing Skeleton 跳舞的骨人
Thieves 盗贼
Faction HQ Cages 派系总部牢笼
Control Facility 控制设备
Nomad Animal Shop 流浪者动物商店
Traders Guild HQ 商人行会总部
Trader HQ 交易总部
Abandoned House 废弃房屋
Science HQ 科学总部
Hill Hut 山中小屋
hq 总部
Warehouse 仓库
Cooking! 烹饪!
Incinerating 焚烧
Shredding 切碎
Empire Citizen 帝国市民
A simple citizen of the United Cities, you lost your job and your house at the whim of a noble lord. Faced with poverty and starvation, which is a crime in this place, you decide to head out of town and find some form of self-employment before you starve to death. 联合城的普通市民,由于贵族主人的一时兴起你失去了工作和房屋。面临在此地被视为罪行的贫穷与饥饿,你决定在饿死之前走出城镇,寻找某种自营职业。
A homeless and hungry drifter rescues an abandoned puppy. It seems pretty useless. Maybe he will just eat it. 一个无家可归、饥肠辘辘的漂泊者救了一只被遗弃的小狗。它似乎非常没用。也许他只会吃了它。
Guy with a dog 带着狗的家伙
Holy Nation Citizen 圣国市民
The world outside is said to be barbaric and violent and full of monstrosities, but you decide to venture out and decide for yourself. 外面的世界据说非常野蛮暴力并且满是巨大丑陋的怪物,但你决定出去闯一闯再做定夺。
A group of five nobodies, with nothing to their name, ready to go out and do something about it. 五个无名之辈组成的团队,他们没有姓名,准备出去做点什么。
Nobodies 无名之辈
Rock Bottom 谷底
You've hit absolute rock bottom. You are alone, unarmed, naked and hungry, lost in the middle of a harsh desert teeming with slavers, and you just lost an arm. Good luck. 你完全跌到了谷底。你孤身一人、没有武器、赤身裸体、饥肠辘辘,迷失在满是奴隶主的荒漠之中,而且你刚刚失去了一条手臂。祝你好运。
Very Hard 非常困难
Your father was a respected Captain in the United Cities army. He was killed in action, and after burning through your meagre savings looking for work, you find yourself penniless and hungry, with nothing left but your father's trusty katana and the shirt on your back. The United Cities are still your allies, but you will need them if you run into any troops from the Holy Empire. Those guys really hate you. 你的父亲是联合城军队内一位受人尊敬的长官。他在行动中被杀了,在你寻找工作的微薄积蓄被烧之后,你发现自己身无分文且饥肠辘辘,除了你父亲可信赖的武士刀和你背上的衬衫之外别无他物。联合城仍然是你的盟友,但如果你遇到来自圣国的任何军队,你将需要他们。 那些家伙真的很讨厌你。
Son of a Captain 长官之子
Normal 普通
WARNING: You will be attacked immediately upon game start. Not recommended for a first time play. 警告:游戏开始后,你马上就会被袭击。不推荐做为第一次的玩法。
The Cannibal Hunters 食人族猎人
Dodgy 炼狱难度
Action RPG 动作RPG
Fed up with stifled city life and taxes, you gather a band to head out and found your own home base. You have assembled a group of 5 other like-minded people, and you've gathered a good supply of building materials to get started with. 你厌倦了令人窒息的城市生活和税收,你集结了一个小队外出并找到了自己的家园基地。你已经组建了一个由其他五个志同道合的人组成的团队,并且已经收集了大量的建筑材料。
Easy/Hard combination 简单/困难 混合
Real-time strategy 即时战略
The Freedom Seekers 自由探索者
The Hive Exile 蜂巢族流亡者
You have been exiled from your hive for not loving the queen enough, sent out into the wilds with no food or equipment. If you don't die from pheremone withdrawl or beak things, you'll be faced with finding your place among the insane human civilisations. 因为你没有足够地爱女王,所以已你被蜂巢族驱逐送到了野外,没有任何食物或设备。如果你不是因为费洛蒙的退化或是因为被喙嘴兽袭击而死,那么你将面临在疯狂的人类文明中找到自己的生存位置的问题。
Wanted Criminal 通缉犯
Harder 更加困难
A down and out and wanted criminal, scavenging a battlefield you find something interesting. A legendary sword said to be the work of the gods themselves. Someone's going to be missing this, that's for sure. But who cares? It's YOUR legendary sword now. 一个潦倒的通缉犯,在清扫战场时找到了一些有趣的东西。一把据说是神明作品的传奇之剑。肯定会有人会错过这东西。但谁会在乎呢?它现在是你的传奇之剑了。
The Holy Sword 圣剑
HINT: Get into a cage straight away to avoid a beating 提示:立即进入笼子以避免殴打
Hard 困难
The Slaves 奴隶
Seeking to make your fortune, you spent the last of your savings on a backpack full of trade goods and a pack animal, and are about to start a new life as a trader. 为了赚钱,你把最后一笔钱花在了一个装满商品的背包和一只驮畜上,并且即将作为商人开始新的生活。
The Wandering Trader 流浪商人
Easy 简单
Trading RPG 商业RPG
Wanderer 流浪者
Default 默认
You are just a lone wanderer with nothing but a few coins, a pair of pants and a rusty sword, ready to venture out into the world. This is the way the game is intended to be played. 你只是一个孤独的流浪者,只有几枚硬币、一条裤子和一把生锈的剑,准备在这个世界进行冒险。这就是游戏的进行方式。
1st 第一
1st contact 第一轮接触
Attack enemy town 攻击敌人城镇
food run 食物耗尽
kidnap raid 绑架偷袭
raid 1 偷袭1
raid filler 小型偷袭
raid massive 大型偷袭
raid01 偷袭01
tax collector 税吏
Barnabus 巴纳布斯
Beak Thing 喙嘴兽
Beloved Goat 宠儿山羊
Blood Spider 血之蜘蛛
Bonedog 骨犬
Cleanser Unit 清洁组件
Cornelius 科尼利厄斯
Crab 螃蟹
Domesticated Bull 家牛
Gorillo 喙嘴猩猩
Great White Gorillo 巨型白色喙嘴猩猩
Horse Dog 马犬
Iron Spider 铁之蜘蛛
King 国王
King Gorillo 喙嘴猩猩之王
Landbat 陆地蝙蝠
Leviathan 利维坦
Megacrab 巨型螃蟹
Megaraptor 巨型沼泽速龙
Mountain Dog 山犬
Mr Gigantus 巨蟹先生
Pack Beast 驮兽
Pack Beast Dead 死亡的驮兽
Pack Bull 驮牛
Pet Dog 宠物犬
River Raptor 河之沼泽速龙
Security Spider 安全蜘蛛
Security Spider II 2级安全蜘蛛
Settler's Pup 定居者的小狗
Skimmer 剪嘴鸥
Skin Spider 人皮蜘蛛
Swamp Raptor 沼泽沼泽速龙
The Crabinator 螃蟹终结者
Titus 提多
War Gorillo 战斗喙嘴猩猩
Wild Bull 野牛
Beak Thing Egg 喙嘴兽蛋
Nobles pay a lot of money for this rare delicacy. Many people die trying to steal them. 贵族愿意为这种罕见的美味付一大笔钱。许多人都试图偷窃他们。
Big Dung 巨型粪便
Bone Fragment 骨头碎片
Bone Fragment-small ones 骨头碎片(小)
A worthless egg shell 无用蛋壳
Broken Egg 破碎的蛋
Crab Egg 螃蟹卵
A live crab egg, worth a little bit of money. 活的螃蟹蛋,值一点钱。
You're touching poo. 你正在接触粪便。
Dung 粪便
Gurgler Egg 鱼形人的蛋
A creepy Fishman egg, stolen from the Gurglers. 令人毛骨悚然的鱼形人之蛋,从鱼形人处偷窃所得。
nest awning 巢穴遮篷
nest carpet 巢穴地毯
RoboPiece_NestItems 机器人碎片_巢穴物品
Trash2 垃圾2
Trash3 垃圾3
Trash4 垃圾4
Trash 垃圾
Trash5 垃圾5
lantern hip 灯笼基节
Lantern_Eletrical_onPole 灯笼_电_杆上
Lantern_Gas_onPole 灯笼_气_杆上
Packbeast lantern 驮兽灯笼
Hound Reinforcements 猎犬援兵
Allied Reinforcements 联盟援兵
Jonin Assault 浪人攻击
Raid 偷袭
Hired Thugs 受雇的恶棍
Mercs For Hire 可雇佣的雇佣兵
Bandit Raid 土匪偷袭
Cannibal Swarm 食人族群
Mighty Canhead 大力士罐头人
Cannibal Raid 食人族偷袭
Scrawny Raid 骨瘦食人族偷袭
Crabbed Ones 有蟹之人
Crab Remedial Round 螃蟹复活赛
Crab Tournament! 螃蟹锦标赛!
Crab Quarter Finals 螃蟹四分之一决赛
Crab Semi Finals! 螃蟹半决赛!
Crab Tournament Final! 螃蟹锦标赛决赛!
Bandit Rage 土匪之怒
Bandit Demands 土匪需求
United Cities Assault 联合城市攻击
Drug Bust 毒品搜查
Eyegore's Assault 目之血攻击
Noble's Wrath 贵族之怒
Noble's Wrath Assault 贵族之怒攻击
Tax Evasion Enforcement 逃税执法
Elite Hunter Assault 精英猎人攻击
Eyegore Assault 目之血攻击
Tax Man Visit 税吏来访
Tax Collector 税吏
The Fog
Empire Rebel Visit 帝国叛军来访
Coast Raid 海岸偷袭
Hive Attack 蜂巢族攻击
Retribution Of God 上帝的惩罚
Wrath Of God 上帝之怒
Holy Nation Assault 圣国攻击
Holy Assault 神圣攻击
Prayer Day 祈祷日
Revenge Of The Hounds 猎犬帮复仇
Hound Check In 猎犬帮签到
Hound's Welcome 猎犬帮的欢迎
Southern Hive Visit 南部蜂巢族来访
Hive Eviction 蜂巢族驱逐
Beast Trader 野兽商人
Materials Trader 材料商人
Farm Trader 农场商人
Caravan Visit 商队来访
Blooded Raid 血之偷袭
Ninja Raid 忍者偷袭
Enemy Hunt 敌人猎杀
Invincible Vengeance 无敌仇杀队
Shek Challengers 沙克族挑战者
Challenger Of The Undefeated 无敌挑战者
Shek Revenge 沙克族复仇
Return For Blood 血之回归
Stone Golem's Revenge 石魔的复仇
Shek Proving 沙克族证明
Shek Challenge 沙克族挑战
Tribute Round 祭品回合
Return For Tribute 祭品之回归
The Big Skin Harvest 人皮大丰收
Skin Harvest 人皮丰收
Slave Raid 奴隶偷袭
Red Sabre Raid 赤色剑客团偷袭
Stone Rat Assault 石鼠帮攻击
Stone Rat Visit 石鼠帮来访
Thug Attack 恶棍攻击
Traders Guild Visit 商人行会来访
Arach 阿拉克
Arm of Okran 奥克兰之臂
Ashlands 灰烬之地
Berserker Country 狂战士之国
Bonefields 骸骨荒原
Border Zone 边境之地
Burning Forest 燃烧森林
Cannibal Plains 食人族平原
Central 中心之地
Cheaters Run 骗子捷径
Darkfinger 黑暗之指
Deadlands 死亡之地
Desert 沙漠
Dreg 渣滓
Empire 帝国
Fishman Island 鱼形人之岛
Floodlands 洪泛地
Fog Islands 雾岛
Forbidden Isle 禁岛
Greenbeach 绿色海岸
Grey Desert 灰色沙漠
Greyshelf 灰色陆架
Gut 伽特
Hidden Forest 隐匿森林
High Bonefields 骸骨荒原高地
Howler Maze 咆哮迷宫岛
Iron Valleys 铁之谷
Leviathan Coast 利维坦海岸
Northern Coast 北部海岸
Obedience 服从
Okran's Gulf 奥克兰之湾
Okran's Pride 奥克兰之傲
Okran's Valley 奥克兰之谷
Purple Sands 紫色沙漠
Royal Valley 皇家山谷
Sinkuun 辛昆半岛
Skimsands 飞掠沙漠
Skinner's Roam 剥皮人的漫游
Sniper Valley 狙击手山谷
Sonorous Dark 暗黑苍穹
South Wetlands 南方湿地
Spider Plains 蜘蛛平原
Spine Canyon 勇气峡谷
Stenn Desert 斯坦沙漠
Stobe's Gamble 斯托伯的冒险
Stobe's Garden 斯托伯的花园
Stormgap Coast 风暴口海岸
The Black Desert 黑色沙漠
The Crags 峭壁
The Crater 环形山
The Eye 目之地
The Great Desert 大沙漠
The Grid 方格地
The Hook 钩子海滨
The Iron Trail 铁之径
The Outlands 偏远之地
The Pits 极恶之地
The Pits East 东极恶之地
The Shrieking Forest 尖叫森林
The Swamp 沼泽地
The Unwanted Zone 厌恶区域
Vain 虚荣谷
Venge 复仇之谷
Watcher's Rim 守望者之环
Wend 温德河
Human 人类
This looks like it could be a valuable find, it details the location of an Old Empire military cache. It might have some valuable equipment 这看起来可能是一个有价值的发现,它详细说明了旧帝国军事隐藏处的位置。 它可能存有一些有价值的设备
Ancient Military Documents 古代军事文件
A treasure map for some ancient ruin. If you haven't just pee'd yourself, you're not a true adventurer. 指明某个古代废墟的宝藏地图。如果你还没有往自己身上撒尿,那么你就不是一个真正的冒险家。
Whoever is there waiting in the Ashlands, it must be someone insanely dangerous. 无论是谁在灰烬之地等候,都一定是一个极度危险的人。
Bugmaster's Map 虫之主地图
Engineers Map 工程师地图
This is an ancient document by an engineer of the old empire, it details potential sites where you could find Engineering Research. 这是旧帝国工程师的古代文献,它详细介绍了您可以找到工程研究的潜在地点。
Glorious Holy Map 光荣神圣地图
A map of the Holy Nation homelands around Okran's Valley. Some of the farms and mines can be good for trading. 奥克兰之谷周围的圣国家园地图。一些农场和矿山可以用于交易。
An actual map of a known location in the fabled Ashlands. This could be worth a fortune. 传说中灰烬之地的一个已知位置的实际地图。这可能值得一大笔钱。
Map of the Ashlands 灰烬之地地图
Map of the Border Zone 边境之地地图
A no-man's land between the three great nations, conflict prevents civilised settlement. 三大国之间无主之地,冲突阻碍了此地文明的沉淀。
Map of the Shek Kingdom 沙克王国地图
Map of the Swamps 沼泽地地图
An easy place to get lost, well worth buying a map for. 容易迷路的地方,非常值得买张地图。
Map of the United Cities (Central Territories) 联合城市地图(中心领域)
A map of all the main towns of the United Cities around the Great Desert area 大沙漠周边联合城市的所有主要城镇的地图
Shows the outland UC towns of the far south 展示了南端偏远之地的联合城市
Map of the United Cities (Extended Territories) 联合城市地图(外延领域)
Map of Vain 虚荣谷地图
The mysterious homelands of the Western Hive. Humans don't tend to venture there. 西部蜂巢族的神秘家乡。人类往往不会去那儿冒险。
Map to Mongrel 蒙格勒地图
For those desperate enough to face a fate worse than death, a promise of isolated safety and a future without slavery. 为那些已经绝望到能面对比死亡还可怕的命运的人准备的,这也是一个远离其他国家部落和没有奴役的未来的承诺。
Map to World's End 世界尽头地图
World's End is an outland stronghold of the Machinist's University. Tech Hunters use it as the main homebase when exploring the north. 世界尽头是机械者大学的一个外部据点。科技猎人在探索北方时将其作为主要的基地。
A treasure map for some ancient ruin. Likely full of treasure or lost technology or horrible death. The map is insanely old and hard to understand, but from what you can gather it appears to be something science or technology related. It could have Ancient Science Books, or possibly even AI Cores. 一些古代废墟的藏宝图。可能充满了宝藏或失落的技术但也可能是可怕的死亡。这张地图非常古老而且难以理解,但从你收集的东西中你可以看出它是科学或技术相关的东西。它可能有古代科学书籍,甚至可能有AI核心。
Old Treasure Map 旧宝藏之屋
The location of the base is included with a map. 基地的位置包含在地图中。
Secret Holy Nation Documents 机密圣国文件
Tech Hunter Library Map 科技猎人图书馆地图
A hand-drawn map marking a location of interest to the Tech Hunters. It's likely to be an oldworld information source that could reveal the locations of Labs. 一个标志着科技猎人感兴趣的位置的手绘地图。它可能是一个旧世界信息来源,能够揭示实验室的位置。
Tech Hunters Map 科技猎人地图
A map from a Tech Hunter scout, detailing a possible location to find Ancient Science Books. 来自科技猎人侦察员的地图,详细说明了寻找古代科学书籍的可能位置。
ashland 灰烬之地
empire 帝国
empire but more worldly 更世俗的帝国
empire copy 复制帝国
empire lawless 没有法律的帝国
empire SW override 西南覆盖的帝国
holy 神圣的
SE 东南方
shek 沙克族
skeletons 骨人
slavers 奴隶主
swamper 沼泽居民
A rare, extreme long-range weapon for snipers. It's possible to do a lot of damage with one of these before an enemy even realises what is happening to them. Takes skill to use effectively, and not much use at short range. 狙击手使用的一种罕见的极端远程武器。在敌人意识到即将发生的事情之前,就可以使用其中之一对他们造成巨大伤害。需要技巧才能有效使用,近程效果不大。
Eagle's Cross 鹰之十字弩
A poor quality attempt at crafting a Toothpick. A pretty worthless bow. 制作牙签的劣质尝试品。相当无用的弩。
Junkbow 废品弩
Oldworld Bow MkI 旧世界弩Mk1
More expensive and less common than a Ranger, it's usually used by Tech Hunter expeditions venturing into the dangerous \"3 Corners\" regions of the continent. 它比射弩更昂贵且不常见,它通常被科技猎人探险队在探索大陆的危险“三角”地区时使用。
Oldworld Bow MkII 旧世界弩Mk2
A more advanced version than the MkI, it's more complicated to use and unskilled users have a hard time reloading smoothly. For the experienced archer however it's one of the best long-range weapons available. 比Mk1更高级的版本,使用起来更复杂,不熟练使用者很难顺利装弹。对于经验丰富的射手而言,它是最好的远程武器之一。
A reliable mid-range weapon that's easy to use, especially for amateurs. It deals out consistent damage at a reasonable rate. The standard support weapon in mercenary units. 一种可靠的中档射程武器,易于使用,尤其适用于业余者。它能以合理速度进行连续伤害。雇佣兵团体的标准支援武器。
Ranger 射弩
The Spring Bat is a modern invention. Designed by rebels in the formative years of the United Cities, it's easy to build and designed to have the power to punch through the heavy armour of dominating military forces. It pays for this with short range and poor accuracy. 春之蝙蝠是一个现代化的发明。由联合城形成时期的叛军设计而成,它很容易建造,并被设计为有能力击穿主力军队的重型铠甲。但它的缺点是短距离和较差的精度。
Spring Bat 春之蝙蝠
A cheap and lightweight weapon from the swamps. It's not very powerful, but it can be used to spray an opponent with bolts at close range before switching to a sword. 来自沼泽的廉价轻便型武器。它不是很强大,但可以在你换成剑之前,近距离用弩箭喷射对手。
They are good and cheap, but not very durable, and obviously your dexterity is going to suffer from having a claw for a hand. 它们物美价廉,但不是很耐用,显然你的敏捷度会因为爪子代替了手而受到影响。
Economy Arm (left) 经济型之臂(左)
Economy Arm (right) 经济型之臂(右)
Economy Leg (left) 经济型之腿(左)
Economy Leg (right) 经济型之腿(右)
Still, they are the only modern day manufacturers of artificial limbs. The natural go-to when you are low on funds and somethings eats off your leg. 缺少资金以及某些东西将你的腿吃掉时候,这就是你的首选。
HIVE Left Arm Stump 蜂巢族左臂残肢
Hive Left Leg 蜂巢族左腿
HIVE Right Arm Stump 蜂巢族右臂残肢
Hive Right Leg 蜂巢族右腿
Human Left Arm Stump 人类左臂残肢
Human Left Leg 人类左腿
Human Right Arm Stump 人类右臂残肢
Human Right Leg 人类右腿
These units were used in the corporate factories and warehouses of the distant past. Due to their inherent slowness they weren't adapted into combat units like their cousins, and remained behind in production roles before they were buried in the ash. 这些组件之前用于远古的企业工厂和仓库。由于它们固有的缓慢性,无法像它们的表兄弟那样用于战斗,所以一直担任生产者的角色直至被埋入灰烬中。
Industrial Lifter Arm (left) 工业起重臂(左)
Industrial Lifter Arm (right) 工业起重臂(右)
Many were used on the frontlines of the war, so few can be found today. 大多被用在战争前线,如今很少能被人找到。
KLR Series Arm (left) KLR系列臂(左)
The KLR series was legendary for it's simple durability. Designed for the original service bots working alone in remote hostile environments, fancy features and luxuries were ditched in favor of simplicity. KLR系列因其单纯的耐用性而闻名。专为在遥远的恶劣环境中独自工作的原始服务机器人而设计,为了简洁而抛弃了花哨的功能和奢侈组件。
KLR Series Arm (right) KLR系列臂(右)
KLR Series Leg (left) KLR系列腿(左)
Not the fastest legs around, but a heavy duty KLR leg like this one will keep on running when any normal person would be limping, so the cannibals won't be able to catch up to you and get any more of your limbs. 并非最快的腿,但像这样的重型KLR腿会在任何正常人都只能跛行的情况下继续奔跑,所以食人族将无法赶上你并抢到你的更多肢体。
KLR Series Leg (right) KLR系列腿(右)
Scout Leg (left) 侦查员之腿(左)
The design has been kept lightweight at the cost of durability, but is capable of impressive speed. 该设计以耐用性为代价保持轻量化,但速度惊人。
Scout Leg (right) 侦查员之腿(右)
A common skeleton arm. Though a few thousand years old, those that have survived in good condition can be more dexterous than human hands. 常见的骨人之臂。尽管已存在了几千年,那些完好无损地幸存下来的可以比人类的手更灵敏。
Skeleton Arm (left) 骨人之臂(左)
Skeleton Arm (right) 骨人之臂(右)
Common skeleton leg from one of the General Purpose Labour series. 来自通用劳工系列之一的普通骨人之腿。
Skeleton Leg (left) 骨人之腿(左)
Skeleton Leg (right) 骨人之腿(右)
Steady Arm (left) 稳固之臂(左)
A well maintained piece of machinery, this arm has been carefully customised and upgraded by its previous owner. The motor seems like a completely different unit and there's some kind of AI thralled into a feedback unit that provides adaptive stabilisation. 一款维护良好的机械设备,该手臂由其前任主人精心定制和升级。其马达看起来像一个完全不同的组件,而反馈组件引入了某种AI,可提供自适应稳定。
An old leg from one of the specialised assassination units from the war. The rubberised footing has been renewed at some point in recent history, allowing for quiet movement instead of the usual CLANK sounds that most skeletons make when walking. 来自战争中专业暗杀组织之一的一条旧腿。 橡胶包裹的足部近期已被翻新,可以进行安静地移动,不会发出大多数骨人行走时通常会有的当啷声。
Stealth Leg (left) 潜行之腿(左)
Stealth Leg (right) 潜行之腿(右)
A heavily customised arm. Somehow the components have almost no rust, and the mechanism is extremely smooth. 高级定制的手臂。组件因不明原因几乎没有生锈,机件活动极度顺畅。
Thief's Arm (right) 小偷之臂(右)
Aimless 漫无目的的
Restraining 控制中
{1} has arrived at {2} {1} 已经到达{2}
Failed! 战败!
(No XP) (无经验值)
*Thunk* *铛*
{1} is butchering {2} for meat!! {1} 正在宰{2}来吃肉!!
I can't pick that up 我拿不起来它
Training 训练
{1} has been released from prison. {1} 被释放出狱。
This isn't mine 这不是我的
Paid c.{1} for bed rental. 支付床的租金{1}开币。
Can't afford c.{1} for bed rental. 支付不起床的租金{1}开币。
This bed needs power to operate. 这张床需要能量才能运作。
Received c.{1} reward. 收到{1}开币奖励。
I have to dismantle the furniture first. 我得先把家具拆了。
I have to unmount the buildings first. 我需要先将这些建筑物拆卸。
Prospecting 勘探中
Adding materials 添加材料中
Locking 上锁中
Unlocking 解锁中
Lockpicking 撬锁
Pick failed 撬锁失败
Pick success! 撬锁成功!
Lockpicking (Chance {1}%) 撬锁中(几率{1}%)
Cutting 砍击中
Shackles broken! 打破枷锁!
Cutting: {1,num} 砍击中:{1,num}
*Crunck* *碎裂声*
I'm not strong enough to do that 我不够强壮,做不到
Moving 移动中
Move order 移动指令
Running 跑动中
Moving to door 向门移动中
Moving to door inside 向门内移动中
Moving to current door 向当前门移动中
Moving to door outside 向门外移动中
Gate guard 门卫
Moving to gate 向大门移动中
Open gate 打开大门
Bashing gate 重击大门中
Smashing 猛击中
Assaulting town 袭击小镇中
Worker 工人
Operating machine 操作机器中
Operating automatic machine 操作自动机器中
Hauling to 拖拽到
Ditching to make space 抛弃中,腾出更多空间
Ditching resources 丢弃资源中
Ditching loot 抛弃战利品中
Collecting resource 收集资源中
Looting 抢劫中
Finding building mats 寻找建筑垫中
Filling machine 填充机器中
Try filling machine 尝试填充机器
Try emptying machine 尝试倒空机器
Unjamming machine 开通机器中
Unjam all machines 开通所有机器
Keeping everything running 保持一切正常运转中
Delivering 运送中
Open current door 打开当前门
Opening door here 打开这里的门
Closing door here 正在关闭这里的门
Open destination door 打开目的地门
Opening door 开门中
Closing door 关门中
Locking door 锁门中
Unlocking door 打开门锁中
Locking door here 正在给这里的门上锁
Locking door from inside 从内部锁门中
Locking door from outside 从外部锁门中
Unlocking door here 正在解锁这里的门
Bashing door 重击门中
Locking up cages 锁定笼子中
Locking up 锁定中
Locking up from outside 从外部锁定中
Opening up 打开中
Entering building 正在进入建筑
Ransacking town 扫荡城镇中
Leaving building 正在离开建筑
Lockpicking Shackles 正在撬镣铐的锁
Removing Shackles 移除镣铐中
Escaping 逃跑中
Cutting shackles 砍击镣铐中
Cutting lock 砍锁中
Breaking shackles 破坏镣铐中
Breaking lock 正在破坏锁
Get out of cage 逃出笼子
Escape cage 逃脱囚笼
Repairing 维修中
Engineer 工程师
Lifting/Snatching 抓取/抢夺
Capture Target 捕捉目标
Lifting/Snatching Order 抓取/抢夺指令
Kidnapping 绑架中
Lifting 抓取中
Lifting and healing 抓取和治疗中
Putting down 正在放下
Building 建造中
Demolishing 拆除中
Collecting item 收集物品中
Idleness 无所事事
Standing 站立中
Getting up 起身中
Waking up 唤醒中
Stumbling 东倒西歪地走着
Equipping weapon 正在装备武器
Equipping crossbow 正在装备十字弩
Sheathing weapon 武器入鞘中
Fixing Legs 正在修理腿
First aid 急救
Splinting 夹板治疗中
Medic 医生
Splint Rigging 夹板索具
Robotics 假肢惩罚
Standing still 站着别动
Stand still dammit! 站着别动 该死的!
Worshiping 崇拜中
Looting food 掠夺食物中
Picking up food 捡起食物中
Fetch 去拿
Playing 'Limbs' 玩‘肢体’中
Limb Jealousy 肢体嫉妒
Getting food 获取食物中
Grabbing food 抓取食物中
Finding weapon 寻找武器中
Looting the dead 洗劫死尸中
Confiscating goods 充公物品中
Foraging animals 喂食动物中
Looting resources 掠夺资源中
Running away 逃跑中
Retreating 撤退中
Retreating fast 快速撤退中
Going home 回家中
Get ready 准备好
Attacking 进攻中
Shooting 射击中
Taking out 取出中
Attacking attackers of 反击中,袭击者来自
Attacking trouble makers 攻击捣乱者中
Turret guard 炮塔警卫
Turret home guard 炮塔警卫
Turret gunner 炮手
Assault 攻击
Attacking Squad 进攻小队中
Stalking 跟踪中
Diplomatting 外交中
Approaching fast 快速逼近中
Talking 交谈中
Making announcement 发布公告中
Following and talking 跟随、交谈中
Working the slaves 管理奴隶中
Selling slaves 售卖奴隶中
Delivering slaves 运送奴隶中
Shooing 轰走中
Protection 保护
Attacking enemies 攻击敌人中
Fighting for master 为主人战斗中
Attacking others 进攻其他人中
Home territory aggression 领土侵略
Self preservation 自我保护
Bodyguard 侍卫
Following 跟随中
Following leader 追随领袖中
Following master 追随主人中
Staying close 靠近中
Stripping weapons 夺走武器中
Processing slave 处置奴隶中
Watching slaves 看管奴隶中
Watching for new slaves 密切注意新奴隶中
Capturing slave 捕获奴隶中
Ordering slaves 给奴隶下达命令中
Gathering slaves 集合奴隶中
Gathering slaves for shipping 集合奴隶准备运送中
Gathering unholy slaves 集合亵渎神明的的奴隶中
Obedient Slave 顺从的奴隶
Carrying slaves 运输奴隶中
Protect allies 保护盟友们
Protect close allies 保护亲密的盟友们
Holding position 坚守岗位中
Stand at node 站在节点
Shopkeeper 店主
Static guard 静止的警卫
Static guard indoors 室内静止不动的警卫
Static town guard 静止不动的小镇警卫
general node 常规节点
Getting a weapon 取武器中
Blood tracking 追踪血迹中
Patrolling 巡视中
Patrolling town 巡视小镇中
Wandering town 在小镇上闲逛中
Shopping 购物中
Relaxing 放松中
Staying home 呆在家中
Reigning 统治中
Sitting around 无所事事中
Wandering 闲逛中
Wandering trader 闲逛中的商人
Recruiting 招募新兵中
Travelling 旅行中
Travelling quickly 快速旅行中
Mission formation 任务编队
Attacking target 攻击目标中
Attacking target unprovoked 无端攻击目标中
Going to bed 上床睡觉中
Sleeping 睡觉中
Sleeping on ground 在地上睡觉中
Hiding 躲藏中
Put in bed 放在床上
Getting out of bed 下床中
Getting out of bed! 下床中!
Find and rescue 寻找及拯救
Find and put in bed 寻找并放在床上
Find and rescue leader 寻找并拯救领袖
Kill random prisoner 杀死任意的囚犯
Kill prisoner 杀死囚犯
Eat random prisoner 吃了任意的囚犯
Dinner time 晚餐时间
Eat corpse 吃死尸
Eat body 吃尸体
Find crops 找庄稼
Eating crops 吃庄稼中
Eat prisoner 吃囚犯
Beat prisoner 打囚犯
Disposing of corpse 处理掉死尸中
Find corpses 找死尸
Corpse disposal 死尸处置
Imprisoned 被囚禁
Put in prison 扔入监狱
Find and put in cage 找到并关在笼子里
Getting in my cage 进入你的笼子中
Freeing prisoner 释放奴隶中
Liberating prisoners 解放奴隶中
Release from prison 从监狱释放
Arresting 逮捕中
Bounty hunting 悬赏追捕中
Remove Home Intruder 扫除家乡里的入侵者
Intruder out 入侵者出去
Remove Intruder 扫除入侵者
Throwing out 扔出去中
Investigating 调查中
Find and kidnap 找到并绑架
Kidnapper 绑匪
Rendering system: 渲染系统:
Resolution: 分辨率:
Rendering device: 渲染设备:
Full screen: 全屏:
Borderless: 无边:
VSync: 帧同步:
Monitor: 显示屏:
If you have issues with fullscreen mode, you can use a borderless window at your native resolution for the same effect. 如果您在全屏模式下遇到问题,可以使用原始分辨率的无边窗口获得相同的效果。
Use a borderless window with the resolution of the monitor if you are having problems with the fullscreen mode. 如果您在全屏模式下遇到问题,请使用具有显示器分辨率的无边窗口。
TLDR: Force your system to use your good card, but try it out with both cards here in the launcher if you have any low frame-rate problems. 总而言之:强制你的系统使用你的好的显卡,但如果你遇到任何低帧率问题,请在启动器中使用这两张显卡进行试用。
Video settings options 视频设置选项
Select None 选择无
Select All 选择所有
Refresh list 刷新列表
Version: 版本:
Author: 作者:
Description: 说明:
Dependencies: 附属地:
Missing mod! 缺少mod!
References: 编号:
Translation: 翻译:
Missing dependent mods above: 缺少上述非独立mod:
Missing reference mods: 缺少参考mod:
The mods list represents the load order, in other words mods further down the list will overwrite the mods above them if they have any conflicts. mod列表表示加载顺序,换句话说,如果下面的mods与上面的mods有任何冲突,下面的mod会覆盖上面的mod。
Mods order info mod指令介绍
Video settings 视频设置
Mods mod
Changelog 更新日志
Serial 序列
OK 确认
Cancel 取消
Save config 保存配置
Advanced 高级设置
Language: 语言:
Please restart the game to apply the new settings. 请重新开始游戏以应用新设置。
NVIDIA profiles updated NVIDIA配置文件已更新
No video devices detected. 未检测到视频设备。
Video Error 视频错误
Invalid video resolution. 无效的视频分辨率。
Continue anyway? 是否继续?
Mods warning mod警告
To apply properly the new language you need to restart the game. 重新启动游戏才能运行新的语言。
Information 信息
Activate 激活
Try Demo 试用演示
Enter Key 回车键
Failed to activate Kenshi. Kenshi激活失败。
Error 错误
Activation Key 激活键
This is your serial key code. Press deactivate if you want to install on another machine. 这是您的序列密钥代码。如果要在其他计算机上进行安装,请反激活。
Deactivate 反激活
Demo Mode 演示模式
Kenshi has now been deactivated. You can still play it in Demo mode Kenshi现已被反激活停用。您仍能在演示模式下进行游戏。
Deactivated 已反激活
There was an error deactivating this machine. 反激活该设备时出错。
Do both to continue. 尝试一下以上两点然后继续。
To select a squad member, left click the character icon on the panel. 要选择小队成员,请左键单击面板上的角色图标。
To give a move order to your character, right click on the terrain. 要向您的角色发出移动指令,请直接右键点击地面。
Double click on your character icon to centre on screen and follow their movement. 双击您的角色图标,将其显示于屏幕中心并跟随他们移动。
Basic Controls 基本操作
Hold the right mouse button on to get more availiable actions 按住鼠标右键以获得更多可用操作。
Select a character from your squad 从您的小队中选择一个角色
Mouse over each item for more information. 使用鼠标查看每一细目以获得更多信息。
Mouse over each item for more information. 使用鼠标查看每一细目以获得更多信息。
The arrow buttons allow you to pause and fastforward the game speed. 箭头按钮可使您暂停以及加快游戏速度。
Here you'll find your character's current funds and the in-game time and date. 在此您能找到您角色的当前资金、游戏时间及数据。
This opens the 'Build' menu 在此打开“建造”菜单。
For more tips and tutorials make sure to check out the Help menu at the very bottom. 请检查底部的帮助菜单以获得更多建议与指导。
This shows assigned player jobs and orders for the selected character. 这显示了指定的角色工作以及给选定角色的指令。
GUI overview 图形用户界面概览
Tap the 'M' key to open up the map. You can use the world map to navigate and find nearby towns or points of interest 点击“M”键打开地图。您就能使用世界地图以浏览以及寻找附近的城镇或有趣的地点
What do I do? 我该怎么做?
You'll need to explore the world and find your own adventure. 你需要探索这个世界,发现你自己的冒险。
To get started you can either scavenge the outlands for loot, mine valuable materials from iron ore veins, or you can even resort to thievery after nightfall. 首先,你可以在偏远之境寻找战利品,从铁矿矿脉中开采有价值的物质,甚至可以在夜幕降临后行窃。
Use the map to navigate to a nearby town and find shops. 使用地图导航到附近的城镇并找到商店。
Train hard, pick your fights wisely and don't be afraid to run like crazy! 努力训练,聪明地选择你的战斗,不要害怕像疯了一样逃跑!
Hold 'ALT' key to show nearby shop signs. 按住ALT键可以显示附近的商店标志。
What do I do? (Towns) 我该怎么做?(城镇)
Towns are perfect for stocking up on supplies and selling loot. 城镇是采购物资和出售战利品的理想场所。
Also most shops close at night. 而且大多数商店在晚上关门。
Too much damage can result in KO, crippling and death. The green bars in the health panel show your health, the red bars show bleeding damage. Bleeding damage will need first aid. 受太多伤会被击倒甚至死亡。健康面板中的绿色条显示你的生命值,红色条则是流血伤害,流血伤害需要急救。
You are injured 你受伤了
In order to heal, you'll need to get a First Aid Kit. You can buy or steal them from stores in town. 为了治愈,你需要使用急救箱。 你可以从镇上的商店购买或偷走它们。
To heal a character you'll need a First Aid Kit in your inventory. Hold and right click the target, then select 'First Aid' from the menu, or simply right click the heal icon over the injured person. 要治愈角色,你需要在库存中使用急救箱。 按住并右键单击目标,然后从菜单中选择“急救”,或者只需右键单击受伤人员上的治疗图标。
Alternatively you can click the medic button from the rightside command menu. This will heal all wounded squad members within range. 或者,你可以单击右侧命令菜单中的军医按钮。 这将治愈范围内所有受伤的小队成员。
If any of them fall below 0, you will pass out, and if they reach -100 then you will die. 如果它们中的任何一个数据低于0,你就会昏倒,如果它们达到-100那么你就会死亡。
If any of your limbs fall below 0, you won't be able to fight or walk properly.\tYou can use a Splint Kit on broken limbs to speed up recovery and improve the limb's function until recovered. 如果你的任何一个肢体数据低于0,你将无法正常战斗或行走。 您可以在断肢上使用夹板套件来加速恢复并改善肢体的功能直至恢复。
The blood stat shows how rapidly you are losing blood. Blood is slowly recovered over time, but if it drops below 0 you will pass out. 血液统计显示你失血的速度有多快。 随着时间的推移,血液会慢慢恢复,但如果它降到0以下,你就会昏倒。
You are injured 2 你受伤了 2
The yellow areas of the health bars show bandaged health. Over time, this will slowly heal back to a healthy green. 健康栏的黄色区域表示你正缠着绷带。 随着时间的推移,它将慢慢恢复成健康的绿色。
You can either build your own beds and camp beds or stay at a bar in town for a fee. 你可以自己建造床和露营床,也可以花钱在城里的酒吧住宿。
— 嘲讽侧重于吸引敌人的攻击。
You're under attack! 你受到了攻击!
Use the Space Bar to pause the action. This will give you some time to think and plan your next step. 使用空格键暂停操作。 这将为你提供一些思考和计划下一步的时间。
*Tip: Make sure you have your character(s) selected! *提示:确保你选择了你的角色!
Just right clicking on on an enemy when the cursor is red also gives an attack order. 当光标为红色时右键单击敌人也会发出攻击命令。
You can select different squad members by clicking on their icons in the squad panel, or by using the number keys, or by left click dragging over the in-game characters. Select your new recruit. 你可以通过单击小组面板中的图标,或使用数字键,或通过左键单击游戏中的角色来选择不同的小队成员。 选择你新的招募对象。
You can check your character's skill statistics by opening the Stats menu from the command menu. 你可以通过在命令菜单里打开统计菜单来检查角色的技能统计数据。
Arrange and rename different squads via the squad menu. 通过小队菜单整理和重命名不同的小队。
You've just hired your first recruit 你刚刚雇用了你的第一个招募对象
To perform first aid, exchange inventory items, guard, follow and carry squad members. Hold right click on them, or on their portrait to bring up the interaction menu. 进行急救,交换库存物品,警卫,跟随或搬运小队成员。 按住右键单击他们或他们的头像以显示互动菜单。
You have stolen goods in your inventory 你的库存中有赃物
Thief! You've just stolen from someone... 窃贼! 你刚从别人那里偷了东西......
Be careful when selling stolen goods to traders, you might just find yourself in trouble with the law if they catch you offloading their ally's belongings... 在向商人出售赃物时要小心,如果他们抓到你出售他们盟友的财物,你可能会发现自己遇上了法律问题......
If the Fencing Chance is low and it was stolen from the same faction, you'll likely be caught. 如果销赃机会很低并且该物品是从同一阵营中被盗的,那你很可能会被抓住。
Thieves will buy any item off you risk free, however their prices are much less profitable than official merchant prices. 只要没有风险,窃贼将购买任何物品,但其价格会远低于官方商家的价格。
Select your KO'd character. 选择你被击倒角色。
When unconscious, you'll notice a KO counter appear at the top of the health panel. This counts down how long until the character wakes up again. 当你去意识时,您会发现健康面板的顶部会出现一个KO计数器。这会计算角色再次醒来花费的时间。
You are KO'd (1/2) 您被KO了(1/2)
You've been knocked out... 您被KO了……
If seriously wounded, the unconscious status will change to 'dying' and the character won't get back up until healed by another character. If they don't get first aid in time they will eventually die. 如果您受伤严重,无意识状态将转变为“濒死”,角色在被另一角色治愈之前将无法重新站立。如果他们无法及时获得急救,他们最终会死亡。
Even after healing, a character will need time to recover before regaining consciousness. Particularly bad injuries will enter the character into a recovery coma until their vitals have improved above 0. 即使在治愈之后,角色还是过需要时间才能苏醒。特别严重的伤害会使角色进入恢复昏迷状态,直到他们的生命值提高到0以上。
Getting KO'd may seem like a failure, but remember we learn best from our failures. Your toughness and defence stats will be improved each time you are KO'd. This will increase your KO recovery threshold over time. 被KO了可能看起来像是失败了,但请记住,我们总能从失败中吸取教训。每次被KO时您的韧性和防御数据都会得到提升。这将随着时间的推移增加您的KO恢复阈值。
The rescue job will find nearby unconcious allies and automatically cary them to a bed if there are any availiable in the vicinity. 救援工作将会治疗附近无意识的盟友,并且如果附近有任何可用的床铺,将自动将他们带至该处。
You are KO'd (2/2) 您被KO了。(2/2)
You can have conscious characters carry KO'd characters to safety. Hold right click on the KO'd character and select Pick Up from the interaction menu. 您可让有意识的角色将被KO的角色带至安全地带。直接点击被KO的角色并从交互菜单中选择“拾取”。
To help a KO'd character recover their wounds more quickly, you can carry them to a bed. 要帮助被KO的角色更快的回复他们的伤势,您可以将他们带至床铺。
The character must be concious. 角色必须有意识。
The speed it takes to pick a lock is dependent on each individual's thievery skill level. 撬锁所需时间取决于每个人的偷窃技能水平。
How to escape a prison 怎样逃出监狱
You can either wait out your sentence, have another squad member bail you out, or you can try to escape... 您可以服完刑、让另一小队成员将您保释,或是尝试逃跑……
Once successful, hold right click again on the cage and select escape. You may want to wait until any nearby captors are distracted. 一旦成功,直接再次点击牢笼并选择逃跑。您可能会想等待至附近的抓捕人员都被分散了注意力。
How to escape a prison (cannibal) 如何逃出牢笼(食人族)
Make an escape before you get turned into a cannibal banquet! 在您变成食人族的晚宴之前逃跑吧!
Hint: Sometimes it's a good idea to use a character as a decoy while the other's escape. Harsh but necessary... 提示:当他人逃跑的时候,有时将一个角色当成诱饵将会是个好主意。虽然艰难但必须……
Sneaking 潜行中
By toggling the sneak button, you are entering stealth mode. In this mode you can perform stealth knockouts, kidnaps and steal stuff. 通过切换潜行按钮,您将进入潜行模式。在该模式下,您能进行潜行击倒、绑架以及偷窃。
The Stealth cursor displays two icons: an eyeball and a sun. When the eyeball is red, it means that you are in view of nearby NPCs. When the eyeball is blue, it means that you are currently out of anyone's line of sight. 潜行光标显示了两个图标:眼球和太阳。当眼球呈红色时,意味着您正在附近NPC的视野范围内。当眼球是蓝色的时候,意味着您目前不在任何人的视线范围内。
The sun icon shows the light level. When the sun is shaded, you are at your least visible. Hint: Nightfall is prime time for sneaking! 太阳图标显示亮度等级。当当太阳被遮挡时,你处于最不可见的状态下。提示:夜幕降临是潜行的黄金时间!
To perform a stealth knockout, right click on an NPC while sneaking. The percentage shows the chance of success. The higher your Assassination skill, the higher the chance. 要进行潜行击倒,请在潜行时右键点击NPC。百分比将显示成功的机率。暗杀技能越高,机率越大。
To kidnap an KO'd NPC, hold right click on them, and select Kidnap from the command menu. 要绑架一位被KO的NPC,直接点击他们,并在指令菜单中选择“绑架”键。
How to steal 如何偷窃
Careful, trying to open locked items and doors is illegal and could land you in trouble... Well, if you get caught, that is. As a rule, if the cursor shows red, then that action is hostile or illegal. 小心,试图打开上锁的物品和门都是非法的,这可能会让你陷入困境......好吧,如果你被抓住,那就只能如此了。通常而言,如果光标显示为红色,则该操作是敌对的或非法的。
Entering Sneak mode will help reduce the chance of you getting caught while committing crimes. You can find the Sneak button at the bottom right of the UI. 进入潜行模式将有助于减少您在犯罪时被抓的机率。您可以在用户界面的右下角找到潜行按钮。
Hold the right mouse and select Pick Lock. The percentage amount displayed shows your chance of success. The lower the number, the longer it will take to pick. Your lock picking speed depends on the Thievery skill stat. 按住鼠标右键并选择撬“锁键”。显示的百分比时您成功的机率。数字越低,则撬锁的时间越长。撬锁速度取决于偷窃技能属性。
To steal individual items displayed on shelves and tables, hold ALT and right click on the item. 偷窃展示于架子及桌子上的个人物品,要按住ALT键并直接点击该物品。
Mouse over this panel to check which faction set the bounty.\n 使用鼠标浏览此面板,以检查哪个帮派进行了悬赏。\n
How to do bounties 如何处理悬赏犯
To collect bounties, you'll need to take them to a police station. First, knock the person out, then pick them up and carry them to the nearest town. 要收集赏金,您需要将他们带至警察局。首先,击倒该人,然后并将他们带至最近的城镇。
To pick up a bounty, hold and right click the mouse on them to bring up the interaction menu. 要拾取赏金,直接使用鼠标点击他们以打开交互菜单。
Once you've found a police station, talk to the station's police chief for your reward. 一旦您找到了一个警察局,与警察局内的警长交流获得报酬。
Your character is hungry... 您的角色饿了……
You need food to survive in this world or you'll starve. You can grow food, buy it, hunt it, or steal it. 要在这世界生存您就需要食物,不然您就会饿死。您能种植、购买、猎杀、或偷窃食物。
Your squad will automatically eat whatever food is in their inventory. Make sure all of your squad are stocked up! 您的小队会自动吃掉他们库存中的任何食物。确保您小队中的所有人都库存充足!
If enemies are still nearby, a character may play dead in order to avoid further fighting and injury. 如果敌人仍在附近,角色可能会装死以避免进一步的打斗与受伤。
Playing dead 装死
To get up, right click to move. Just make sure there are no enemies around! 要起身,直接点击即可移动。只要确保周围没有敌人!
You can organise your squad by assigning them jobs in the Orders Menu. The is especially useful for farms, mines and other production jobs, since assigned characters will automatically store and replenish raw materials as they work. 您可以通过在“指令菜单“中为他们分配工作来组织您的小队。这对于农场、矿山和其他生产工作特别有用,因为分配的角色会在工作时自动存储和补充原材料。
You can remove a job at any time by pressing the X button. 您可以通过按下“X”按钮随时删除作业。
Perma-Jobs 永久工作
To assign a job, select a character. Then, hold Shift while right clicking to interact with the object or building you wish to assign them to. 要想分派工作,请选择一个角色。然后,按住“Shift键”,直接点击与您希望分配给它们的对象或建筑进行交互。
You can give characters multiple jobs. Top-most jobs in the Orders Menu will always take priority over lower assigned jobs. You can drag jobs to re-order them. 您可给角色多份工作。“指令菜单“中的置顶作业将始终优先于排位较低的分配作业。您可以拖动作业它们以便重新排序。
Your character will automatically behave 'obediently' to their master. If you want to escape, you'll need to dismiss the Obedient Slave auto job by pressing the X. 您的角色将自动向他们的主人表现“服从”。如果您想要逃跑,您将需要按下“X”键解除“服从奴隶”的自动作业。
Being a slave 成为奴隶
You've been enslaved. You can either live out the rest of your life as a slave, or you can break free and escape. 您被奴役了。您可以余生都当一个奴隶,或是冲破牢笼逃跑。
You can then hold right click on your character to bring up the interaction menu and unlock your shackles to escape. 您能右键点击您的角色以发开交互菜单并解开您的镣铐以逃跑。
Careful, even if you successfully escape, you're now branded a slave. If anyone recognises you, you'll be recaptured. 小心,即使您成功地逃跑了,您现在也被纪录为奴隶。如果有人认出了您,您将被再次抓获。
Your character's status will show as Disguised when you are hidden in full uniform. 当您以完整制服隐匿起来时,您的角色状态将显示为“已伪装”。
Disguises & uniforms 伪装与制服
If you have the complete outfit, you can use faction uniforms to disguise yourself. Disguise success is dependent on the Stealth skill stat. 如果您有完整的全套装备,您可以使用帮派制服来伪装你自己。伪装成功取决于潜行技能状态。
Careful you don't get caught wearing a faction's uniform, most people don't take too kindly to imposters. 小心别在穿着帮派制服的时候被抓,大多数人不会善待骗子的。
Your machine is full. Machines and buildings only have a maximum amount of materials they can hold after they've produced them. You won't be able to produce anything else until you've shifted these materials. 您的机器已满。机器和建筑在生产后只能容纳材料有上线。在移走这些材料之前,您将无法生产任何其他东西。
Your machine is full 您的机器已满
Build Storage Boxes to hold excess materials. 建造贮藏箱以储存多余的材料。
Building gates and walls 建大门与墙体
When building walls, you need to be careful not to place them facing inside out. The arrows you see show the OUTSIDE facing direction of the walls. 建墙时要小心,不要面朝内。你看到的箭头显示了墙的外部。
You can use the < and > buttons to rotate before placing them. 你在放置之前可以用< 键和>键来旋转。
As with other buildings, you can only place them when they glow green. 和其他建筑一样,你只有在其变绿色以后才能放置他们。
Once you're happy, left click to set it down. To finish the link, right click. 一旦你满意了,点击左键把它放下。要完成链接,右键单击。
To craft items, open the Tech menu 要制作物品,请打开“科技”菜单
Open the Crafting tab 打开工作台
This will show available items you can craft in the middle section. The bottom panel shows how much time and materials you'll need to make that item. 这将显示您可以在中间部分制作的项目。下面的面板显示了制作该项目所需的时间和材料。
How to craft 如何制作
First, you need to select a station from the section on the left side of the menu. 首先,您需要从左侧的菜单中选择一个站点。
Left click to select an item to craft. You can queue multiple items, or alternatively you can cancel them with the X. 单击左键选择要加工的项目。如果你要选择多个项目,就要排队,你也也可以选择X取消它们。
Now, make sure you have workers assigned to the work station which is crafting these items. You'll also need pleny of raw materials before you start crafting. 现在,确保你有工人被分配到制作这些物品的工作站。在开始制作之前,你还需要大量的原材料。
You can buy blueprints or research new items to craft. 你购买蓝图或研究新的项目才能制作。
To craft items, you need to build a workbench from the Crafting section of the build menu. 要制作项目,您需要从制造部分的建筑菜单里的工作台
How to craft (No bench) 如何制作(没工作台)
First things first though, you're going to need to research all the necessary buildings, equipment and schematics needed for crafting. 首先,你需要研究所有必要的建筑、设备和图表。
Build a Research Bench to learn new tech and crafts. 建立一个研究新技术和新工艺的研究平台。
Left click to select your new building and view its info. 左键选择您的新建筑就能查看其信息。
This shows the current state of the building. 这显示了建筑物的当前状态。
Some buildings will need a power supply. 有些建筑物需要电力供应。
To save power for other buildings, you can use the Power switch to turn off specific buildings. 为了给其他建筑物节省电力,您可以使用电源开关来关闭特定建筑物。
Some machines and buildings need workers to operate them. This bar shows how many workers are currently operating the machine and the maximum possible amount of them. 有些机器和建筑物需要工人来操作。该栏显示了当前有多少工人在操作这台机器,以及该机器的最大工人数。
Many machines and buildings need certain raw materials in order to run. This panel shows exactly what items are needed to add to it. 许多机器和建筑物需要某些原材料才能运转。这个面板显示了具体需要的材料。
You've built your first production building 您已经建造了第一个生产建筑
Production buildings rely on a number of factors. 生产建筑物取决于于许多因素。
The more workers, the faster the output. 工人越多,产出越快。
But, before you can build a Research Bench, you need a building to house it. 但是,在你建立一个研究基地之前,你需要一个建筑来容纳它。
How to research tech (Benches) 如何研究科技(工作台)
Left click on a building to check if it is for sale. 左键单击建筑物,查看它是否待售。
Some buildings are availiable for purchase. This panel will tell you how much the building costs, with a button to buy it. 有些建筑物是可以购买的。这个面板会告诉你要花多少钱,点击按钮购买。
Buildings for sale 建筑物正在出售中
You can also often buy destroyed buildings for a cheaper rate. You must then repair the building before it can be used. 你也可以以更便宜的价格购买被摧毁的建筑。但你必须修好之后才能使用建筑物。
Next, you'll need to select tech to research. Select TEC from the panel. 接下来,您需要选择要研究的技术。从面板中选择科技。
How to research tech (Researching) 如何研究科技(研究)
To learn new tech you can buy blueprints from merchants. Or, you can research new tech yourself. 要学习新技术,你可以从商家那里购买蓝图。或者,你可以自己研究新技术。
To research, you must have a scientist assigned to your Research Bench. Select a squad member, hold and right click on your Research Bench and select Use Machine. Research speed will depend on your assigned scientist's Science skill stat. 要进行研究,你必须有一位科学家被派到你的研究台。选择一名队员,按住鼠标右键,选择“使用机器”。研究速度将取决于您指定的科学家的科学技能数据。
Select any tech you want to research by left clicking it. You can queue up as many as you want. 左键点击任何你想研究的技术。你想排多长的队列都可以。
How to research tech (Blueprints) 如何研究科技(蓝图)
You found a blueprint 你发现了一张蓝图。
Blueprints allow you to learn Tech instantly. To learn a blueprint, open your inventory and right click it to learn it. 蓝图可以让你立即学习技术。要学习蓝图,打开你的库存,右键单击它来学习。
If you are wearing a backpack, make sure to close it first so that the blueprint doesn't switch between your inventory when you try to use it. 如果你背着一个背包,一定要先把它合关掉,这样当你使用它的时候,蓝图就不会在你的库存之间切换了。
Hint: Building a small shack will allow you to build a Research Bench inside, with this you can learn and unlock new tech. 提示:建造一个小棚屋就可以让你在里面建一个研究工作台,然后你可以学习和解锁新技术。
Welcome to Build mode 欢迎来到建造模式
Next, choose where to place the building on the terrain. If the building shows red, there is an obstruction and you cannot place it. If blue, you're too close to another town. If green, you're good to go! 接下来,选择在什么地形上放置建筑。如果建筑物显示红色,就是说地面上有障碍物,你不能放置。如果是蓝色,说明你离另一个城镇太近了。如果是绿色的,你可以放了!
To rotate the position of the building, use the < and > keys. Once you're happy, left click to place the building and hit the Confirm button. 要旋转建筑物的位置,请使用<键和>键。一旦你满意了,点击左键来放置建筑并点击确认按钮。
Select squad members and right click the construction to begin adding materialsif they have them. 选择小队成员,右键点击建筑开始添加材料。
Construction will be much quicker depending on the number of people who are assigned, and their Engineer skill stats. 建造速度取决于你安排的人手数量和他们的工程技能数据。
This shows how many building materials are needed to complete the construction. 这显示了完成建设需要多少建筑材料。
Once the Condition bar is filled, the construction is complete and ready to use. 一旦进度条填满,建造就完成了,你就可以使用了。
Building (Construction) 建筑(建造)
Select your construction to check it's status. 选择您的建筑来检查它的状态。
The prospecting window tells you information about the resources in the current area. 勘探窗口告诉你当前地区的资源信息。
Characters with a higher science skill will be able to detect resources from farther away. 更高科学技能的角色将能够探测到更远的资源。
Missing a limb 缺失一个肢体
You can buy various robotic limbs from robotics vendors. 你可以从机器人供应商那里买到各种各样的机器人肢体。
The maximum health of the limb will also degrade as it takes damage but it can be restored to its full health in a skeleton repair bed. 当肢体受到伤害时,它的最大生命值也会下降,但它可以在骨骼修复床上恢复到完全健康状态。
Editor problem 编辑器的问题
Editor values missing for the race '{1}' 种族“{1}”缺少编辑器值
Editor values missing for the race '{1}' for both genders. 种族“{1}”的两性都缺少编辑器值。
Editor values missing for the race '{1}' for gender: {2}. 种族“{1}”的{2}缺少编辑器值。
Precious research artifacts and stuff, don't lose them. 有珍贵的研究成果和文物,不要丢失。
Are you sure you want to destroy this building? 你确定要毁掉这栋楼吗?
You cannot delete this building while it has mounted buildings. 当此建筑物上还安装了别的建筑时,你就不能删除它。
Dismantle 拆解
Do you want to continue? 你想继续吗?
Are you sure? 你确定吗?
Building '{1}' construction complete at '{2}'. 建筑{1}以{2}完成建造。
Building '{1}' construction complete. 建筑{1}建造完成。
Building construction complete 建造完成
Contract with 签订合同
has been terminated. 已终止。
has ended. 已结束。
Bodyguard Contract 保镖合同
Base Defence Contract 基地防御合同
{1} squad has been removed from {2} {1} 小队已被从{2}转移
{1} has been enslaved {1}已经被奴役
I don't have any materials 我没有任何材料
I need a medkit. 我需要一个医疗包。
My legs are messed up. 我的腿坏了。
I need a repair kit. 我需要一个修复套件。
I don't have any tools 我没有任何工具
My arms are messed up... 我的胳膊坏了……
I'm not skilled enough... 我的技能不够熟练……
My arm is messed up too badly. 我的手臂坏得太严重了。
It's locked. 它是锁着的。
I can't get out of here. 我出不去。
I can't get there. 我过不去。
It's empty. 是空的。
The machine is full. 机器装满了。
It's out of resources. 资源用完了。
I don't have space to pick that up! 空间不足,无法拾取!
My arm is messed up too badly to lift anything. 我的胳膊吃不消了,抬不起东西。
It needs electricity. 需要电力。
He's in the water. 他在水里。
I'm busy swimming. 我正忙着游泳。
Ate {1} 吃{1}
c.{1,num} {1,num}开币
Wanted For:
Bounty: 赏金:
Waiting to be released 等待被释放
Imprisoned, sentence time remaining: 被关押中,剩余服刑时间:
Imprisoned, sentence time: 被关押中,服刑时间:
This character is wanted by the authorities. Turn them in for a reward. 该角色是当局的悬赏犯,上交他能获得奖金。
Notorious: The bounty will never expire. 臭名昭著:赏金永不过期。
This character is not wanted by the local faction 该角色不是当地帮派想要的
Total Weight: 总重量:
Overloaded 超重
Moderate 合适
Weightless 几乎没有重量
Money: 钱:
Merchant Info: 商人信息:
Prices: 价格:
Buys Stolen Goods 购买赃物
Clothing disguise: 衣物伪装:
In secure location: 在安全地点:
Same faction: 相同帮派:
Slave owner recognition: 奴隶主识别:
Someone knows me personally: 有人知道我:
Disguise blown: 识破伪装:
Total: 总计:
Not currently in disguise. 当前不在伪装中。
Disguise: 伪装:
Blown! 伪装被识破!
Slave of: 主人是:
The faction that owns you. 你属于这个帮派。
Clothing: 衣服:
Minimum (Escaping): 最小(逃跑中):
Minimum (Ex-Slave): 最小(前奴隶):
How much you look like an escaped slave. Based on how you are dressed/undressed. Wearing shackles and rags is a big giveaway. Try to avoid hanging around too long near people who may recognise you. 你看上去有多像一个逃跑的奴隶,这取决于你穿什么衣服,身穿镣铐和破布会显得很像奴隶,尽量避免和可能认识你的人在一起待太久。
Looks like slave: 看上去像奴隶:
You are a free person. 你是一个自由人。
You are no slave. 你不再是奴隶了。
War Leader 战争领袖
This is the Commander in charge of an entire army. 此人是军队总指挥。
Leader 领袖
This is the leader of this group. 此人是该组织的领袖。
Kidnapped 被绑架
This character has been kidnapped, law enforcers will try to help 该角色被绑架,执法者会施加援助
Diplomatic Status 外交状态
This is a special person with diplomatic importance. Anyone who attacks this guy will be in serious trouble with his faction. 这是一个特殊人物,对外交上很重要。攻击此人会给自己的帮派带来麻烦。
someone 有人
Seen! 被发现了!
Undiscovered 没被发现
Situation: 状态:
Looks like a slave: 看上去像奴隶:
Time remaining: 剩余时间:
Escaped slave 逃跑的奴隶
Keep your [Looks Like A Slave] level as low as possible, wear clothing or disguises and find a plastic surgeon to restore your hair. Don't get spotted. 让你的【看上去像奴隶】等级越低越好,你可以穿衣服,伪装自己,或者找整形医生来调整你的发型。不要被人注意到。
A slave of {1} that has been seen escaping. Needs to lay low for a day and avoid getting spotted. {2} {1}的奴隶被发现逃跑了。今天要保持低调,不要被人注意到。 {2}
Ex-slave 前奴隶
Keep your [Looks Like A Slave] level as low as possible, wear clothing or disguises and find a plastic surgeon to restore your hair. You should be safe if you stay out of towns. 让你的【看上去像奴隶】等级越低越好,你可以穿衣服,伪装自己,或者找整形医生来调整你的发型。呆在城外是安全的。
Was once a slave of {1} but has now escaped. The heat has died down but he still needs to avoid getting found out. {2} 曾是{1}的奴隶,但现在逃跑了。势态没有那么严重了,但还是要注意不要被发现。 {2}
Slave 奴隶
Your character will have a permanent job assigned called [Obedient slave]. While this is active he will automatically work for his master. You can remove this job, but beware of the consequences... 你的角色将获得一个永久工作,【服从的奴隶】。当该工作启动时,你会自动为主人工作,你可以删除你的工作,但要小心后果……
A slave belonging to {1}. Not considered a person with rights, a slave works for his master until death and nothing more. {2} 属于{1}的奴隶。没有权利,奴隶会为主人劳动至死,仅此而已。{2}
Committing Crime! 正在犯罪!
This character is currently committing {1}, make sure nobody witnesses it. 该角色正在{1},要确保没人看见。
This character has been caught committing {1}! He might end up with a bounty on his head if he can't vanish. Current bounty is c.{2,num} 该角色被抓住正在{1}!如果无法销声匿迹,他最后可能会被悬赏,当下的赏金是{2,num}开币。
This character has been caught committing {1}! He might end up with a bounty on his head if he can't vanish. 该角色被抓住正在{1}!如果无法销声匿迹,他最后可能会被悬赏。
Escaped Prisoner 逃跑的囚犯
This character broke out of prison, if he gets spotted by any guards he is in trouble. Leave town to clear this status. Expires in {1} 这个角色越狱了,如果被警卫看到就有麻烦了。离开城镇以消除该状态。{1}后超过时效。
State: 状态:
Dead 死了
This guy is dead and gone. 这人已经死了。
Locked (lvl: {1,num}) 上锁的(lvl: {1,num})
The lock has a difficulty level of {1,num}. 开锁难度为{1,num}。
(Unlocked...) (没有上锁……)
Nobody knows this but you, you can escape any time you want. 只有你知道这一点,你随时可以逃跑。
Unconscious 昏迷
Rebooting 重启中
This guy is unconscious and probably needs medical attention and rest. 此人昏迷了,可能需要医治和休养。
Sleeping... 睡觉中……
Defensive 防御
In defensive combat mode the character will not even try to attack, focusing entirely on defense for a +20 skill bonus. 在防御战模式中,角色甚至不会尝试进攻,只注重防御将有20点的技能加成。
Normal 正常
Goal: 目标:
Current goal of this character. 此角色的当前目标。
Encumbrance: 障碍:
Athletics XP: 运动经验值:
Strength XP: 力量经验值:
Run Speed Penalty: 运动速度惩罚:
Stealth Penalty: 潜行惩罚:
Accuracy Error: 精度错误:
degrees 程度
Weapon Accuracy: 武器精度:
Skill: 技能:
Resulting Accuracy Deviation: 结果精度偏差:
Heavy: 重:
Katana: 武士刀:
Hacker: 砍刀:
Sabre: 剑:
Martial Arts: 武术:
Polearm: 长柄刀:
Damage: 伤害:
Stealth: 潜行:
Athletics: 运动:
Swimming 游泳
{1,num} mph {1,num}英里每小时
Max Swim Speed: 最大游泳速度:
Injuries 受伤
Hunger 饥饿
Encumbrance 阻碍
2 Broken Arms! 两条被打断的手臂!
Current Swim Speed: 当前游泳速度:
Imprisoned: 被关押:
My arm is broken! 我的手断了!
I can't carry anyone with this arm. 我这手背不了人。
I don't have any building materials. 我没有建筑材料了。
I don't have a medkit. 我没有医疗包了。
I don't have a splint kit. 我没有夹板工具箱了。
{1} can't talk to people {1}不能和人说话
I don't have a repair kit. 我没有修理套件了。
I need to go outside to do this. 我要出去做这个。
I need to be stood on solid ground. 我需要站在坚固的土地上。
Import character 导入人物
Import 导入
Randomise 随机化
Reset 重置
Randomise All 全部随机化
Body 身体
Hair 头发
Export 导出
Clothes 衣服
Confirm 确认
Race 种族
Subrace 亚种
Gender 性别
Change Character 更改角色
Race Description 种族描述
Race Stats 种族状态
Hit Points: 生命值:
No bleeding 没有流血
Error loading appearance file '{1}'. The file is in an old format or invalid. 加载外观文件“{1}”出现错误,该文件是旧格式或者无效格式。
Character '{1}' exported to file {2} 角色“{1}”导出到文件{2}
Idle stance 静止姿态
Beard 胡子
Hair colour 发色
Colour 色泽
Saturation 饱和度
Brightness 亮度
Warning 警告
Are you sure you want to continue? 你确定要继续吗?
Acid Rain ({1} protection) 酸雨({1}保护)
It is currently raining acid, and you aren't wearing anything to protect your skin. Best to find shelter soon. 正在下酸雨,你没有穿保护装置。最好去找避难所。
It is currently raining acid, but your gear is providing you with total protection. 正在下酸雨,你身上的保护装置能提供完全的保护。
It is currently raining acid, your gear is providing you with {1} protection. 正在下酸雨,你身上的装备能提供{1}保护。
Acid! 酸液!
You are currently submersed in acid, get out of there as soon as you can. 你现在浸泡在酸液中,尽快离开。
Feet Burning! 脚在烧灼!
The ground here is acidic and burns your feet, find some footwear! 这里的酸性土地会烧灼你的脚,赶紧找个鞋子!
Poison Gas ({1} protection) 毒气({1}保护)
You are currently breathing in poison gas. 你正在吸入毒气。
Your gear is protecting you from breathing in any poisons. 你身上的装备正在防止你吸入毒气。
You are currently breathing in poison gas, your gear is providing you with {1} protection. 你正在吸入毒气,你身上的装备能提供{1}保护。
Burning ({1} protection) 燃烧({1}保护)
You are currently on fire. 你着火了。
Your gear is protecting you from being horribly burnt. 你身上的装备能防止你被严重烧伤。
You are currently on fire, your gear is providing you with {1} protection. 你着火了,你身上的装备能提供{1}保护。
Dust Storm ({1} protection) 沙尘暴({1}保护)
You are in a dust storm, it affects your accuracy in combat. 你正处于沙尘中,战斗中的精度会下降。
Your gear is protecting you from the storm. 你身上的装备能在沙尘中保护你。
You are in a dust storm, your gear is providing you with {1} protection. 你正处于沙尘中,你身上的装备能提供{1}保护。
{1} has been eaten alive. {1}被生吞了。
Load Error: Character stat was corrupted and fixed: {1} 加载错误:角色状态已损坏并修复:{1}
Beta limitation: Can't go that way. 公测版限制:不能去那里。
Repeat Queue 重复队列
Stations 站点
Items 物品
Queue 队列
Description 描述
In production... 生产中……
Out of resources 资源耗尽
Output full 输出已满
Upgrade required 需要升级
Not assigned to a craft bench 没有分配到工作台
ETA: 预计完成时间:
Current Smith:
(skill: {1,num}{2}) (技能:{1,num}{2})
Predicted Result:
Critical Success Chance:
No items available to craft. You need to buy blueprints or research new items to craft them here 没有可以加工的物品,你需要买蓝图或者先研究才能加工
Estimated Craft Time: 预计加工时间:
Materials Cost:
Materials Costs:
x{1,num} x{1,num}
Ingredients 材料
Invalid item! 无效物品!
Empty! 空的!
Failed to learn from blueprint: Technology requirements not met 无法从蓝图中进行学习:科技要求尚未达到
Research already known 已知研究
Day: {1,num} 天数:{1,num}
Selling Slaves 出售奴隶
Sell 出售
Name: 名字:
WARNING: Character will become a slave! 警告:角色将变成奴隶!
Buying Slaves 购买奴隶
Buy 购买
Strength: 力量:
Dexterity: 敏捷:
Toughness: 韧度:
Melee Attack: 近战攻击:
Melee Defence: 近战防御:
Labouring: 劳动:
Farming: 耕作:
Cooking: 烹饪:
Engineering: 工程:
Medic: 医疗:
Buying Animals 购买动物
Age: 年龄:
Gender: 性别:
Pay Bounty 支付赏金
Pay 支付
Faction: 帮派:
Relations with {1} improved by {2} 同{1}的好感度增进了{2}
Relations with {1} decreased by {2} 同{1}的好感度减少了{2}
Received 已接收
Sorry, you cannot create female characters in the demo, buy the full game! 抱歉,无法在试用版中创建女性角色,请购买完整游戏!
It looks like your squad is a little full. 看起来你的小队满员了。
If you want to hire any more men, you will need to buy the full game! 如果你想要雇佣更多人,就需要购买完整的游戏!
Free! 自由!
Paid c.{1}k 付{1}千开币
Paid c.{1} 付{1}开币
{1} has been discovered smuggling {2} {1}被发现走私{2}
Squads: 小队:
Prosperity: 繁荣度:
{1} are now hostile towards you {1}现在与你是敌对关系
{1} are no longer hostile towards you {1}与你解除敌对关系
{1} are no longer your ally {1}不再是你的盟友了
{1} are now your allies {1}现在是你的盟友了
War breaks out between {1} and {2} {1}和{2}开战了
Environment: 环境:
Farmers Skill: 农夫技能:
This is the percentage yield of the farm. A lower number means that you get less crops from a harvest. Skillful farmers are important. 这是你从农场的百分比产量,较低的数据说明你收获的作物较少。经验丰富的农夫是很重要的。
WARNING! Crop yield is too low to be productive, probably the crop is not suitable for this area. 警告!亩产过低,无法收获,也许此地不适宜种该种植物。
Crop Yield 作物产量
Normal Growth Time: 正常生长时间:
Environment Effect: 环境影响:
Power: 电力:
No Water: 无水:
Actual Growth Time: 实际生长时间:
Growth Rate 生长率
Failed 失败
Growing 生长中
Once the plants have grown 100% you can begin to harvest them. Until then all you have to do is make sure the farm has water. 一旦作物生长到100%,你就可以去收获了。在此之间,你必须确保农田里有水。
Plant Condition 植物条件
The health of the plants, it will start to degenerate once they are fully grown, or if they run out of water. If it reaches 0 then the dead plants will have to be cleared and re-planted. 植物的健康值,一旦长成熟,或者没有水以后就会开始降低。如果到达0,则植物死亡,需要铲掉重种。
Number of Plants 植物数量。。
The number of plants remaining. This number will decrease when you harvest them, or if some pest starts eating them. 剩余的植物数量。当你开始收获或有害虫后该数字就会减少。
Time left to harvest 剩余收获时间
Time left to harvest all plants before they go bad. 在植物坏掉之前的收货时间。
Efficiency: 效率:
Workers: 工人:
No workers required until the crop is ready to harvest. 植物可以收获后才需要工人。
The soil here is unsuitable for growing crops. This farm is useless. 这里的土不适合用来种庄稼,这座农场是无用的。
Needs water 需要水
Out of water. Growth rate will be significantly reduced and your plants may die. 缺水。生长速率会大幅减低,植物还会死。
Your crops are growing nicely. You don't have to do anything. 你的植物生长良好,你什么也不用做。
The output is full. Empty out the items and put them in a storage box or something. 产出已满。请清空物品,将其放置到储藏箱中。
Ready To harvest 可以收获
Nobody is working at this farm at the present moment, you need to hurry up and harvest them before they die. 当前无人在此农场里工作,你需要抓紧时间收获,防止死亡。
Harvesting 收获中
Working... 工作中……
Your crops are dead. Clear them out to start again 你的作物死了,请清除它们重新种植
Wall termites! - Your base became inaccessible. You need at least 1 gate in your walls. 墙白蚁!-无法进入你的基地。你的墙上至少需要一个门。
Type: 类型:
Town: 城镇:
Open to public: 对外开放:
Public 公共
Private 私人
For sale: 待售:
Broken 已损坏
This machine has broken down as a result of damage. Send one of your engineers to repair it. 该机器已损坏,派一位工程师过来维修。
Under construction 建造中
This machine is currently under construction. 该机器正在建造中。
Building is in good condition. 建筑的状态良好。
Reloading... 重装中……
Turret is currently reloading. 炮塔正在重装弹药。
Unused 未被使用
Nobody is manning this turret. 没人在操作这座炮塔。
Tracking 跟踪中
Gunner is tracking a target, about to take a shot. 炮手在跟踪一个目标,准备射击。
Ready 准备
Turret is ready to fire. 炮塔可以开火。
Condition 状态
Building Condition 建筑状态
The building is damaged. 建筑已损坏。
The building is in good condition. 建筑状态良好。
The building is under construction and at {1,num}% completion. 正在建造中,已完成{1,num}%。
{1} more 'Building Materials' will be needed to complete this construction. {1}需要更多“建筑材料”以建成这一建筑。
All necessary materials are ready. 所需的一切材料都准备妥当了。
Upgrade 升级
Power 电力
Downgrade 降级
[PAUSED] 【暂停】
Door Condition 门的状态
The door is damaged. 门已损坏。
The door is in good condition. 门状态良好。
The door is broken 门坏了
The door is open 门开着
The door is closed 门关了
Open/Close: 打开/关闭:
It will no longer close and needs to be repaired. 关不上了,需要维修。
Locked 锁上的
Unlocked 未琐上的
lvl {1,num} 等级{1,num}
Security: 安全:
The door is locked and will keep out intruders. 大门已锁,能防止入侵者。
The door is unlocked. 大门未锁。
Training: 训练:
Cost to use: 使用花费:
Pay c.{1,num} 支付{1,num}开币
Lock state: 锁的状态:
Lock complexity: 锁的复杂程度:
Level {1,num} 等级{1,num}
Healing bonus: 治疗加成:
x{1,num} x{1,num}
Max Skill Level: 最大技能等级:
This is the maximum skill a person can train up to using this equipment. For anyone higher it is a waste of time. 这是使用此设备能达到的最大训练等级。再升级就是在浪费时间。
Max possible efficiency: 最大可能效率:
Num workers: 工人数量:
Max efficiency: 最大效率:
This machine is fully automatic. 该机器是完全自动的。
The machine is fully staffed. 操作该机器的人手已满。
The machine is under-staffed. 操作该机器的人手不足。
Power In 电力输入
If the battery is charging this is the amount of power it is consuming. 如果电池在充电,这就是它消耗的电量。
Power Out 电力输出
The power output when the battery is in use and being drained. 当电池在使用和耗尽时的电力输出。
Power Stored 储存的电量
The amount of power currently stored in the battery for use in emergencies. 电池中储存的电量,可用于紧急情况。
Power Output 电力输出
Power is switched off. 电源被切断。
Power output is running at maximum. 电力正全力输出。
Currently out of fuel, so power output is zero 没有燃料,电力输出为0。
Power output is running at reduced efficiency due to damage. 由于损坏,电力输出降低。
Fuel Consumption 燃料消耗
Fuel is being burned at {1,num}% speed. It will be used up more slowly when less power is being used 正以 {1,num}%的速度消耗燃料,耗电变少时,燃料消耗的速度也会降低
No Power! 无电力!
No power is getting to this machine. You need to build some generators, or fix or fuel your existing ones or something. 该机器没有电力输入。你需要建发电站,或者为你既有的发电站补充燃料,维修他们。
Switched Off 关闭
You have ordered for this machine to remain switched off. 你关闭了这台机器。
Inactive 闲置
Nobody is operating this machine at the moment, so it is not consuming power. 当前无人操作这台机器,所以不消耗燃料。
Battery 电池
This machine will run off of battery power if the main generators should run low or break down. 如果主发电机降低功率或者损毁,该机器就会缺乏电力。
This machine will NOT run off of battery power if the main generators should run low or break down. 如果主发电机降低功率或者损毁,该机器不会缺乏电力。
This machine is switched On 机器已开
This machine is switched {1}Off 机器关闭 {1}
This machine is working fine. 机器工作良好。
This machine is working fine, but due to low power is only operating at {1}{2,num}% {3}of its full potential. 机器工作良好,但由于电力低,当前的运转速度是全速度的{1}{2,num}%{3}
Crafting: 锻造中:
Nothing Queued 队列中没有物品
Nothing has been ordered for crafting. 并无锻造指令。
Needs upgrading 需要升级
You are trying to craft something that this craft bench cannot do. It needs upgrading to produce this item. 如果你想要打造这个工作台不能制造的物品。就需要升级工作台。
Upgradeable to: 可升级至:
Dismantle All: 全部拆除:
Dismantle All 全部拆除
Iron Quality: 铁的质量:
Stone Richness: 石材丰富度:
Copper Quality: 铜的质量:
Carbon Quality: 碳的质量:
Water Available: 可用的水:
Ground Fertility: 土壤肥沃程度:
The richness of natural {1} present in this location. Anything over 50% is considered good. 该地区自然{1}的丰富程度。超过50%即可视为上佳。
Iron under ground: 地下铁:
Stone under ground: 地下石材:
Copper under ground: 地下铜:
Carbon under ground: 地下碳:
Water under ground: 地下水:
Switched off 已关闭
This machine is switched off. 该机器已被关闭。
No power 没有电力
Production queue empty 生产队列中没有物品
No items have been queued up for crafting, so there is nothing to do. 生产队列中没有物品,所以也无事可做。
Out of resource 资源耗尽
The machine has run out of raw materials to work with. Find some more and fill it up. 该机器已耗尽原材料无法生产。请补充原材料。
The machine output is full. Empty out the items and put them in a storage box or something. 该机器产出已满。请清空库存,将其放在储存盒中。
This machine needs electricity to function. Build a power generator or windmill. 该机器需要电力才能运作,请建造发电站或者风车。
No workers 没有工人
Nobody is working at this machine at the present moment, so nothing is getting done. 没有工人在操作这台机器,所以现在什么也没有完成。
Working 工作中
Out of fuel 缺乏燃料
It has ran out of fuel. Find some more fuel and fill it up. 该机器已耗尽燃料,请补充燃料。
Fully Charged 充满电
This battery is fully charged. 电池已充满电。
This battery is flat, it needs to be charged up. 电池没电,需要充电。
Charging 充电中
This battery is being charged. 电池正在充电。
Draining 耗电中
This battery is in use and being drained of its power. 电池正在耗电。
Stored 储藏中
This battery is not in use. 电池未被使用。
No Wind 无风
There is currently not enough wind to drive the machine. 没有足够的风力驱动这台机器。
The current amount of wind. 当前的风力。
Operating wind speed is between {1,num=fix,p=2} mph and {2,num=fix,p=2} mph. 运行风速介于{1,num=fix,p=2}英里每小时和{2,num=fix,p=2}英里每小时。
Power output is at maximum. 电力全力输出。
Currently not enough wind to generate any power 没有足够的风力来发电
Wind Speed 风速
{1,num=fix,p=1} mph {1,num=fix,p=1}英里每小时
The current wind speed 当前风速
Collecting 收集中
Rain is being collected. 正在收集雨水。
Not Raining 未下雨
It is not raining. Nothing to collect. 没有下雨,无法收集。
Rain strength: 下雨强度:
Total Metals: 金属总量:
ON 开启
OFF 关闭
Active: 运作中:
Warning: 警告:
Switching on will incinerate the entire inventory! 开启它会烧毁所有的库存!
Underground water: 地下水:
{1,num} m {1,num}米
Height: 高度:
The turrets height above the last target we aimed at. 炮塔的高度高于我们最后瞄准的目标。
Height bonus: 高度加成:
The additional penalty to range, speed and power that resulted from having a height difference of {1} below the last target. 因低于最后一个目标,存在{1}的高度差而对距离、速度和功率造成了附加伤害。
The additional bonus to range, speed and power that resulted from having a height difference of {1} above the last target. 因高于最后一个目标,存在{1}的高度差而对距离、速度和功率造成了附加加成。
Default damage: 默认伤害:
Default range: 默认范围:
Default aim speed: 默认瞄准速度:
Power supply: 电力供应:
Condition: 条件:
Wall bonus: 墙的加成:
Height advantage: 高度优势:
Total damage: 总伤害:
Total range: 总范围:
Total speed: 总速度:
Base Accuracy Deviation: 基本精度误差:
User Skill: 使用者技能:
User Accuracy Deviation: 使用者精度误差:
The amount of accuracy error, in degrees. Higher numbers are poor, 0 is perfect accuracy. 精度误差的大小,以度为单位。数值越大越差,0是最精确的。
Deviation: 误差:
Range: 范围:
Aim speed: 瞄准速度:
x x
Loaded 已装载
Base Reload Speed: 基本重装速度:
{1,num=fix,p=2}-{2,num=fix,p=2} seconds {1,num=fix,p=2}-{2,num=fix,p=2}秒
User Reload Speed: 使用者重装速度:
Don't put grass and meshes in the same foliage layer! 不要把草和网放在同一叶层上!
You already know all these locations, no new information can be learned. 你已知道所有这些位置,无更多新信息。
Stealing chance: 偷窃机会:
Illegal goods? 非法货物?
No problem! 没问题!
NO! 不!
Stolen goods? 赃物?
Fencing chance: 销赃几率:
Fence it anyway? 还要销赃吗?
Out of trading range. 超出贸易范围。
No room for that item. 没有空间放置那个物品。
You can't afford that. 你买不起那个。
The shopkeeper can't afford that. 店主买不起那个。
That's not for sale. 这是非卖品。
Got caught stealing. 被抓到偷窃。
Got caught selling stolen item. 被抓到出售赃物。
Target is conscious. 目标发现。
Can't wear that item. 不能穿戴那件物品。
Item is locked in place. 物品是锁住的。
Invalid container type. 无效的容器类型。
Smugglers only buy illegal goods. 走私犯只买非法物品。
Attempted smuggling! 尝试走私!
What is that a uniform? I don't want that! 那是制服吗?我不想要!
Container cannot be placed here unless it is empty. 除非容器是空的,不然是不能放在这里的。
Backpack 背包
Weapon I 武器1
Weapon II 武器2
Shirt 衬衫
Head 头部
Pants 裤子
Armor 铠甲
Boots 靴子
Belt 腰带
Inventory 库存
Open bag 打开的背包
Arrange 整理
Limbs 肢体
Max Capacity: 最大容量:
Full 装满
Show research 显示研究
Output 输出
Queue... 队列……
Arms 手臂
Opens the BUILD menu. Here you can place buildings and start your own outpost anywhere in the world, but you should choose a safe area and check availability of resources using the PROSPECT button. You will also need building materials to finish construction. 打开“建造”菜单。在这里,你可以在世界上任何地方建造建筑物并建立自己的村子,但是你应该选择一个安全的区域,并使用“勘探”检查资源的数量。你还需要建筑材料来完成施工。
INV 库存
Open character inventory 打开角色库存
STA 状态
Open character status window 打开角色状态窗口
MAP 地图
Open world map 打开世界地图
TEC 科技
Open research window 打开研究窗口
SQD 小队
Open squad management window 打开小队管理窗口
HLP 帮助
Open help window 打卡帮助窗口
Floor {1,num} {1,num}层
Change the selected floor, use to move to a certain floor of a building, 0 is ground floor (also: Page Down key) 更改选定的楼层,用于移动到建筑物的某一楼层,0为地面(也可按下“下一页”键)
Change the selected floor, use to move to a certain floor of a building, 0 is ground floor (also: Page Up key) 更改选定的楼层,用于移动到建筑物的某一楼层,0为地面(也可按下“上一页”键)
Loading... 载入中……
Block 阻碍
Hold 坚守
Passive 被动
Jobs 工作
Taunt 嘲弄
Ranged 范围
Sneak 潜行
This will toggle the selected characters into defensive combat mode. When in defensive mode, a character will focus purely on staying alive and will gain 20 to his melee defense skill. However he will not attempt to make any attacks. This is handy for keeping your weaker characters alive when they are outclassed. 这将切换所选角色到防御战斗模式。当处于防御模式时,一个角色将只专注于生存,并将获得20的近战防御技能加成。不过,他不会试图进行任何攻击。当你的角色等级悬殊时,这能让较弱的他们活下来。
HOLD POSITION means that the selected character won't run off to fight enemies, even to protect his allies. He will hold his position and only attack any enemy that comes into close range. He will still use a crossbow normally, but won't move around obstacles to get a shot. Use this setting to tactically position fighters, or just to keep non-combatants away from the fighting. 坚守阵地意味着被选择的角色不会逃跑去对抗敌人,也不会保护他的盟友。他将坚守阵地,只攻击任何靠近的敌人。他仍然会正常使用弩,但不会绕过障碍物去射击。使用这个设置给战士进行战术定位,或者只是为了让非战斗人员远离战斗。
In non-combat mode a character will never initiate combat, even if his allies are fighting or need help. He will only fight when directly attacked, and is less likely to be targeted by enemies. 在非战斗模式下,角色永远不会开始战斗,即使他的盟友在战斗或需要帮助时也不会战斗。他只会在受到直接攻击时才会战斗,而且他不太可能成为敌人的目标。
If this is disabled then the character won't do any of the jobs listed. 如果禁用此功能,则角色不会做列出的工作。
The character will make himself offensive, noisy and conspicuous in an attempt to draw more of the enemy to attack him. Using this enables your experienced and well armoured characters to draw trouble away from your more vulnerable ones. 这个角色会让自己变得咄咄逼人、吵吵嚷嚷、引人注目,试图吸引更多的敌人来攻击他。使用这个技能可以让你的经验丰富且装备精良的角色把麻烦从你更脆弱的角色身上引开。
Activates sneak mode so the character will try to go unnoticed. 激活潜行模式,角色会试图不被人注意。
If the character is unconscious, when he wakes up he will stay down on the ground and crawl to avoid detection. 如果角色是处于昏迷状态,则当他醒来时,他会呆在地上,匍匐前进以避免被发现。
If enabled then the character will prioritise ranged attacks, melee will be a last resort. 如果启用,角色将优先进行远程攻击,肉搏将是最后的手段。
Pressing this button will order your selected characters to automatically heal everyone else in the squad, including themselves. They will need a medkit in their inventory. 按下这个按钮将命令你选择的角色自动治疗队伍中的其他人,包括他们自己。他们的库存中需要一个医疗包。
Rescue 救助
This will order your selected characters to pick up all your wounded allies. If you own any buildings nearby, they will take the wounded and put them in beds. Make sure to heal their wounds first. 这将命令你选择的角色去救助你所有受伤的盟友。如果你在附近有房子,他们会把伤者放在床上。一定要先治愈他们的伤口。
Prospect 勘探
This will give you information on the richness of resources at your location. Stone, iron, water, fertility... It's important to check for these things before building an outpost. 这将为您提供关于您所在位置的丰富资源的信息。石头、铁、水、肥力……在建立村庄之前检查这些东西是很重要的。
No jobs assigned 没有安排工作
To add jobs, hold shift key when giving an order 要增加工作时,按住shift键下指令
Research: 研究:
Battery charge: 电池充电:
c. {1,num} {1,num}开币
Buyer's money: 购买者的金钱:
Ok 好的
Abort 放弃
Seems packaging the crash dump failed miserably. There should be a .dmp file there instead. 似乎打包崩溃转储失败。这里应该有一个.dmp文件。
Crash fail 崩溃
Your help would be appreciated. 非常感谢你的帮助。
An exception occurred! 出现意外!
I can't afford that. 我买不起。
Hold down the ALT key to steal items 按住ALT键来偷东西
{1} has been butchered {1}已经被屠杀了
{1,num} cats added. 增加{1,num}开币。
Regenerate sector 再生部分
Foliage removal 清除树叶
Render all 提交所有
Render selection 提交选择
Erase selection 清除选择
Project roads 项目道路
Validate road network 确认道路网
Hidden 隐藏的
Road width 道路宽度
NavMesh 导航网络
Roads 道路
Town Placement 城镇安置
Reset Population 重置人口
Navmesh Tools 导航网格工具
Terrain Features 地形特点
Terrain Fog 地区雾
Buildings 建筑
Fix stuff 修理东西
Save Mod 保存mod
Exit 退出
Save 保存
Del 删除
None selected 没有选择
Show Interior 展示内部
Clear 清除
Clear Nodes 清除节点
Layout 布局
Interior edit mode 内部编辑模式
Interior 内部
Furniture 家具
Exterior 外部
Signs and NPCs 标志和NPC
Level Editor 等级编辑器
Are you sure you want to delete it? 您确定要删除它吗?
Are you sure you want to delete it? 您确定要删除它吗?
Autosaved 自动保存
Save successful 成功保存
Error saving game. Please try again. 错误保存,请重试。
Failed to save game. Please try again. 未能保存,请重试。
Updates 更新
Otherwise some of the world's content may be missing or buggy. 否则,游戏世界里的一些内容可能会丢失或有bug。
Load game error! Your squad has been salvaged. Awarded 10000 cats as compensation. 游戏加载错误!你的小队已经获救。奖励10000开币作为补偿。
Demo mode 试用模式
Buy the full game to access the editor 购买完整游戏才能使用编辑器
Map 地图
Faction 帮派
Research 研究
Crafting 锻造技术
Squads 小队
Dialogue 对话
AI AI人工智能
You currently have no research facilities. Build a research bench and assign someone to work there. 你目前没有研究设施。建立一个研究平台,并指派人到那里工作。
Types 类型
Blueprints 蓝图
RESEARCH - LEVEL {1,num} (CURRENT RATE: {2,num=fix,p=2}x) 研究等级{1,num} (当前速率:{2,num=fix,p=2}x)
Ditch items 丢弃物品
If they have nothing else to do, characters will automatically put any excess materials they are carrying into storage. This can help to un-block the base AI when things grind to a halt from over-filled inventories. 如果他们没有其他事情做,角色将自动把任何多余的材料,放到储具内。这可以解除由于库存已满而导致的基地AI停运。
Sleep when injured 受伤时睡觉
Characters will automatically go to bed if they are injured and have nothing else to do 如果角色受伤了,又没有其他事情可做,他们会自动上床睡觉
Sit when idle 空闲时坐下
Idle characters at home will sit down on chairs and benches, if you have any 家里空闲之人会坐在椅子和凳子上,前提是如果你有凳子
Heal Allies 治疗盟友
Characters with the medic job will also heal characters of allied factions 能做医疗工作的角色会治疗盟友
Help Allies 帮助盟友
Characters will help out characters from other allied factions if they are under attack 如果角色看到其他联盟帮派的人物受到攻击,角色会帮助他们
Rescue Allies 救助盟友
Characters with the rescue job will also rescue allied characters from other factions 能执行救援任务的角色也将从其他帮派中营救盟友
Share Food 分享食物
Characters in a squad will automatically share any of their food that is in a backpack (if in range). 小队中的角色会自动分享背包里的食物(必须在射程内)。
Feed Animals 喂养动物
If food is running low, you can elect not to feed your animals. 如果食物数量不足,你可以选择不喂动物。
Shoot first, ask later 先开火,再问
Your turret gunners will shoot at any potentially dangerous but neutral targets, such as wild animals or bandits, without waiting for them to attack the base first. 您的炮塔炮手将射击任何潜在的危险和中立的目标,如野生动物或土匪,不会等待他们先攻击基地。
Follow Formation 遵守队形
Random 随机
Military 军队
Caravan 商队
Formation used when squad members are following a leader 当小队成员跟随一位领袖时需要使用队形
Needs research bench level {1,num} 需要等级{1,num}的研究工作台
Cost: 花费:
Paid 已支付
Requirements: 需要:
New Building: 新建筑:
New Weapon Class: 新武器类型:
New Weapons Grade: 新武器等级:
New Armour Type: 新铠甲类型:
New Items: 新物品:
New Crossbows: 新弩:
New Backpacks: 新背包:
New Robot Limbs: 新机器人肢体:
Find artifacts and place them in your research bench. 找到文物并将它们放在您的研究工作台中。
Cannot research '{1}'. Requirements not met. 不能研究“{1}”。未满足要求。
Research Blueprint 研究蓝图
Cannot learn this yet 还不能学习这个
Right-click to learn tech 单击右键学习科技
Tech Level 科技等级
Value 价值
Overview 概述
Resources 资源
Prospecting Results 勘探结果
Zone: 地区:
Altitude: 高度:
Prospector Skill: 勘探技能:
Area Size: 地区面积:
Green 苍翠
Arid 干旱
Swamp 沼泽
Wind Speed: 风速:
Add squad 增加小队
Dismiss 解散
Maximum number of squads reached. 小队数量已达上限。
The squad needs to be empty before it can be removed. 小队需要先清空才能移除。
You must have at least one squad. 你必须至少有一个小队。
Dismiss character 遣散角色
Cannot dismiss the only remaining character in the faction. 不能遣散帮派中的唯一一名角色。
Dismiss character '{1}'? 遣散角色“{1}”?
Delete 删除
Faction name 帮派名称
Faction Name 帮派名称
This faction name already exists 帮派名称已经存在
Manage Contract 管理合同
Sell value 出售价值
Ammunition 弹药
Research Artifact 研究文物
Unique 特殊
Food 食物
Possibly Edible 可能可以吃
Only for: 只能用于:
Also edible for animals 动物也可以吃
Nutrition 营养
{1,num} nu {1,num}营养
Shots 数量
{1,num} kg 111{1,num}千克
Weight 重量
Avg. Price 平均价格
c. 开币。
Price mark-up 价格标记
Charges 费用
Quality 质量
Crossbow class 弩的等级
Accuracy deviation: 精度误差:
Reload time: 重装时间:
Velocity: 速度:
m/s 米每秒
Blood loss: 失血速度:
Required skill: 需要技能:
Ammunition type: 弹药类型:
Damage vs robots 对机器人的伤害
Damage vs humans 对人的伤害
Damage vs animals 对动物的伤害
Damage vs 伤害
Max HP: 最大生命值:
Unarmed damage bonus 无武装伤害加成
Katana class 武士刀等级
Sabre class 剑等级
Hacker class 砍刀等级
Heavy weapons class 重武器等级
Polearm class 长柄刀等级
Blunt weapon class 钝器等级
Cutting damage 切割伤害
Blunt damage 钝器伤害
Blood loss 失血
Armour penetration 穿甲
Attack bonus 攻击加成
Defence bonus 防御加成
Indoors bonus 室内加成
Indoors penalty 室内损失
Model 模型
Crafted by {1} 由{1}制造
A masterful weapon crafted by the renowned smith {1} of {2}. 由知名工匠{2}的{1}打造的高品质武器。
Crafted by the smith {1} of {2}. 由{2}的{1}打造。
Manufactured by 制造者
Encumbrance reduction 障碍清除
Combat skills bonus 战斗技能加成
Athletics effect 运动效果
Combat speed effect 战斗速度效果
Stealth skill effect 潜行技能效果
Dodge skill effect 躲避技能效果
Stolen from: 偷窃自:
Stolen 被盗
Buyback 买回
Duststorms 沙尘暴
Burning 燃烧
Faction Uniform: 帮派制服:
{1} Grade 等级{1}
Light Armour Class 轻装甲级
Medium Armour Class 中装甲级
Heavy Armour Class 重装甲级
Leather 皮革
Chain 链条
Metal Plate 金属板
Cloth 服装
Blunt resistance 钝器抵抗
Cut resistance 切割抵抗
Cut resistance efficiency 切割抵抗效果
Harpoon resistance 鱼叉抵抗
{1,num} pts {1,num}分
[Weather Protections] 【天气保护】
Coverage 覆盖
No Armour Coverage 无铠甲覆盖
Skills 技能
Stealth effect 潜行效果
Crossbows effect 十字弩效果
Dexterity effect 敏捷效果
Attack damage effect 攻击伤害效果
Assassination skill 暗杀技能
Fist protection 拳头保护
Melee attack/defence bonus 近战攻击/防御加成
Melee attack bonus 近战攻击加成
Melee defence bonus 近战防御加成
Martial arts bonus 武术加成
Perception bonus 知觉加成
High quality armour crafted by the renowned smith {1} of {2}. 由知名工匠{2}的{1}打造的高品质铠甲。
This item is broken and can be freely removed at any time. 此物品已损坏,可随时随意取下。
This item is unlocked and can be freely removed at any time. 此物品未上锁,可以随时取下。
Locked: 上锁的:
This item is locked in place and cannot be removed. You can try to pick the lock, find a saw, or use brute strength. 此物品被锁在当前位置,无法移除。你可以试着撬开锁,找把锯子,或者使用蛮力。
Warning: Once this item is locked in place it cannot be removed! 警告:一旦该物品被锁在该地方就不能删除!
Location already known 已知地点
Right-click to learn new map locations 单击右键来获取新地点
Towns: 城镇:
Right-click to add the funds to your faction 单击右击可以将资金添加到你的帮派
Warning: Character template missing for ' 警告:角色模板消失‘
'. Using fallback ’。请回退
{1} is dead. {1}已死亡。
{1} has died from blood loss. {1}已死于失血。
{1} has died from starvation. {1}已死于饥饿。
Expired 失效的
{1,num} Days, {2,num}hrs {1,num}天,{2,num}小时
{1,num}hrs {1,num}小时
{1,num} mins {1,num}分钟
Trade 贸易
Loot 抢劫
First Aid 急救
Splint Injuries 夹板救治
Repairs 修复
Talk To 对话
Pick Up 捡起
Throw out of home 丢出房间
Throw out of town 丢出城镇
Kidnap 绑架
Escape (skill) 逃脱(技能)
Escape (strength) 逃脱(力量)
Put Down 放倒
Put in Bed 放在床上
Attack Target 攻击目标
Attack Unprovoked 无端攻击
Attack All 攻击所有人
Follow 跟随
Build 建造
Use 使用
Auto-Haul 自动拖
Open 打开
Close 关闭
Lock 上锁
Unlock 解锁
Unlock Shackles 解锁镣铐
Pick Lock 开锁
Escape 逃脱
Repair 修复
Sleep 睡觉
Get in 进来
Put in 放进
Knock Out 击倒
Set Free 放掉
Break Out 打破
Corpse Disposal 尸体处理
Man Turret 操作炮塔
Smash 打碎
Capture 抓捕
Use Tools 使用工具
Use Strength 使用力量
Stealth Kill 潜行技能
Stealth KO 潜行KO
Shoot At 射击
Stand Up 站起
Target: 目标:
Problem: Crafting stations incapable of making this item. 问题:工作台无法生产此物品。
I can't craft anything here with this crappy workbench. 我不能用这个破工作台做任何东西。
Do you want to buy this building for c.{1,num}? 你想以{1,num}开币的价格买这栋楼吗?
Can't afford to buy this building. It costs c.{1,num} 买不起这栋建筑。需要{1, num}开币
Building purchased! 已购买该建筑!
Mission Complete 任务完成
Mission Failed 任务失败
Options 选项
General 通用
Tutorials 教程
Enable/Disable in-game tutorials 在游戏中启动/关闭教程
Reset Tutorials 重置教程
Auto save 自动保存
Turns on automatic saves 打开自动保存
Auto save time (minutes) 自动保存时间(分钟)
Show character names 显示角色姓名
Shows the names of your characters on screen, hovering above their heads. 在屏幕上显示你的角色姓名,悬停在他们的头上。
Show movement marker 显示运动标志
Shows horrible green marker to show you exactly where you clicked. Useful when you are new to the game, but you should turn them off once you are used to it. 一个绿色标记,显示您点击的确切位置。当你是新手时,这很有用,但是当你习惯了之后,你应该关掉它。
Show rotation marker 显示旋转标志
Shows horrible green marker to show camera rotation. Useful when you are new to the game, but you should turn them off once you are used to it because it looks horrible. 一个绿色标记,显示镜头旋转。当你是新手时,这很有用,但是当你习惯了之后,你应该关掉它,因为看起来很不舒服。
Edge scrolling 边缘滚动
Makes the camera move when you move the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen 当鼠标移动到屏幕边缘时,屏幕会移动
Language censorship 语言审查
Filters out most of the bad language, if you don't like that sort of thing ruining your violent blood-bath and slavery experience. 如果你不想你的暴力屠杀及奴役体验被破坏的话,可以剔除大部分不好的语言。
Show damage floaters 显示伤害浮框
Off 关闭
Simple info 简单信息
Full info 全部信息
These are the floating text numbers that show the damage when a character is hit. It also shows in brackets the amount of damage that was stopped by armour. [Full Info] will show separate numbers for each damage type. 浮动的文本数字,显示当角色被击中时所受的伤害。括号中还显示了铠甲抵挡的伤害。【全部信息】将显示每个伤害类型的单独数据。
Font Size 字体大小
Civilians in towns (requires restart/import) 城镇平民(需要重启/导入)
This will simply prevent some of the less useful civilian NPCs from spawning in towns. Use to improve performance slightly. 这将简单地阻止一些不太有用的平民NPC在城镇中存在。可以稍微提高性能。
Fast zone hopping 快速地区跳跃
Allows you to jump between characters in different map zones without any loading time because it keeps a larger area in memory. WARNING: will use more RAM and reduce frame rate 允许您在不同地图区域的角色之间跳转而不需要任何加载时间,它需要在内存中占据更大的空间。警告:将使用更多的内存并且降低帧速率
Gameplay 游戏设置
Population settings (affects performance) 人口设置(影响性能)
Squad size multiplier 小队规模乘数
This multiplies the number of NPCs in each squad (Does not affect number of squads). Setting higher than 1.0 means MORE characters and bigger battles. WARNING! Will adversely affect performance. 这将乘以每个小队的NPC数量(不影响小队数量)。设置高于1.0意味着更多的角色和更大的战斗。警告!会对性能产生负面影响。
Global population multiplier (num NPC squads) 全球人口乘数(NPC小队数量)
This multiplies the number of squads in the world (Does not affect squad size). Setting higher than 1.0 means MORE characters. WARNING! Will adversely affect performance. 这将乘以世界里每个小队的NPC数量(不影响小队数量)。设置高于1.0意味着更多的角色和更大的战斗。警告!会对性能产生负面影响。
Difficulty settings 难度设置
Town raid events: size 城镇偷袭事件:规模
Affects the size (and therefore difficulty) of attacking forces when nearby factions attack your town. WARNING! Making the raids bigger will affect performance 当附近的帮派攻击你的城镇时,影响攻击部队的规模(因此也影响难度)。警告!加大偷袭规模将影响性能
Town raid events: frequency 城镇偷袭事件:频率
Affects the frequency of the raid events. (Values > 1 means more frequent attacks) 影响偷袭事件的频率。(值> 1表示更频繁的攻击)
Town attacks frequency 城镇攻击频率
Bombardment 轰炸
Fewer 较少
Rare 罕见
Never 永不
This is a separate thing to the raid events. This is for the attacks by bandits and enemies that just happen to be passing by your base and decide to attack it, trying to take it over. The old default was [High] 这与突袭事件是分开的。这是因为有土匪和敌人刚好路过你的基地,并决定攻击你,试图接管你的城镇。旧的默认值是【高】
Dismemberment 肢解
Frequent 频繁
Affects how often limbs are lost. [Frequent] means that a limb is lost whenever its HP drops below -100. [Rare] means limbs are only lost when HIT and the damage goes below -100 (a rare occurence). With either setting limbs can still be eaten off also. [Never] means limb loss is disabled completely (boring) 影响肢体丧失的频率。【频繁】意味着只要HP降到-100以下时,就会失去一个肢体。【罕见】意味着只有在被击中且伤害低于-100时才会失去四肢(很少发生)。在任何一种情况下,四肢都可以被吃掉。【永不】意味着你完全不会丧失肢体(这有点无聊)
Graphics 图像
Resolution (need restart) 分辨率(需要重新启动)
Full screen (need restart) 全屏(需要重新启动)
Fullscreen mode, use only if Borderless isn't working for you 全屏模式,只有在无边框模式不适合的情况下才使用
Borderless (need restart) 无边框(需要重新启动)
Borderless is the recommended screen mode, it is a type of fullscreen that allows safer alt-tabbing 无边框是推荐的屏幕模式,它是一种全屏模式,允许更安全地使用alt键
View Distance 视图距离
Increases the distance you can see, but has a negative effect on performance. Recommend you don't set it extremely high or low. 增加您可以看到的距离,但会对性能有负面影响。建议不要把它设置得太高或太低。
Terrain Detail 地形细节
Increases the quality of the terrain, but can have a negative effect on performance. 增加地形的细节,但会对性能产生负面影响。
Grass View Range 草视图范围
Grass Density 草密度
Foliage View Range 树叶视图范围
NPC View Range NPC视图范围
Objects View Range 目标视图范围
Texture Quality (need restart) 纹理质量(需要重新启动)
Mega-high (danger!) 超高(危险!)
Fugly 极丑
Increases texture quality, doesn't tend to affect performance but will affect memory use and loading times. /n WARNING! If you don't have enough video RAM to handle the setting you choose then the game will crash randomly because that's just how Microsoft designed it. Recommend > 4GB VRAM for max setting
Terrain Chunk Size (need restart) 地形块大小(需要重新启动)
The size of terrain chunks. [Large] will make the game run much faster when looking at the horizon for faster computers. Slower systems using a shorter view distance may find it actually runs slower, in which case set it to [Small]. [Small] will also help if you have problems with running out of video RAM, which causes crashes 地形块的大小。【大】将使游戏运行得更快,着眼地平线以进行更快的计算。使用较短视距的较慢系统可能会发现它实际上运行得更慢,在这种情况下应将其设置为【小】。如果你有视频内存不足导致崩溃的问题,【小】也会有帮助
Water reflection 水面反射效果
Disabled 禁止
Landscape 地形
Characters 特点
Everything 所有
Determines what is reflected in the water. Turning this off will give a good performance boost 决定了水中反射的内容。关闭此选项将提升性能
Shadows 阴影
CSM CMS代码安全模块
Turn off shadows if you have problems with performance 如果你的电脑性能不好,请关掉阴影
Shadow Quality 阴影质量
1024 (poor) 1024(差)
2048 (nice) 2048(好)
4096 (some video cards may freak out) 4096(一些视频卡可能会崩溃)
Shadow Range 阴影范围
Setting a longer range means that shadows are visible for a longer distance, but also reduces the shadows resolution/quality. Find a balance that you like. 设置一个较长的范围意味着阴影在较远的距离内是可见的,但也会降低阴影的分辨率/质量。找到你喜欢的平衡。
Decal Range 贴花范围
Decal Resolution 贴花分辨率
512 512
1024 1024
2048 2048
The quality of blood-splats on the terrain 地表上飞溅的血的质量
Harpoon limit 鱼叉限制
The max number of harpoons/arrows that are left in the ground. Reduce this if you have frame rate drops around heavy turret areas. 留在地面上的鱼叉/箭的最大数量。如果你的重型炮塔附近的帧率下降,这一数字会减少。
Audio 声音
Music volume 音量
Ambient volume 环境音量
Footstep volume 脚步音量
SFX volume 音效音量
VO volume 旁白音量
UI volume 用户音量
Music Frequency (minutes) 音乐频率(分钟)
Affects the overall amount of time that music plays in the game 影响游戏中音乐播放的总时间
Controls 控制
Invert mouse X 反转鼠标X轴的方向
Invert mouse Y 反转鼠标Y轴的方向
Swap mouse buttons 交换鼠标按钮
Swap left and right mouse buttons on the GUI 交换图形界面上的左右鼠标按钮
Hardware Mouse 硬件鼠标
Turning this on will use the windows hardware mouse pointer, which looks a bit weird but has the advantage that it's not affected by the frame-rate. (REQURIES RESTART) 打开它将使用windows硬件鼠标指针,这看起来有点奇怪,但它的优势是不受帧速率的影响。(需要重启)
Camera Move Speed 摄像头移动速度
Camera Rotate Speed X 摄像头X轴移动速度
Camera Rotate Speed Y 摄像头Y轴移动速度
Camera Zoom Speed 摄像头变焦速度
Key bindings 按键设置
Selection 选择
Issue command 命令
Pause Game 暂停游戏
Take screenshot 截图
Quicksave 快速存档
Quickload 快速读档
Normal game speed 正常游戏速度
Faster game speed 较快的游戏速度
Fastest game speed 最快的游戏速度
Up one floor 上一层
Down one floor 下一层
Highlight Items 突出显示项目
Rotate camera 旋转摄像头
Move camera forward 向前移动摄像头
Move camera backward 向后移动摄像头
Move camera left 向左移动摄像头
Move camera right 向右移动摄像头
Tilt camera up 向上倾斜摄像头
Tilt camera down 向下倾斜摄像头
Rotate camera left 向左旋转摄像头
Rotate camera right 向右旋转摄像头
Zoom in 放大
Zoom out 缩小
Toggle map 切换地图
Toggle character inventory 切换角色库存
Toggle character stats 切换角色状态
Toggle research 切换研究
Toggle faction window 切换帮派窗口
Toggle main gui 切换主图形界面
Stop selected characters actions 停止选中的角色动作
Toggle block only mode 只切换建筑模式
Toggle passive mode 切换被动模式
Toggle jobs 切换工作
Toggle ranged mode 切换范围模式
Toggle stealth mode 切换潜行模式
Cycle movement speed 选中移动速度
Medic order 医疗指令
Rescue order 救援指令
Prospect order 勘探指令
Focus selected character 选中已选择角色
Select all characters 选择所有角色
Select character 1 选择角色 1
Select character 2 选择角色 2
Select character 3 选择角色 3
Select character 4 选择角色 4
Select character 5 选择角色 5
Select character 6 选择角色 6
Select character 7 选择角色 7
Select character 8 选择角色 8
Select character 9 选择角色 9
Select character 10 选择角色 10
Select next character 选择下一角色
Select previous character 选择上一角色
Cycle squads 循环小队
Build mode 建造模式
Toggle build mode 切换建造模式
Confirm build mode 确认建造模式
Undo last building 撤销最后的建造
Rotate building left 将建筑向左旋转
Rotate building right 将建筑向右旋转
Move building up 将建筑向上移动
Move building down 将建筑向下移动
Increase building slope 增大建筑倾斜度
Decrease building slope 减小建筑倾斜度
Tools 工具
Toggle game editor 切换游戏编辑器
Rebuild navmesh 重建导航网络
Reload biome data 重新加载生物群系数据
Editor gizmo: move 编辑器装置:移动
Editor gizmo: rotate 编辑器装置:旋转
Editor gizmo: scale 编辑器装置:比例
Defaults 默认
Active mods 有效mod
Beta limitation: Area under construction. 公测版限制:该区域正在建造中。
Hold down the ALT key to pick the lock. 按住ALT键撬锁。
Hold down the ALT key to escape the cage. 按住ALT键逃出笼子。
Error! 错误!
One of your squads has somehow loaded off the map, reload your game with [reset positions] selected to recover your missing squads 你的一个小队由于某种原因脱离了地图,选择【重置位置】重新加载你的游戏以恢复你失踪的小队
Can't place in a building you don't own. 无法放置在你并未拥有的建筑。
Can't build too close to another town. 无法在距离另一城镇太近的地方进行建造。
This crop will not grow in this environment. 该作物无法在该环境下生长。
No resources at this location, mining would be pointless. 该地点无资源,采矿作业无意义。
Cannot build inside incomplete buildings. 无法在未完成的建筑内建造。
Must be placed outside or on a roof. 必须安置于建筑外部或是屋顶上。
Must be placed inside a building. 必须安置于建筑内。
Can only be placed on certain locations (marked by blue nodes). 只能安置于特定地点(由蓝色节点标出)。
Too close to another building. 距离另一建筑过近。
No valid usage nodes. 无有效使用节点。
There are characters in the way. 有角色挡住了。
The building blocks another building use nodes. 该建筑挡住了另一建筑使用节点。
The building has one or more parts on invalid ground. 该建筑在无效地区存在一个或多个部分。
Invalid placing floor number. Change to the correct floor to place it in that position. 无效放置的楼层号码。变更至正确的楼层并将其放置在该位置。
Ground needs to be more level. 地面需要更加平整。
Warning: This sign will not be added to the building exterior layout as interior build mode is inactive. 警告:由于内部建筑模式未激活,因此该标识无法增加到建筑外部布局。
Error: Mesh file {1} is missing. 错误:网格文件{1}已丢失。
Oi, You can't place that there. 嘿,你不能在那儿放置该物品。
Item placement group '{1}' has no valid items. 物品放置组“{1}”无有效物品。
Crop yield: 作物产量:
Your Outpost 你的哨站
Categories 分类
Commands 命令
Undo 复原
Building shell 建筑外壳
Materials cost: 材料价格:
Estimated build time: 预计建造时间:
Power Output: 功率输出:
Power Consumption: 功率消耗:
Power Capacity: 功率容量:
Num People: 人数:
Produces: 制造:
Training max: 训练最大值:
lvl {1,num=fix,p=0} 等级{1,num=fix,p=0}
Turrets bonus: 炮塔奖励:
Place Building: 安放建筑:
Left-Click 左击
Clear Building: 清理建筑:
Right-Click 右击
Rotate: 旋转:
{1} or {2} keys {1} 或 {2} 键
Change Height: 更改高度:
{1} and {2} {1} 和 {2}
Change Slope: 改变坡度:
Undo: 复原:
Backspace 退格
Cancel All: 取消:
Esc 退出
when finished 结束时
Blue arrows point outwards, towards enemy. 蓝色箭头向外指向敌人。
Aiming... 瞄准……
No available renderers found. 找不到可用的渲染器。
Problem 问题
Failed to load render system. You probably need to install the june 2010 directX runtimes located in the dependencies folder 无法加载渲染系统。 您可能需要安装位于管理文件夹中的june 2010 directX运行文件
DirectX11 unsupported on this system. 该系统不支持DirectX11。
ERROR creating root 创建超级用户时出现错误
Unfortunately your system cannot run the game. Your video card needs to be capable of running pixel shader v3.0. 很不幸,您的系统无法运行该游戏。 您的显卡需要能够运行pixel shader v3.0。
(at 1x rate) (以1倍的速度)
Research complete: {1} 研究完成: {1}
Used artifacts for '{1}' research. 用于'{1}'研究的工件。
Autosaving... 自动存档中……
Saving... 存档中……
Failed to save game 无法保存游戏
Failed to load game 无法加载游戏
Failed to import game 无法导入游戏
Old save version 原来的保存版本
Use the import menu to start a new game keeping your existing squad. 使用导入菜单开始新游戏,可以保留现有的小队。
Name 名字
Date 日期
Delete Save 删除存档
Are you sure you want to delete this save game? 您确定要删除游戏存档吗?
File version 文件版本
Funds 资金
Members size 会员大小
Location 地点
Load game 加载游戏存档
Load 加载
Reset squad positions 重置小队位置
Error 错误
This save file is invalid 这个存档是无效的
Import game 导入游戏存档
Advanced options 高级选项
Import Buildings 加载建筑物
Import Research 加载科技研究
Import Dead NPCs 加载已经死亡的非玩家角色
Import Relations 加载关系
Save game 保存游戏
Save game error 保存游戏错误
The file name contains invalid characters 这个文件名字包含无效字符
Can't use this file name 无法使用该文件名
Overwrite save '{1}'? 覆盖保存“{1}”?
Trespassing 擅入
Terrorism 恐怖主义
Theft 偷窃
Murder 谋杀
Fencing 剑术
Burglary 入室偷窃
Uniform Theft 偷窃制服
Enslaving 奴役
Treason 叛国
Smuggling 走私
Escaping Prison 越狱
Crop Theft 偷窃作物
crime 罪行
Hold middle mouse button to rotate the camera 按住鼠标中键旋转相机
Use mouse wheel to zoom 使用鼠标滚轮进行缩放
Now create your first character. Use the 'Confirm' button when finished. 现在创建你的第一个角色。 完成后点击“确认”按钮。
Cannot find any towns from the game start town list. 无法从游戏开始城镇列表中找到任何城镇。
Failed to load the core '{1}' file. 无法加载核心“{1}”文件。
Failed to load the following mod(s): 无法加载以下mod:
Mod error(s) (Ignored files) mod出现错误(忽略文件)
Racial hunger rate: 种族饥饿率:
Encumbrance effect: 障碍物效果:
Resting/KO state: 休眠状态/击倒状态:
Idle: 闲置:
Current work: 目前的工作:
Oil 石油
Racial bleed rate multiplier: x{1,num=fix,p=2} 种族出血率乘数: x{1,num=fix,p=2}
Your {1} is totally destroyed. Lucky it's not something you need to live. 你的{1}完全被摧毁了。 幸运的是,这不是你赖以生存的东西。
Your {1} is totally destroyed. It's probably the reason you are dead. 你的{1}完全被摧毁了。 这可能是你死亡的原因。
This wound is getting worse. You need first aid. 这伤口越来越严重。 你需要急救。
This is a critical wound. If it doesn't get medical treatment you will die. 这是一个致命的伤口。 如果没有得到治疗,你会死亡。
If it goes below that then you will have to hope you get rescued by somebody else.\n 如果不能在那之前恢复意思,那么你只能祈祷被其他人救出。\n
This is a dangerous wound and is getting worse. Get some medical attention fast. Death at {1} 这是伤口很危险,并且正在恶化。 立刻进行医疗处理。 会在{1}时死亡
This limb is severely damaged and in need of repairs. Luckily though skeleton limbs don't degenerate. 这条肢体严重受损,需要修理。 幸运的是,骨架不会退化。
Your {1} needs bandaging, it's slowly getting worse. 你的{1}需要包扎,它会慢慢恶化。
Your {1} needs bandaging. 你的{1}需要包扎。
Your {1} needs bandaging, but it's not urgent. 你的{1}需要包扎,但情况并不紧急。
Your {1} is in the process of healing. 你的{1}正在痊愈。
Your {1} is okay. 你的{1}没有问题。
You have {1} points of wear damage. The manual recommends you find a Skeleton Bed for maintenance. 你受到{1}点磨损伤害。 本手册建议您找一张骨人床进行恢复。
You have {1} points of wear damage, this detracts from your max health and can be fixed at a Skeleton Bed. 你受到{1}点磨损伤害,这会降低你的最大生命值,可以在骨人床上得到恢复。
Your stats will be negatively affected. 你的统计数据将受到负面影响。
Your movement speed will be negatively affected. 你的移动速度将受到负面影响。
Your combat and manual labour skills will be negatively affected. 你的战斗和体力劳动技能将受到负面影响。
You won't be able to kick. 你无法作出踢的动作。
This limb is gone forever. 你永远失去了这条肢体。
Skeletons don't need to eat. 骨人不需要吃东西。
You are well fed and currently have no problem. 你吃饱了,目前没问题。
You are suffering from malnutrition, but you have food so you are recovering. Stat penalty is {1} 你患有营养不良,但你有食物,所以你正在恢复。 统计罚分为{1}
You have passed out from starvation. You have food though, so hopefully you will recover. 你因为饥饿而昏迷。 但你有食物,所以你有希望痊愈。
You are slowly recovering from starvation. 你正在慢慢从饥饿中恢复过来。
You are suffering from malnutrition, Your stats and strength will be affected, you need to get some food as soon as possible. Stat penalty is {1} 你患有营养不良,你的统计数据和力量会受到影响,你需要尽快获得一些食物。 统计罚分为{1}
You have passed out from starvation. One of your squad mates will have to feed you or you're going to die. 你因为饥饿而昏迷。 你的一个队友必须喂你食物,否则你会死亡。
You have passed out from starvation. You're all alone and going to die. Nobody cares. 你因为饥饿而昏迷。 你孤身一人,即将死亡。但没有人在乎。
You are starving to death. Get some food fast. When the red bar goes below {1} you will pass out. When it reaches zero, you die. 你快要饿死了。 快点吃点东西。 当红条低于{1}时,你会昏倒。 当它达到零时,你会死亡。
You are kind of healthy for now. 你现在很健康。
Gone forever. RIP. 你已经死了。安息吧。
Something is eating you alive! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! 有东西正在生吃你!啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!
Dying 快要死了
Severe limb damage has now led to critical blood loss. You will die without medical attention. 严重的肢体损伤正导致严重的失血。 你会在没有医疗救助的情况下死去。
If you don't get medical attention, you will die. 如果你没有得到医疗救助,你会死亡。
Knocked out cold. 你被击昏了。
Recovery coma 从昏迷中恢复
You've suffered too much damage. You won't be getting up again until all critical body parts have recovered above 0. 你受了太多伤害。 在所有关键身体部位恢复到0以上之前,你将卧床不起。
Playing dead... 装死中……
This person has regained consciousness but is staying down, waiting for all the enemies to leave the area. 这个人已经恢复了意识,但还躺在那里,等待所有敌人离开该地区。
Bleeding out 流血中
Unconscious from blood loss and bleeding to death. Hope that the bleeding stops before it's too late. 因失血而昏迷,即将失血而死。 希望在为时已晚之前止血。
Blood loss KO 失血击倒
Unconscious from blood loss. It will recover over time, bed rest will help. 因失血而昏迷。 随着时间的推移会慢慢恢复,卧床休息会有所帮助。
Crippled 残废了
Your legs are incapable of supporting you. 你的腿无法支撑你。
Crippled arm 残废的手臂
Your sword arm is crippled and you are unable to fight. 你用剑的手臂残废了,你无法战斗。
Critical 严重
Critical injuries will continue to degenerate without medical attention. 如果没有医疗救助,重伤将继续恶化。
Limb trauma 肢体创伤
One or more limbs have been seriously crippled by critical injury. 一条或多条肢体因严重受伤而严重瘫痪。
Staying low 伏低身体
You are staying down, hoping to avoid drawing attention. 你正在伏低身体,希望避免引起注意。
Starving 挨饿中
You are starving to death. Get some food fast. 你快要饿死了。 快点吃点东西。
Bleeding 流血中
Losing blood, will collapse if blood goes below 0. 失血中,如果血液低于0,你会失败。
Discovered! 被发现了!
You've been discovered, somebody has noticed that you are an escaped slave. 你被发现了,有人注意到你是一个逃脱的奴隶。
Disguise Blown! 伪装被识破!
You've been discovered, somebody has seen through your disguise. 你被发现了,有人看穿了你的伪装。
In Disguise 伪装中
You are currently disguised as {1} 你目前伪装成{1}
Wounded 受伤
Malnourished 营养不良
You are hungry and suffering from malnutrition, but you are fed and slowly recovering. Your stats and strength will be affected until you recover fully. 你很饿并且患有营养不良,但是你吃了食物,并且正在慢慢恢复。 在完全恢复之前,你的统计数据和力量将受到影响。
Hungry 饥饿
You are hungry and suffering from malnutrition. Your stats and strength will be affected, you need to get some food as soon as possible. 你营养不良,你的统计数据和力量会受到影响,你需要尽快获得一些食物。
Slightly Injured 受到轻伤
Encumbrance penalty: 障碍物处罚:
Full speed bonus: 全速奖励:
This is the rate at which your athletics skill is increasing while running. 这是你的田径技能在跑步时增加的速度。
Weapon weight: 武器重量:
This is the rate at which your strength is increasing. 这是你的力量增加的速度。
Encumbrance bonus: 障碍物奖励:
Carrying somebody: 带着某人:
Toughness XP: 韧性XP:
Crippled left arm: 残疾的左臂:
Crippled right arm: 残疾的右臂:
Blood loss trauma: 失血创伤:
Critical wounds: 致命伤:
This is the rate at which your toughness increases when you get hurt. 这是你受伤时韧性增加的速度。
KO point: 击倒点:
When an injury to a body part goes below your KO point of {1,num} then you are down for good. Your body will enter a coma and won't regain consciousness until all critical body parts have healed above 0. 当身体部位受到的伤害低于你的击倒点{1,num}时,你会倒下。 你的身体将进入昏迷状态,直到所有关键的身体部位都愈合到0以上才会恢复意识。
Run speed: 奔跑速度:
Stealth mode: 潜行模式:
max: 最大值:
Hunger Rate: 饥饿率:
{1,num} (+{2,num}) mph {1,num} (+{2,num})英里每小时
{1,num} (-{2,num}) mph {1,num} (-{2,num})英里每小时
Athletics Skill: 运动技能:
Max possible speed: 可能达到的最大速度:
Leg injury: 腿伤:
Armour/equipment: 盔甲/设备:
Robotics: 机器人:
% 百分之
Stealth skill: 潜行技能:
Max speed: 最大速度:
Carrying something: 正带着:
Crawling: 爬行:
Injuries: 受伤:
Pup 幼年
Teen 青年
Elder 长者
Adult 成年
{1} skill: {1}技能:
Hunger: 饥饿:
Weather: 天气:
Working in darkness: 在黑暗中工作:
Limbs disabled: 肢体残疾:
Missing arm penalty: 失去手臂的处罚:
Stat Multiplier: 状态乘数:
Total equipment bonuses: 全部设备奖励:
Indoors bonus: 室内奖励:
Weather penalty: 天气处罚:
Crossbows: 十字弩:
Crossbows 十字弩
Precision: 精确:
Careful Shooting 小心射击
Perception: 知觉:
Perception 知觉
Attack: 攻击:
Weapon indoors penalty: 室内武器处罚:
Base hit chance: 基本命中率:
Defense: 防御:
Defensive combat mode: 防御作战模式:
Your defense skill is your chance of blocking enemy attacks. 你的防御技能有机会阻挡敌人的攻击。
Strength XP rate: 力量XP率:
Max carry weight: 最大承载重量:
Blunt weapon damage: 钝器武器伤害:
Strength 力量
Attack speed: 攻击速度:
Block speed: 阻挡速度:
Weapon cutting damage: 武器切割伤害:
Dexterity 灵巧性
Toughness XP rate: 韧性XP率:
Health KO point: 健康击倒点:
Wound degeneration speed: 伤口恶化速度:
Damage resistance: 伤害抵抗能力:
Dodge skill: 躲闪技巧:
Leg injury penalty: 腿伤处罚:
Equipment penalty: 设备处罚:
Defensive mode: 防守模式:
End total:
Dodge: 躲闪:
Engineering 工程进行
Weapon Smithing 武器锻造
Armour Smithing 盔甲锻造
Crossbow Smithing 十字弩锻造
Labouring 劳动
Cooking 烹饪
Farming 耕作
Attack 攻击
Science 科学
Thievery 偷窃
Turrets 炮塔
Athletics 奔跑
Precision Shooting 精准射击
Vet 诊疗
Combat Speed 战斗速度
Assassination 暗杀
Stealth 潜行
Defence 防御
Dodging 躲闪
Weaponry 武器
Toughness 韧性
Heavy weapons 重型武器
Blunt 钝器
Katanas 武士刀
Sabres 军刀
Hackers 砍刀
Martial arts 武术
XP rate: XP率:
Attributes 属性
Derived statistics 派生统计数据
Next Level: 下一等级:
[Affects visible muscle definition] 【对肌肉可见影响的定义】
[Slightly affects muscle definition] 【对肌肉轻微影响的定义】
[Affects physical bulk] 【对物理体积的影响】
[Negatively affects visible muscle definition] 【对肌肉可见负面影响的定义】
Racial XP Bonus: 种族XP奖励:
Stats Affected: 状态受到影响:
Strength XP rate (walking): 力量XP率(步行):
Attack speed with heavy weapons: 重型武器攻击速度:
Chance to break free or resist kidnapping attempts 有机会挣脱或抵抗试图绑架的行为
Martial arts damage 武术伤害
Strength XP rate (combat): 力量XP率(战斗):
Ways To Train: 训练方式:
Carrying people or overloading inventory 携带人员或超载存活
Using a heavier weapon 使用更重的武器
Chance to resist stealth knock-outs 有机会抵挡潜行偷袭
Toughness current XP rate: 当前韧性XP率:
Knockout time: 击倒时间:
Knockout point: 击倒点:
Wound deterioration speed: 伤口恶化速度:
Amount of damage it takes to stagger you: 重伤你所需的伤害量:
Getting hurt, getting beaten up, losing battles 受伤,被殴打,战斗失败
Not wearing armour, taking more damage 没有穿盔甲,受到更多伤害
Get up and fight instead of playing dead 起床战斗,别再继续装死
Weapon cutting damage 武器切割伤害
Rate of fire 火速
Reload speed 重新加载速度
Attacking with light weapons 用轻型武器进攻
Frequency of attacks on opponent 攻击对手的频率
Chance of attacks not getting blocked 攻击的可能性没有被阻止
Fighting with swords 用剑对战
Using special training equipment 使用特殊训练装备
Bonus when fighting opponents stronger than you 对战比你更强大对手的奖励
Penalty when fighting opponents weaker than you 对战比你更弱小对手的处罚
Chance of blocking incoming attacks 抵挡下一波攻击的机会
Blocking incoming attacks 抵挡下一波攻击
Affects damage 影响伤害
Unlocks better techniques 解锁更好的技术
Frequency of unarmed attacks on opponent 对手徒手攻击的频率
Reduces injury when striking metal 撞击金属时减少伤害
Fighting unarmed 徒手战斗
Fighting encumbered (for strength) 战斗受阻(力量)
Chance of evading attacks while unarmed 徒手逃避攻击的机会
Chance of evading attacks while stumbling 绊倒时逃避攻击的机会
Dodge XP rate: 躲闪XP率:
(Training hindered by encumbrance) (受到阻碍的训练)
Getting hit while stumbling 绊倒时受到打击
Max run speed: 最大奔跑速度:
Current run speed: 当前奔跑速度:
Athletics XP bonus: 运动XP奖励:
Running fast, with a light inventory 存货重量轻,奔跑速度快
Max swim speed: 最大游泳速度:
Current swim speed: 当前游泳速度:
Swimming around in water 在水中游泳
First aid skills: 急救技能:
Healing people 正在为他人治疗
Crafting medkits 医疗包制造中
Amount of damage dealt 造成的伤害量
Attacking with this specific weapon 使用这种特定武器进行攻击
Accuracy: 精度:
Rate of fire: 火速:
Using harpoon and crossbow turrets 使用鱼叉炮塔和十字弩炮塔
Using crossbows and ranged weapons 使用十字弩炮塔和远程武器
Accuracy 精度
Shooting moving targets: 射击移动目标:
Using turrets and ranged weapons 使用十字弩炮塔和远程武器
Friendly fire avoidance: 避免误伤:
Accidentally shooting your friends 无意中击中你的朋友
Stealing items 偷窃物品中
Selling stolen items 出售脏物
Stealing things 偷窃中
Lock-picking doors & cages 撬开门和笼子的锁
Picking locks/cages 撬开锁/笼子
Special training equipment 特殊训练装备
Ability to remain undetected while sneaking 潜行时不被发现的能力
Avoiding discovery when in disguise 伪装时避免暴露
Avoiding discovery when you have a bounty 获得赏金时避免暴露
Aided by: 辅助:
Staying in the darkness 呆在黑暗中
Special gear 特殊装备
Hindered by: 受阻:
Encumbrance / heavy armour 障碍/重装甲
Wounded legs or torso. 受伤的腿或躯干。
Using stealth mode with enemies around 使用潜行模式与周围敌人周旋
Stealthy knock-outs: 潜行击倒:
Chance to successfully kidnap someone 成功绑架别人的机会
Chance to break free when being carried away 被带走时挣脱的机会
Resist knock-out and kidnapping attempts 试图不被击倒和绑架
Trying stealthy knock-outs 尝试潜行击倒
Building things: 正在建造物品:
Repairing things: 正在维修物品:
Building things 建造物品中
Repairing things 维修物品中
Research rate: 研究速度:
Researching things at a research bench 在研究工作台上研究事物
Doing science 进行科学工作
Being sciency 拥有科学意识
Mining: 正在开采:
Using machinery: 使用机械:
Work hard 努力工作
Harvesting speed: 收获速度:
Harvesting yield: 收获产量:
Crafting weapons (speed): 正在制造武器(速度):
Weapon quality: 武器质量:
Crafting weapons 制造武器中
Crafting armour (speed): 正在制造盔甲(速度):
Armour quality: 盔甲质量:
Crafting armour and parts 制造武器和零部件
Crafting crossbows (speed): 正在制造十字弩(速度):
Crafting crossbow bolts (speed): 正在制造十字弩弓箭(速度):
Crossbow quality: 十字弩质量:
Crafting crossbows and bolts 制造十字弩和弓箭中
Your physical strength determines your ability to use heavy weapons and armour without tiring, and to carry heavy loads, including your wounded comrades. Strength affects the blunt damage you do with heavy weapons, hacking-type blades, and while unarmed. It is trained faster by using heavier weapons in battle, or by travelling around with a very heavy inventory or encumbrance. 你的体力决定你在非疲劳状态下使用重型武器和装甲的能力,携带重物包括受伤战友的能力。 力量会影响使用重型武器,进攻性型刀刃以及徒手时的直接伤害。 在战斗中使用较重的武器,或者携带较重的货物或障碍物旅行,你可以更快提升你的体力。
-Once your health drops below your {1} KO point {2}your health becomes critical and you won't be able to get back up again. You will go into a coma and need healing.   - 当你的健康状况低于{1} 击倒点{2}时,你的健康状况十分危急,你将无法继续战斗。 你会陷入昏迷,需要治疗。
Dexterity affects the speed and quality of your sword work. Your sword cuts will do more damage, your attacks and blocks will be faster. It also helps with handling and reloading ranged weapons. 灵巧性会影响剑术的速度和质量。 你的剑伤会造成更多伤害,你的攻击和阻挡会更快。 它还有助于处理和重新加载远程武器。
Your perception affects your general accuracy with all ranged weapons, including your ability to hit far away or moving targets. 你的感知会影响你使用所有远程武器的一般准确性,包括击中远距离或移动目标的能力。
Affects damage. Katanas are a common weapon, and their quality varies greatly. Most are scavenged goods with a history of owners and barely good for scrap. Masterworks are around however, and their speed and cutting power is un-rivalled by any other blade. 影响伤害。 武士刀是一种常见的武器,它们的质量差别很大。 大多数都是废料,经历了好几代主人,不适合打斗。 然而,大师级武士刀就在你的身边,它们的速度和切割能力是其他任何刀刃都无法媲美的。
Affects damage. A sabre is a heavy blade designed for heavy slashing damage. The heavier blade makes them slower and more cumbersome but stronger for blocking with and cutting through armour. 影响伤害。 军刀是一种重型刀刃,专为严重伤害而设计。 较重的刀片使它们变得更慢,更笨重,但更有利于刺穿盔甲。
Affects damage. The Holy Nation prefer them for their advantage when fighting against mechanical enemies. Often considered a thug's weapon in most other cultures, hackers are heavy axe-bladed weapons that do as much blunt damage as chopping damage, relying mainly on brute strength rather than skill. The crude blades don't cause as much bloodloss, so victims tend to get maimed to death instead. 影响伤害。 圣国更喜欢用它们与机械敌人作战,因为它们具有优势。 在大多数其他文化中,骇客刀被认为是重型斧头刀,可以像劈刀一样造成钝伤,主要依靠蛮力而不是技能。 宽大的刀刃不会导致过多流血,但受害者往往会因残致死。
Affects damage. Most normal people struggle to even lift a full-weight heavy blade, and they require incredible strength and endurance to wield effectively. Beginners struggle with this weapon style and face a hard path ahead. As a result living practitioners are few and many men carry them only for bluff and posturing. The real masters of this weapon however, are men to be feared. 影响伤害。 大多数普通人都难以抬起这种重量很重的刀刃,需要不可思议的力量和耐力才能有效地使用它们。 初学者要努力适应这种武器风格,他们面前的道路十分艰难。 因此,使用它们的人很少,许多男人只是为了诈唬和摆姿势而携带它们。 然而,真正使用这种武器的人是极为可怕的人。
Affects damage. Blunt weapon damage breaks bones, disables limbs, and temporarily stuns organs. They don't cause much in the way of blood loss so are not usually lethal. Armour is usually designed for protection from blades, so you can often beat through it. A good weapon for the pacifist, or those who like to be different. 影响伤害。 钝型武器造成的伤害会破坏骨骼,使肢体残疾,并使器官功能暂时停用。 它们不会导致失血,因此通常不会致命。 装甲通常只是设计用于抵挡刀刃,所以你可以轻易用它打穿盔甲。 和平主义者或那些特立独行的人喜欢的武器。
Polearms 长柄刀
Affects damage. An unconventional weapon, polearms have incredible reach and give an advantage when fighting against animals. 影响伤害。 作为一种非常规武器,在与动物作对战时,手枪具有令人难以置信的伤害范围和优势。
Skill at shooting with defensive weapon turrets. Affects accuracy, reload speed, and target acquisition. 用防御性武器炮塔射击的技巧。 影响准确性,重新加载速度和目标获取。
Skill at shooting with crossbows. Affects accuracy, reload speed, and target acquisition. 用十字弩射击的技巧。 影响准确性,重新加载速度和目标获取。
Melee attack 近战攻击
This is your general skill in melee combat. It governs your chance to successfully land a hit on your opponent, and is essential whatever weapon you choose to master. 这是你近战攻击的一般技巧。 它控制着你成功击中对手的机会,无论你选择用什么武器,这都是必不可少的。
Melee defence 近战防御
This is your ability to perceive and defend against attacks from opponents. By increasing this skill, you will successfully block more attacks when using a sword. A balanced swordsman would keep this skill similar to his Melee Attack level. 这是你感知和抵御来自对手攻击的能力。 通过提高此技能,您可以在使用剑时成功阻止更多攻击。 一个好的剑士会使这个技能保持和近战攻击相似的等级。
A rare skill in this day and age, warriors only consider it a last resort. At normal skill levels, an unarmed man is always at a huge disadvantage against an armed opponent of similar ability. There are stories however, of high-level martial arts masters who can match any master swordsman in combat with just their bare hands. Physical conditioning is an important factor for a martial artist. 这个时代的一个罕见技能,战士只会将它视为最后的手段。 在正常技能水平下,一个手无寸铁的人在对战能力相似的武装对手时总是会处于巨大劣势。 然而,有些高级武术大师可以在徒手战斗中与任何剑客大师相匹敌。 身体调节是武术家的重要因素。
Dodge 躲闪
The ability to evade attacks without blocking. You need to stay light and fast. If you are encumbered with heavy equipment you won't be able to dodge, or learn anything. 在不抵挡情况下逃避攻击的能力。 你需要保持轻快。 如果你遇到沉重的装备,你将无法躲闪或学习任何东西。
Precision shooting 精准射击
When using ranged weapons, this is your ability to avoid accidentally shooting your allies. Nothing worse than acidentally getting shot in the back by your own friends. It's adversely affected when you have injuries, however. 使用远程武器时,这是你避免意外射击盟友的能力。 没有什么比被自己的朋友射中后背更糟糕了。 当你受伤时,这个能力会受到不利影响。
The ability to move around undetected. Enables you to sneak around, steal things and pick locks without anybody noticing. Also invaluable for escaping hostile imprisonment. Breaking out of a cage is all well and good, but you won't get much further without stealth. Much more effective in the darkness. Injuries will hinder your effective stealthiness, although your toughness level can counteract this. 四处移动不被发现的能力。 能让你偷偷摸摸,偷东西,撬锁,而不被注意。对逃避敌对监禁来说也是非常宝贵的技巧。 直接闯出笼子是很好,但如果没有潜行,你无法逃出很远。 该能力在黑暗中更有效。 伤害会妨碍你的有效隐身,虽然你的韧性水平可以抵消这种伤害。
The ability to pick locks, open doors and safes. More importantly however, it's also used to break OUT of situations: cages, jails, handcuffs. It's for those who value freedom and don't wait around to be rescued. 撬锁,开门和保险箱的能力。 更重要的是,可以用于逃生,当碰到:笼子,监狱,手铐。 适用于那些渴望自由并且不想等待救援的人。
The ability to steal things from containers, safes, storage boxes and people. 集装箱,保险箱,储物箱和他人那里偷东西的能力。
If you are in stealth mode you can sneak up behind people and knock them out. This skill determines how long they stay unconscious for. 如果你处于潜行模式,你可以偷偷溜到比人背后将其击倒。 这项技能决定了他们会昏迷多久。
This is your ability to run faster. Very useful for thieves, scouts and assassins. It is improved by doing lots of running, at full speed, without encumbrance from a heavy inventory. 让你跑得更快的能力。 对小偷,侦察兵和刺客非常有用。 可以通过不携带沉重货物、长时间全速奔跑来提升技能。
This is your ability to swim faster and further without drowning. 让你游得更快更远而不会溺水的能力。
Survival 生存
Field medic 战地医生
This skill saves lives and allows you to stop bleeding wounds and jury-rig critical injuries, allowing characters to continue fighting when they shouldn't. In the long-term however, major injuries require bed rest. A beginner will not only heal wounds more slowly, but will use up all their medkits really quickly. 这项技能可以挽救生命,让你可以止住伤口,应急处理重伤,让角色在不适合战斗的情况下继续战斗。 然而,从长远来看,重伤需要卧床休息。 初学者治愈伤口的速度会更慢,而且会很快耗尽所有的医疗包。
The skill at building and repairing structures. 建造和修理建筑的技巧。
Weapon smith 武器工匠
The ability to craft higher quality weapons, in a shorter space of time. 在更短时间内制造更高质量武器的能力。
Armour smith 盔甲工匠
The ability to craft higher quality gear and armour, in a shorter space of time. 在更短的时间内制造更高质量装备和装甲的能力。
Crossbow smith 十字弩工匠
The ability to craft higher quality crossbows and bolts, in a shorter space of time. 在更短的时间内制造更高质量十字弩和弓箭的能力。
The equivalent of a medical skill for anything or anyone robotic. Used for repairs. 相当于任何人或机器人的医疗技能。 用于维修。
Affects skill at prospecting, and researching new technologies. 影响勘探和研究新技术的技能。
Skill at general manual labour work such as mining and using simple machinery. 掌握一般手工劳动的技能,如采矿和使用简单机械。
Knowledge of farming crops. This not only affects the speed that you can gather your crops, it also affects the yield when harvesting. In other words, unskilled farmers will mess up some of your crops. 耕作农作物的知识。 这不仅会影响你收获庄稼的速度,还会影响收获时的产量。 换句话说,拙劣的农民会搞砸一些自己的农作物。
Skill at cooking food and brewing drinks. 烹饪食物和酿造饮料的技能。
Primary Weapon Damage 初级武器伤害
Primary Weapon Speed 初级武器速度
Secondary Weapon Damage 二级武器伤害
Secondary Weapon Speed 二级武器速度
Max Carry Weight 最大承载重量
Strength XP Carry 力量XP承载
Strength XP Combat 力量XP战斗
Heavy weapon speed 重型武器速度
Damage Resistance 伤害抵抗
Toughness XP 韧性XP
Knockout time 击倒时间
KO Threshold 击倒临界值
Wounding Degeneration 伤口恶化
Max Run Speed 最大奔跑速度
Current Run Speed 当前奔跑速度
Athletics XP 运动XP
Turret Accuracy 炮塔精度
Turret Rate of fire 炮塔火速
Friendly Fire Risk 误伤风险
Build Speed 建造速度
Repair Speed 修理速度
Mining 开采中
Using machinery 使用机械中
Weapons 武器
Combat 战斗
Sciences 科学
Trades 贸易
Primary weapon 初级武器
Secondary weapon 二级武器
Residents max: 最大居民数:
Actual Num Residents: 实际居民数:
Roaming currentMax/desiredMax: Roaming currentMax / desiredMax:
Roaming Population: 移动人口:
Num Roaming Squads: 移动小队数量:
Continue 继续
New game 新游戏
Credits 制作团队
Begin 开始
Choose your beginning 选择从哪里开始
Difficulty: 难度:
Cash: 现金:
Play Style: 游戏风格:
Hunger time 饥饿时间
This sets how long it takes characters to get hungry. A higher number means it takes longer, therefore they need less food to get by. 设置了角色饥饿所需的时间。 数字越大意味着需要更长的时间,因此他们需要更少的食物。
Chance of death 死亡可能性
Determines the overall likelyhood of any character dying (players or NPCs). Directly affects rates of wound degeneration and blood loss (Higher=more likely to die) 确定任何角色死亡(玩家或非玩家角色)的总体可能性。 直接影响伤口恶化和失血率(更高=更可能死亡)
Global damage multiplier 全局伤害乘数
Overall combat damage for everything. Doesn't necessarily make the game harder or easier, but affects the speed of battles 一切的战斗伤害。 不一定会使游戏更难或更容易,但会影响战斗的速度
Production speed 生产速度
Affects speed of item production such as mines and crafting (more than 1.0 == easier) 影响物品生产的速度,如开采和手工制作(超过1.0 == 更容易)
Research speed 研究速度
Affects speed of research (more than 1.0 == easier) 影响研究速度(超过1.0 == 更容易)
Building speed 建造速度
Affects speed of building (more than 1.0 == easier) 影响建造速度(超过1.0 == 更容易)
Number of nests multiplier 巢穴数量乘数
Affects number of animal nests, bandit camps etc that appear in the wilds. Higher number makes life more dangerous. 影响动物巢穴数量,土匪营地等数量。 数字越大,生活就越危险。
Bandits loot the player 强盗掠夺玩家
Makes life unfair 让生活变得不公平
Easy prospecting 简单探矿中
Resume 继续
Are you sure you want to exit? 你确定要离开?
Loading 加载中
Relations: 关系:
Residents: 居民:
Hostile Occupiers: 敌方占领者:
Residents 居民
Discovered {1} 发现了{1}
{1} has been wiped out {1}已被消灭
Alarm raised 提出了警报
Mode 模式
Move 移动
Global 全局
Snaps to the ground if in movement mode. 如果处于运动模式,则会卡入地面。
Revert 还原
Clean any changes the active mod made to this object 清除active mod对此对象所做的任何更改
Position 地点
Orientation 方向
Scale 范围
Yaw 偏航
Pitch 倾斜
Roll 滚动
Scale X 范围X
Scale Y 范围Y
Scale Z 范围Z
Parent 父母
Local 本地
{1} has redirected to {2} {1}已重新定向到{2}
{1} against {2} has ended {1}对{2}的攻击已经结束
{1} against {2} has been defeated {1}对{2}的攻击被击溃了
{1} to {2} has failed {1}对{2}的攻击失败了
{1} was defeated on their way to {2} {1} 在攻击 {2}的路上被击溃了
Assault to {1} canceled due to faction weakness 由于派系弱点,对{1}的攻击被取消了
Warning: {1} moving towards {2} 警告:{1}正在向{2}移动
{1} on the way to {2} {1}在前往{2}的途中
Stone 石头
Fertility 土壤
Nameless 无名者
Prototype 模本
Shoddy 赝品
Standard 标准
Specialist 专家
Masterwork 杰作
Non-Standard 不规范
Head size 头部大小
Head shape 头部形状
Neck 颈部
Neck width 颈部宽度
Neck length 颈部长度
Jaw 下颚
Cheekbones 颧骨
Mouth size 嘴巴大小
Mouth width 嘴巴宽度
Nose width 鼻子宽度
Nose length 鼻子长度
Nose arch 鼻梁
Nose position 鼻子位置
Nose tilt 鼻子角度
Brow position 眉毛位置
Brow tilt 眉毛角度
Eyes depth 眼眶深度
Eyes narrow 眯眼程度
Eyes closeness 双眼距离
Eyes tilt 眼睛角度
Eyes height 眼睛高度
Eyes size 眼睛大小
Chin depth 下巴深度
Height 身高
Frame 框架
Posture 姿势
Shoulder set 肩膀设置
Neck position 颈部位置
Leg length 腿长
Shoulders 肩膀
Arm bulk 手臂
Chest 胸部
Stomach 腹部
Waist 腰部
Hips 臀部
Legs bulk 腿部全体
Legs shape 腿型
Skin Tone 肤色
Horns curve 角的弧度
Horns top length 角上部长度
Horns bottom length 角下部长度
Horn thickness 角的厚度
Horns body length 体角长度
Cheeks 脸颊
Chin 下巴
Chin height 下巴高度
Chin width 下巴宽度
Horns thickness 角的厚度
Breast size 胸部大小
Breast height 胸部高度
Breast spacing 胸部间距
Eyes shallowness 眼神空洞
Eyes narrowness 眼睛眯起
Antenna length 触角长度
Horns length 角的长度
Jaw width 下颚宽度
Face arch